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Greatest Blackbox Ogre team Ogre ever is dead! Oh the calamity.
The mourning of his fellow ex-wrestlers and the wailing of the heartbroken single Ogre females has been going on for days, with no end to the despair in sight. Yes it is true Giant Haystacks, the greatest of all Ogres in the claw heavy Blackbox division, has been slain:

Back in March I was using Undead regularly when the Forgotten Villains suffered a shock loss with the death of Draknil "The Escape Artist" Rush, the greatest ever Undead ghoul and only Undead ghoul Blackbox legend ever.
What could I do next? Playing little over a game a week I would not be improving my ability enough to blast any win rate records so another interesting year 2013 target was needed. After a few Pro Elf games my wizened eyes rested back on my Ogre team, World of Wrestling. We had an Ogre on 44 spp who had some key hitting ingredients including Block and Tackle and was suitably fluffy. Well, I looked at the Ogre records and saw there was not even a single Blackbox Ogre team legend! We all know how Ogres degraded since the change to CRP but there was fun to be had and perhaps I could produce this monstrous fella into another unique Blackbox legend. The Ogre spp leader was then Niles Crane, one of Tauro's from the lrb4 era.

We had managed 7 wins and 3 draws in the first 18 games (including a 3-0 over Wood Elves 2nd match!). Well, let me tell you the months from March to December have been some slog at times (not counting a few stunty games my last 45 matches in a row has been with these Ogres). The defeats came a lot more common and it needed some patience, a thick skull and persistence. Bonehead is such a hindrance, on top of all the other challenges like titchy delicate snots. Claw matchups are so bad for Ogres it is not true. Highlights were often Haystacks hefting his weight on to suffering opponents in remembrance of his wrestling days jumping off the top rope. "HAYSTACKS" shouted the crowds. Jim Breaks also became a superstar, sometimes we had Ogre drives to enjoy and sometimes a snot was hurled forward or perhaps sneaked through a gap to score.
Recently we got up to 1900 tv and had various skilled players but in our last 5 matches suffered an obscene 10 RIPS! How nuffle laughed. Ogres need decent dice not steaming piles. In our last match to my dismay Haystacks was ripped by a hated Werewolf enemy (Necros cas'd him a few times late in his career) and Kendo had been killed in a 1db from a ghoul!

In the same time we have also developed another remarkable player, with Little Lord Lucan. With his ag4 he is a spry fellow but his wage demands for such a weak thing are truly outrageous, especially considering a recent injury. But he is only the second ever Blackbox snotling (behind Chuck) to reach superstar status! http://www.fumbbl.com/p/player?player_id=8230879

On a non-fluff point of view losing Haystacks 10spps off reaching the legend target when he previously had no perm injuries and I had been progressing for several months was about the most terrible gaming experience disappointment I have had. The ultimate in frustration. Having used the apo on him for a badly hurt a few turns previously clearly didn't work out (2am choice)! When the dust settled on horrible matches he always appeared ready to fight again but it didn't go on forever. He was still the greatest spp ogre (he actually achieved his secondary target of being greatest ever Blackbox Ogre just 1 match previously!) and was by far the top Ogre blocker, and it was some team journey. Go Ogres!!

Some matches (all of my matches have reports):
The likes of Cameron Hawkins, HarpoHarvesterofsorrow and Oenarlord can testify to truly incredibly bad performances recently with Ogre dumbness and nuffle laughter coming on epic scales (when I really needed some good efforts):

Clawpomb Chaos Dwarfs are terrifying for Ogre teams. Clawpomb and guard against Ogres plus block and tackle for snots.
Chaos can be nasty too like this horror show:

This was a funny high scoring game v Overhamsteren

and here are a few entertaining wins:
We never faced another Ogre team. Perhaps they feared us.

RIP Giant Haystacks, the greatest.
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Posted by pythrr on 2013-12-17 05:33:19
I blame the new scheduler!!!!!

Posted by garyt1 on 2013-12-17 05:36:42
Yes, nuffle vented his rage in advance! Oh Nuffle, why do you beat on the little guys?
Posted by Dunenzed on 2013-12-17 05:42:18
Rated 6 - mostly because Ogre's can't count and I'm hoping they get confused if I'm ever lucky enough to face them on the pitch.
Posted by Overhamsteren on 2013-12-17 06:41:25
R.I.P. big boy
Posted by akaRenton on 2013-12-17 18:59:04
Fantastic dedication to fluff, and such a shame he fell just short of Legend. Some great match reports there too!