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WFWO joined SWL in Season 12 in the hands of future Commissioner Laviak. They played 125 games in the SWL finishing with a record of 69/18/38. They were the first Amazon team to make the Premiership division and the first Amazon team to win an SWL Premiership in season 31 before finally retiring.Team
Power Money Sex - Although they weren't in the league for a long time, PMS dominated during their short stint. They are the only team in the modern era to win a Premiership in 3 seasons finishing with an astounding record of 23/2/1.
Black Crowes - In the early seasons the SWL was dominated by the presence of a few legends that would go down in history. The Black Crowes were the home to one of those legends, Gone. More than that though, the Black Crowes played 123 games in SWL from Season 3 and were known as one of the identities associated with the league's early days.
Mort Avaritia - A positive casualty difference of 329 in 92 games played tells the tale of Mort Avaritia who terrorised the league during the end of the LRB4 era. During this time they smashed casualty associated records and went on to win a Premiership in season 36. Their name is still sends shivers up the spines of the coaches left who were unfortunate enough to play them.
Mort Volente - Although slightly less terrifying than their predecessors, Mort Volente was THE brutal force of SWL during the initial CRP period. They were also the first team to win the Premiership after the change in ruleset, earning a spot in the history books.
Woodies Double Revenge - WDR won two Premierships (Seasons 27 and 30) during a period where they were consistently at the top of the Premiership division. This was no easy feat considering the level of competition at the time with several other HOF teams featuring. They retired from competition with a record of 40/6/12.
Public Service Announcement - PSA will be remembered as one of the best teams during the establishment phase of CRP. Coach Daudy rose through the ranks to become the first coach in the modern era to win a Premiership on his first crack. An overall record of 41/17/17 demonstrates the coaching prowess shown by Daudy who managed to win back to back Premierships in Seasons 50 and 51 as well as a crucial victory in the first ever URN competition.

Chaos Dwarf
Zen Adepts - One of very few teams to win three Premierships, the Zen Adepts were certainly a force during the early seasons of SWL. Their Premierships came in Seasons 4, 12 and 16. Over a 156 game period, the Zen Adepts put together an impressive record of 75/39/42.
BBQ Wednesday Regulars - A classic team that featured prominently during one of SWL's golden periods. With a record of 68/23/38 over 129 games you would think they would have a cabinet full of Premiership trophies. However, the Regulars will be remembered for their 2nd place finishes and controversial match reports that are etched into the character of the league.
Large Head-on Colliders - LHC won back to back titles in Seasons 46 and 47. Around the same time they had a few close shaves with Premiership glory, but are responsible for finally getting Barre the title that had eluded him previously. The Colliders combined two legendary Bull Centaurs with a few explosive blockers to be a dominant force during the establishment phase of CRP.
Dark Elf
Torturer's Picnic - If you looked up Torturer's Picnic in the SWL dictionary, it would be the definition of choking. The Picnic were specialists at rushing to early Premiership leads that were seemingly insurmountable, only to lose it all in the final rounds. Their record of 52/12/19 reflects the coaching prowess Patician displayed, at least when the pressure wasn't on.
Vanguard of the Southern Ark - At one stage there was a complete page on the old SWL site dedicated to perhaps the greatest team from Snorriheim with two Premierships in Season 11 and 13. Coached by one of SWL's greats, the Vanguard finished with an impressive record of 60/14/33.
Black Swans - The Black Swans are likely to be remembered as the team that first brought Irgy Premiership success. However, they were a constant factor during the early seasons of CRP within Premiership and Conference divisions. With over 100 games under their belt, the Swans were retired with a record of 58/24/36 including a win in the first ever URN. Their star player Jetta will be remembered as the crippled legend.
Blackwater Sting - Along with the Black Swans, the Blackwater Sting were a presence in the initial days of SWL CRP. Over 117 games, the Sting finished with an admirable 63/24/30, which in comparison with the Swans suggests they should have won at least a Premiership. They didn't, instead the Sting dominated Conferences and fell just short of Premiership glory for coach Chavo. The Sting will be remembered for featuring the Big 3, with their 3 statfreak legends dominating their lineup for most of the teams lifespan.

