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2018-08-27 14:12:44
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2017-10-12 14:31:47
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2017-09-28 10:00:23
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2017-09-23 11:24:05
rating 5.4
2017-08-30 10:28:53
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2017-08-05 16:44:10
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2017-06-02 11:21:35
rating 5.5
2017-05-29 10:55:57
rating 3.5
2017-05-10 18:10:36
rating 4.8
2017-04-20 22:02:37
rating 5.6
2017-04-14 12:31:38
rating 5.4
2017-04-08 14:24:49
rating 5.3
2017-04-04 11:44:06
rating 5.4
2017-03-10 20:15:07
rating 5.5
2017-03-10 14:50:10
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2017-02-27 09:52:51
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2017-02-08 09:03:48
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2017-02-02 14:53:48
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2017-01-25 14:12:42
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2017-01-17 10:27:26
rating 4.6
2017-01-03 12:11:45
rating 5.5


2016-12-20 15:22:39
rating 5
2016-09-26 12:13:30
rating 4.9
2016-09-14 10:16:04
rating 4.3
2016-09-06 13:01:38
rating 4.8
2016-07-12 22:29:26
rating 5.3


2012-05-21 09:34:27
rating 4.1
2012-03-28 15:27:19
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2011-03-26 19:58:17
rating 4.8


2010-12-02 17:29:58
rating 4.5
2010-11-25 18:40:33
rating 4.7


2009-12-14 14:25:10
rating 4.4
2017-11-14 16:16:45
13 votes, rating 6
CIBBL [Year Three Started: Sharks In The Water?]

CIBBL (CabalVision Inter-regional Blood Bowl League) is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of CRP + SL teams and CRP+ rules, along with some modifications, edits and possible extras. CIBBL uses a unique, personal ruleset.

CIBBL is the largest custom-roster scheduled league on FUMBBL, one of the largest active scheduled league on FUMBBL and has likely been the fastest growing scheduled league in FUMBBL history ever.

For more information, see the group HERE.

CIBBL is now in Winter of Year Three! If you want to join to enter right in with the Spring regionals, now is the moment to do so!

Send me a PM if you are interested.
Immediately available rosters are:

- Elemental - Air
- Four Nations
- Halfling
- Kurnous
- Khemri
- Mahrak
- Nurgle
- Von Carstein

and... a special new unique roster opportunity... the SONS OF STROMFELS! EDIT: Now taken!

"Stromfels is known as the Shark God, or the God of the Dangers of the Seas. The Sons of Stromfels are enormous voracious monsters, worshipped as living semblances of Stromfels, by pirate-cultists called Wreckers."

New regions open if at least three coaches are on the waiting list for a new region.

Any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the forum or bring them up in private by PM.

Please also feel free to pop in at our Discord hideout!

"Well run, good fluff, secret league teams, unique format, awesome logos, invested coaches, etc..."

"Best league I've ever been part of!" (Garion)

"I used to feel sad on rainy days. Then I joined CIBBL, now life is a rainbow." (Aniur)

"I have played in several leagues in real life and in Cyanide's version of the game and nothing has come close to the fun and camaraderie of this league for me." (CrudeDoodle)

"Best thing since sticky the stick insect got stuck to a sticky bin!" (Matthueycamo)

"CIBBL/BIBBL > Game of Thrones" (The_Carthaginian)

"I think the nicest thing I can say about CIBBL in terms of leagues etc is that I never ever thought I would play in a proper scheduled one. And CIBBL in terms of fumbbl-wide looks to me to have filled a void I didn't even know existed." (ArrestedDevelopment)

"As a new player with no idea what I'm doing, I have found CIBBL to be an exceptionally welcoming and friendly community, regardless of whether it's chattering in the Discord, spectating games (either in real-time or using the new Rewind functionality of the Cabalvision boxes) or losing them. Most fun you can have on FUMBBL!" (datom)

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Posted by Aniur on 2017-11-14 19:20:53
I used to feel sad on rainy days. Then i joined CIBBL, now life is a rainbow
Posted by Matthueycamo on 2017-11-15 00:02:58
Best thing since sticky the stick insect got stuck to a sticky bin!
Posted by Rbthma on 2017-11-18 02:00:33
Was trying to come up with a nice quote, but couldn't think of one ^-^ The coaches organizing this league are to be commended, and I'm looking forward to my first full season! If you're at all interested in a fluffy league with a bunch of great coaches, check it out!