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Greatest Snotling, Oldest Ogres, & Legend Skink
Some delightful updates. It was over three years ago since I posted about Little Lord Lucan becoming the 2nd ever FUMBBL snotling legend. Back in the Piling On days in the Box. There are still only 2.

Well he did the next challenge. He has gone to number 1. See his bio. The greatest ever snotling! He has taken some brusings but keeps coming back. He did need an apo save a few games before he broke the record.
Little Lord Lucan

Well, after that World of Wrestling needed just a few more games to get to match the oldest Box Ogre team for games played. Some more losses came of course. We had just gone through a quite appalling run of 17 matches without a win! Including only 3 draws. Win rate actually decreasing. The last loss being a 3-1 pounding by PC's mere Goblins. But somehow despite that we needed “just” a draw to exactly match the win/loss/draw record of Griffon31's "Hear The Crunch - That's You" after 133 matches. We went in to the Box and were drawn against Cdassak's Orkasmatron. A well known coach and a team with a strong record. It looked a step too far. But we somehow won 3-2! Absolute elation. Key was ogre Jim Breaks catching up to their ball carrier 2nd half, then standing firm against attacks and tripping the guy up, before Lucan stole the ball.
It has been a slog with Ogres at times but there are joyous moments too.
See the report:
World of Wrestling 3-2 win

Not only that but the team finally got back up to 6 Ogres on the roster after the match. Very rare that we have had that, and it was long since the last time. Hopefully the next match will not be one of Nuffle’s horrors..

Recently I also made a couple of targets for my ranked lizardmen, Chaquan Champions.

Firstly our Strength 5 Saurus Spartacus became the first Superstar Saurus in the team. I took a suggestion to give him Frenzy.


It was tough to get matches on game finder for the next two games. Firstly we drew against some impressive Orcs. Our agility 5 skink Santo was then on 174 spps. Next we hired Slibli to help against MenonaLoca’s big Dark Elves. Somehow Santo shrugged off their leaper and scored a hat-trick of TDs in a 3-3 draw! Including a t16 one turner. Santo is my first legend in Ranked. I was hoping for block or maybe sure hands then. Sadly no double for him at all but he adds sprinting talent.


3-3 draw

On to the next challenges.
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Posted by Mattius on 2019-07-30 20:45:53
Great job, I randomly spectated one of your games once and was well rewarded. I saved the replay on my about page it was that funny :)
Posted by garyt1 on 2019-07-30 22:07:13
Thanks Mattius! That one vs Norse was a great one. It was actually the last win I had before that long winless run. Also the only win I had of more than 1 TD other than the team's first and 2nd ever games!
Posted by garyt1 on 2019-08-03 18:30:54
In my next match to be outright most played ogres Little Lord Lucan gets another -av!