Southside Stone Smashers - There has been no team as dominant as the SSS during their 76 game career in SWL. Those who were around then all say that they were seemingly unbeatable and backed it up with the destruction of your team. An impressive 56/11/10 record only tells half the story of a team that won two Premiership titles and amassed a positive casualty difference of 150. At one point they went on a 19 game winning streak without a draw or loss at Premiership and Conference level.
Karak-Varn FC - the team that introduced Oldbugman to SWL, KFC were Premiership Champions in Season 19. Although they operated somewhat in the shadow of the recent success of the SSS, KFC were a team to fear in their own right with a reputation for inflicting damage and taking care of the ball. They ended up accruing an overall record of 45/12/24.
[Seekers of the Sepulchre - Premiership champions in Season 28, the Seekers of Sepulchre were coach Snorri's final SWL team. Despite representing a race that is considered quite weak and had no success in SWL previously, Snorri lead the Seekers to an overall record of 47/10/22. His tactical mastery of the pro elves will go down in folklore as he seemingly controlled games with just a handful of players on the pitch.

Mr Whippy's Donut Boys - Clearly the coolest team to ever grace the pitch in SWL. The Donut Boys have earned a spot in the SWL Hall of Fame for their influence in the league's character. 161 games with Halflings is a lot and although most weren't in the main league, they did contribute as participants, fillers and constantly helped teams trialling.
High Elf
Agitate - High Elves have had a tough time of in SWL. Agitate were perhaps the best High Elf team from the LRB4 era, with a record of 46/31/44 and numerous top 4 finishes in the Premiership division. What will be remembered most about Agitate however is the great nature in which games with Eagle009 were enjoyed. This made for some classic Premiership battles between other legendary SWL teams that are certainly memorable to those who were there.

Carlton United - Probably the first team people thought of when they opened this page. Carlton United are perhaps the most influential team in SWL History. Season 2 champions. Home of the greatest player in blood bowl history, The Duke. Coached by the legendary Mr Swan who later had a stint as #swl's channel bot. 104 games played, a record of 47/18/39. Owned by SWL founder, Twahn. Yeah, this team is legendary.

Gumbeast United - Khemri Care. They mightn't have the best record, but everyone from the early days of SWL remembers Gumbeast United. In a 110 game career, Gumbeast United were renowned for their contributions to fluff and being an enjoyable opponent to play despite their love of fouling.

Slumbering Skink - An SWL icon, the Skink have been around forever. A true testament to the power of persistence, Slumbering Skink first achieved premiership victory after 25 long, bloody seasons. They have since won the championship a further 5 times, winning their 6th(!) in Season LVII.
Citadel Ancients - Two games short of the 200 club, the Citadel Ancients were around for the majority of LRB4 SWL. Legendary Zombie E'thel represented the team for 157 of those games trying to recreate his previous career as a wardancer. Necromantic were not a popular choice in LRB4, but the Ancients will go down as one of the coolest teams in SWL's history for their character and determination.

Blue Mountain Dragons - The first Norse team to win an SWL Premiership and the only one for a long time despite a list of great Norse teams in SWL. There are still arguments today over whether Blax Landric is better than the Duke. Blax was the first legend in SWL. After their 56 games (22/8/26 record) the BMD withdrew from SWL in controversial circumstances, opting to keep their star player rather than fire him and remain in the league under the Regional salary cap. The ramifications of this move are still being argued over today and weigh heavily on the Blax vs Duke debate.
Angry Asgardians - Members of the exclusive 200 club, the Asgardians were perhaps the most known team in the SWL by the greater FUMBBL community due to coach Toonie's profile on the site. They never dominated the league, but their balls to the wall attritional approach will always be remembered. Over their career they inflicted 676 casualties (338/223/115) and had many famous rivalries, most notably with Slumbering Skink.
Wonga Wonga Whalekillers - Amongst the list of great Norse teams in SWL, Wonga Wonga stands out clearly ahead of the pack as the most successful. One of only 2 teams to win more than 3 Premierships, the Whalekilleers go beyond this to be known as one of SWLs most successful teams period. Not only do they have 4 Premiership titles and are still playing, their team's character and fluff is second to none. When all is said and done we will compile the records, but for now, enjoy the show, it's a ripper.
Stalingrad's White Stallions - Another winner in the character department, the White Stallions fought with the best of the SWL and narrowly missed out on claiming a Premiership on more than one occasion. Team captain, Boris Nuriev is remembered as one of the best SWL has seen as he represented his team with honor. The Stallions left the SWL with a record of 37/27/39 which is actually quite decent considering their poor casualty and touchdown differentials.
The Stinkers - Nurgle were horrible in LRB4 to the point of being considered almost unplayable. Yet in Seasons 23 and 24 PianoDan did the unthinkable and lead a Nurgle team to two consecutive premierships. For this feat PianoDan is considered amongst the greatest coaches ever in the SWL. The Stinkers were renowned for their defense, only conceding 70 TDs in their 76 game career, leading to a record of 44/11/21.
Bouilloires De Chaux - Frenchmen! Remarkably, the SWL Premiership was won 3 seasons in a row by a Nurgle team in LRB4. After The Stinkers went back to back, Clayinfinity finally cracked another Premiership title after a long break from the top. Lead by G√Ęteau D'Anniversaire the Bouilloires oozed French charm and flavor becoming a fan favorite at the time.

