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DLE7s Official End of Season 5 Awards Winners
Tonight as we see the season really coming to an end with the ultimate dethroning of the past champions, the Broekwater Merchants, we see fit to not only congratulate the Kislev team but also pay tribute to the players that shone the brightest. You've all read the preview and had your own opinions but here's what the award committees had to say.

Butkiks Award – First up, the award for the best Blitzer in the league. This one as always is extremely hotly contested and came down to a close finish. The committee awarded it to the player that most impressed them over an average season length and so our winner is:
Dane Morrow - Morrow, who has now moved on to the DLE Draft Pool was an extremely exciting College player who only got better each and every time he took the field. He was even rumoured at one point to wear his underpants over his leggings, that's how much of a superhero the crowd saw him as. Leading passer, second in TDs, highest rusher and still found time to knock a few teeth in. The award may be contentious given the competition but Dane deserves this send off as he goes to earn his millions in the DLE draft.

Bilenticatch Award – Catchers aren't just expected to run up the field untouched, catch a well thrown ball and walk into the EndZone in College. There's gritty special teams work, marking, assisting and even the courageous ballhawking. No bit part player will ever earn this award in one phase of the game and this was more than true for
Vernon Aversalt – although the Swabbies faltered in the playoff of the uber Catchers, Vernon still walks away with this gong. How could he not? 20 touchdowns.... Just wow. 4 bloody casualties too. No there was only one winner and the award algorithim agreed to the tune of a 35% disparity between Vernon and his next competitors from Kislev. I'm sure he'll be beaming when he finds out he won this award.

Nagitski Award - When we talk about all rounders being important well there was only one potential winner here and it was another one for the Swabbies!
Jared Jane – Did everything and now has won it all. What a way to round off a good but not great season as a team than to go out and grab an award that will elevate his standing in the eyes of all the greedy DLE scouts out there! As we stated before, Jared kicked in top performances for a lineman in all the key stats and blew his opposition out of the water. He needs to get out there and teach the next generation of Swabbies so that he can have a team around him next time out!

Spewnitas Award – Sadly, the DLE7s are losing one of the most risk/reward passing teams going in the league and as they leave, in character, they pick up the Spewnitas for one of their players
Darius St Martin Urquhart – Will go to the draft as the best passer of Season 5. As the team folds, hopefully he will be able to hold this memory of such glory with him. His downfield passing beat out every other competitor yard for yard and while he didn't kick in many touchdowns, he definitely pushed his offense down field as often as he could.

Outland Award – While we close out the categories, we seem to have all but overlooked the mighty Lucky Strike College Champions, the Kislev White Wolferines, in these awards. Well look no further than the Outland award to find their sole representative in the winners circle individually this year.
Jean-Amour Fazer – Was as solid as a rock and ferocious as a beast. He did what anyone could ask of him and destroyed anything put in front of him. No real bone head ever picks up this trophy and now Jean-Amour is loving life as a double winner, individually and as a team!

And now for the biggest award of the night! The best college player of the year, regardless of position....

the Heizmenz Trophy goes to.... VERNON AVERSALT from the Los Cabos Swabbies! His star performances outshone anyone else this season and he wowed all audiences with his skill and tenacity. More to come from this genius and hopefully we'll see him grace the green of 11 a side Blood Bowl soon!
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Posted by c9805222 on 2018-02-12 10:50:00
Nicely written. Look for the Sensation players to make a clean sweep next season :-p
Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-02-12 11:06:15
Very nicely done!!
Posted by spelledaren on 2018-02-12 12:21:22