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Pow Town Tournament 2016 review
Last weekend was the great tournament that is Pow Town in Calgary. 2 years ago I managed to win it with Humans while last year I started well with Undead but ended up down in 17th place. I decided to give Undead another go. 1,100,000 gold level. No doubles option for tier 1 is not ideal for Mummies but the team is still a strong option. I slightly tweaked my skills from last time with a dirty player skeleton threat and moving one of the Guard skills to a Wight.

1-1 (Jack P’s Necros)
Straight up we faced a difficult opponent. First half both sides score with both coaches having to think hard to get the TDs. An early mummy cas by a Wolf’s mighty blow claws caused me problems. I dirty player fouled the cursed Wolf a couple of times but could only stun, but at least the ref ignored it. 2nd half there was a central scrum after we took down their carrier. It was chaos in the middle of the pitch, and with players hovering over the ball no one could get it. Casualties ended up 3 against 4. Tough match against a strong coach that ends in a draw.

0-0 (Michael’s Chaos Pact)
I ko’d the Mino and a guard marauder to give me momentary confidence in the first quarter but then in the next 2 turns 3 of my players were taken out! 2 of my players were pow’d down with -2b hits! We suffered 2 cas and caused 0 this match. Here I was in trouble and my team rush forward, a ghoul with the ball. The Ogre throws their Gobbo perfectly between players and he lands right next to my carrier. The Elf goes in and blitzes my blodge Ghoul down to stop our drive. 2nd half the Pact came forward but we surf their elf carrier. Here I thought maybe the fans would put the ball in space so I could go back up the pitch. But a short throw on and the ogre caught it! He moves on but we just stop him with 3 players around him near our endzone. No TDs in this match. Another tough opponent and a challenging but fun match. We had 0 casualties to 2 this time, but we clearly strengthened up in our later matches.

1-1 (Chris’s Dark Elves)
This match we just faced strength 3 opponents which helped install some optimism at the start. Mummy cas’d a lineelf first hit! But that was the only casualty inflicted by either side for the whole match so we had a lot of tricky elves to contest with. I was getting in some 3DBs but couldn’t make them count. It was a challenging first drive but we get a rushed TD. If I held longer I think it would have been a struggle to get a past the wall of players. The Elves come back on their next drive but we kept them pinned down in the middle of the field with a successful defence. 1-0 at half-time. Second half we keep some pressure on but the Elves are pulling out a number of 1db hits and decide to go for a pass which comes off for the equalizer.
We come back up the flank. Looking good for a TD but I move a Guard Wight forward, dumbly forget about jump up, and a downed Witch Elf gets up and blitzes my carrier down. The Ghoul recovers the ball. But with 2 turns left each the game is halted! I think we would have needed some rolls to get a score but a shame to miss the chance. All 4 of our games the first day were long ones, which tends to happen when they are close.

2-1 (Kyiel’s Necros). This was an epic match that went on till almost 9pm. We received. I had left one of my ghouls alone away from the main fight and for the only time in the tournament I did a handoff which he duly caught and scored. The Necros came back at us. We managed to blitz down their ball carrier. After fumbles from either side a ghoul got in and grabbed the ball under 2 players noses and dodged out. He rushed off towards their end whooping at the chance to make it 2-0. But gfi and fell! A werewolf then raced back and picked up the ball, and headed back towards halfway. We then blitzed him back with the Ghoul and a Wight, but the half ends 1-0. Just before half-time my dirty player showed some worth by giving a Ghoul a good kicking into the cas box. The ref sent the skeleton off but combined with an earlier KO the Necros were missing both ghouls for the start of the 2nd half. Although we hit alright this time I had a real problem with the Flesh Golems just standing firm in front of my strikes. Both sides just manage to get fairly quick TDs so we were 2-1 up but there was still some time for the Necromantics to come back. There was an almighty struggle as the Necros tried to get a 2nd. They almost got it up the flank but we just managed to block the Wolf carrier and his support in, and blitz him back a space out of scoring range. Phew.

1-0 (Dylan’s Chaos Dwarfs). Here we got a first hit cas again, on a blocker. The Chaos Dwarfs were moving further back into their half as we advanced, seemingly bring us into a trap. But it didn’t happen as we got the better of the hitting meaning we could steadily go by them and score in the corner. The Cwarfs weren’t helped with a Hob sending off. 2nd half the angry hobgobbos had another sending off which meant I could turn the screw on them. Their Bull Centaur had the ball near the sidelines but with a Mummy and co getting in his face, and then a skeleton (with assists) taking out the Minotaur the opposing coach had seen enough. 2-0.

2-0 – (Marc’s Humans)
I had moved back up to table 4 and now faced Marc’s Humans. They had a block Ogre amongst their ranks but I hoped we could take out some of their players. I was surprised to see a couple of Accurate skilled throwers along with two catchers. Our players were taken down a lot but kept getting back up while we did steadily cause some casualties. Our tackle Wight couldn’t remove a catcher with a few tries but we did get rid of a Tackle Blitzer, which helped us get through for our first TD. Then later in the match a thrower and finally a catcher were made to suffer. We brought down their carrier in their return drive although with a successful 6+ pickup a Human Blitzer still had a chance to score but we just overwhelmed them with numbers crowding in. I did have a gfi fail, rr, gfi fail in this match but Marc had it happen twice! One of those was when he burst through my spread line early in the 2nd half and so that really helped us take control. With 11 players v 8 we were able to pick up the ball and hold off challenges as a ghoul went up to their end. That said Marc didn’t give up. A catcher dodged twice and raced back to try and take down the ghoul. But out strengthed (-2dB) he failed. Then he did the same again a turn later, this time getting stunned so I was able stall out for the 2-0. My last 2 matches definitely went more to plan than earlier on.

With 3 TDs conceded the Forgotten Villains proudly take the Best Defence title and 3rd placed overall. Considering the rocky start I was well pleased with that and a 3 wins, 3 draws record. I didn’t play the other 5 coaches in the top 6 nor did I play any of the bottom 5 but the coaches I did play gave me a tough time.
This was a fantastic tournament. Well organised and with a great turnout of 30 quality, friendly coaches from a variety of cities. I highly recommend it.
Very well done to New Dave on his title! He is Apethemin on FUMBBL and has improved a lot the last couple of years. Also to Josh on 2nd place, Best Sportsman and Endzone hog (Thespian on FUMBBL).

Standings: [https://fumbbl.com/i/486040]
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Posted by keggiemckill on 2016-06-18 21:41:49
It was great to see you again Gary! I came in at 11th, which was good, after my day 1 embarrassments. The Tourney was very fun. On the west side on Canada/ USA we have very few Tourneys. Having a 30 man Tourney, which isn't a Spike, is pretty cool on this side of the world.
Posted by garyt1 on 2016-06-18 23:13:35
'twas great to see you and the Vancouver folks too! Yeah even though a few of the local guys couldn't make it the turnout was very impressive. Hopefully pass 30 next time.