Certainly one of SWL's greatest teams, German Vermin played 157 games in SWL, finishing with a record of 75/26/56. This is somewhat deceiving, as German Vermin were forced to deliberately throw games in order to rebuild to their former glory after being all but wiped out. Symmetrical remarkably achieved this, finally pulling the team together where it finished with a few close Premiership runs. Previously, the Vermin were the first team to win back to back Premierships during a hot streak in Seasons 14 and 15 where their style of blood bowl made them seem almost untouchable. With too many legendary Vermin to list, this team will forever be remembered as one of SWL's great franchises.
Good, Bad, Furry - GBF are a member of the prestigious 200 club, achieving the feat just before the changeover to CRP. GBF were always a fan favorite as SWL spectators cheered on the underdogs during their Premiership runs. Although their record of 71/35/96 isn't the most impressive, GBF managed to upset numerous strong teams during their career. What they will be most renown for is their long list of Gutter Runner star players and most importantly, the career of The Replacemnt who is considered the icon of casualties in SWL.
Tribute to Alan Parsons - It's fair to say that Slann were always going to have a tough time in the SWL. While there were a number of Slann coaches in the league during the early days of the CRP changeover, the Tribute swiftly became everyone's favourite underfrogs. While they enjoyed limited success in their 110 game career, they did manage to compete for the premiership flag. The true success of the team was in it's fans, fans who showed up to witness and commiserate the death of Limelight, and who will always remember the catch-cry of "boing Boing BOING SPLAT!

Ecclesiarchs of Unsanity - Undead cannot win a Premiership they said. They don't play well at high Team Rating they said. Then along came the great Snorri and proved everyone wrong by winning Undead's first ever Premiership since the teams got established. Their victory was controversial however, as the Eccleiarchs managed to prepare for their prem run and hire the count for the majority of the matches for the season. Still, no one can deny the achievement of winning a Premiership with Undead.
Woodies Reunion Tour - Coach Erikekers once again proved his versatility, this time bringing Vampires to ultimate victory. With his trademark ability to build for the bigtime, Erikekers coached the Reunion to not one, but TWO premiership championships in a mere 52 games, losing only 10 matches along the way. A feat that will surely never be matched by a Vampire coach in SWL.

Wood Elf
Woodies Double Double - The team that started a franchise. WDD were coached to 2 Premiership victories by Erikekers over a 78 game period where they went 52/9/17, scoring 192 touchdowns in the process. Their titles were won in Season 18 and 22 with two well prepared runs for which coach Erikekers would become famous.
Echoes of the Great Song - An 84 game career for a wood elf team is much longer than usual in SWL. During their stint EOTGS were lead by SWL Legend Touchstone who has become the icon of scoring in SWL. Casualties took their toll on the team and they departed SWL with a record of 39/6/39. More than that though, EOTGS will be remembered for their storyline and contribution to fluff at the time.
The following rosters have completely failed to EVER achieve anything of note in the SWL.

  1. Goblin
  2. Underworld
  3. Ogre
  4. Orc
  5. Chaos Pact

Perhaps they're just waiting for the right coach?