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B Major races II
If you enjoy unnecessary statistics as I do, have a look at the numbers for the racial distribution in the B Major tournament's 2nd round.

7 Orc (-9)
7 Chaos (-3)
4 Dwarf (-5)
4 Chaos Dwarf (-4)
3 Wood Elf (-0)
2 Khemri (-4)
1 Skaven (-3)
1 Ogre (-1)
1 Nurgle's Rotter (-1)
1 High Elf (-0)
1 Dark Elf (-0)
0 Human (-2)

On a personal sidenote, i honestly didn't intend to complain about the 'bashiness' of the Box or its tournament. I'm just curious about the numbers.
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Posted by Timppis on 2009-09-18 09:20:25
I find it curious that most "non-bashy" teams are through to the second round. And I find it surprising that so many orc teams fell out. Although PeteW:s superorcs are still my place to bet for win.

Should have entered with my lizards it seems, instead of Chaos, that fell to wood elf team on the second round.
Posted by CircularLogic on 2009-09-18 10:17:37
It`s not surprising, that woodies haven`t been knocked out first, as they usually start out strong and in addition they tend to have competent coaches in the box.

The only impressive thing on PeteWs orcs is their cash and their easy draw.
Posted by Archevol on 2009-09-18 10:47:25
I think the key to the number of bashy teams that fell out is that many of them faced bashy teams! Something had to give, considering they made up the significant majority of applicants.

Nonetheless, there's a good range of races left in the tournament, which bodes well!
Posted by Zuul on 2009-09-18 13:03:16

My Orcs would still be in there except for a bad Nuffling at the hands of equal level dwarfs. 2 RIPs and 3 SIs later and I was out. And even then I nearly won. (Really bad Dwarf coach needed the extra help from Nuffle)

However, [B] rocks and is one of the reasons I come here every day... ^_^
Posted by nin on 2009-09-18 13:36:48
@Archevol, the significative thing is not that many bashers are out, as you point that's easy to explain. The interesting thing here is that all the elves got into 2nd round.
Ok, elves are good in the first matches but, if this tendency doesn't change, there'll be a nice diversity in the end (still, not likely to happen).
...and, if people start to fell that elves have an edge, we'll probably see more of them in the next B major (I've seen this happen here and in tabletop)
...and if there are more elves, both Skaven and middleweigth teams may have more chances too
(btw, looks like Chaos are doing better than usuall)
Posted by maysrill on 2009-09-18 14:47:25
Re: elves doing well -
With adequate reserves, I think elves are a favorite over bashers. The trick is how the fare the next game. If they take 7/1/0 they are probably fine, but if they take 3/1/4 then it's like a bye for their next opponent.

Re: chaos doing well -
At higher TR chaos are extremely bashy, even bashy enough to drive dwarfs and orcs off the pitch. While vulnerable to being elf'ed, they're a good matchup for the other bashy teams.
Posted by pythrr on 2009-09-18 18:30:40
this has no relation to bashiness of the box at all - it is merely a indication of the type of teams that do well at high TS. Other teams do well at low and mid TSs.
Posted by PeteW on 2009-09-18 20:29:35
@Timppis - Thanks for the support! But I don;t think my orcs are that good. As circ poitns out, they have nice cash and the draw was okay, but losing a blitzer last game hurt. I could easily go out in either of my next two games as both will probably be orc teams with two +ST players whilst I have none.

I expect the final to be Rawlf (with his invincible woodies) playing Circ's orcs, with Rawlf winning. Hopefully this would produce a wealth of elf teams into the box!