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Group managers: Wreckage, Arcayn, bghandras

Goal of the tournament:
Be the last remaining team to survive.

In this tournament every coach has a limited amount of players he can never rebuy. Once they are used up, he loses.

I. Team Creation
1. Every new team needs to be created from this page via the 'create team for this league' button.
2. Every team starts with 1.2 million gold.

II. Post Match Sequence
1. After team creation gold must not be used. Any treasury left and any gold gained must only be used on inducements.
2. When you lose a game you have to retire players worth 130k + 20k for each negative point TD difference.
- a) Skill values count towards the amount of gold you need to retire.
- b) If you can't match the exact amount you have to pay a higher amount. The
- additional cost won't be refunded.
- c) Resurrected players can be retired like all other players but when a retirement is necessary, an original player from the roster always must be included.
3. When you win a game you don't have to retire anything.
4. A coach must not hire any journeymen.
Journeymen are automatically selected. If you can't field 11 players you have to unselect JM in the team menu. Failing to unselect them is a rule violation and will result in a penalty (check V.). You will be still allowed to use your JM since they are already there.

III. Rule Changes
1. Skill Progression is accelerated. You will recieve new skills after 2, 6, 11, 18, 32 and 51 SPP.
2. Fouls add +1 to the Injury roll.
3. Sneaky Gits adds assists on fouls and a player with Sneaky Gits will be only sent to the KO box instead of getting banned.
4. There is a spiked ball.
5. Overtime Rules apply.

IV. Game Format
1. The tournament is held in Swiss and is reset weekly. If two match-ups are the same in two rounds, the first and fourth coach of those first two matches trade places. If there are four match-ups the same, the same applies for the third and fourth match-up.
2. The tournament has a weekly schedule.
3. The tournament is based in Europe.
4. There are no scores. Once you have no players anymore you are out.
5. You may buy any inducements and you may use your gold on inducements.
6. If a coach fails to play a game he has to pay 300k in players. If both involved coaches are responsible/not responsible, both have to pay 150k in players.

V. Rules Violations
1. Concessions are illegal and considered unplayed (incomplete) games.
2. Failing to remove journeymen from the roster is illegal but you will be still allowed to use them if you make that mistake.
3. Failing to remove players from your roster worth the amount of gold you need to retire is illegal. Every player failed to remove counts as one rule violation. Players who are not allowed to play because they were supposed to be retired need to be either put in the reserves box or in a corner of the game in the endzone. The players must not be ever moved during the game. The opposing coach is allowed to interact with them. This rule is only relevant when enforced by your opponent during the game. Failing to comply will result in disqualification.
4. Repeatedly failing to remove a player from the roster will result in disqualification.
5. Any illegal action is incurred with a 300k penalty worth of players. Due in the next post match sequence.

VI. Surrender
A coach may declare his surrender at any given point by retiring all the players from his team.
14. theThinkTank - Disqualified
13. Gror - Round 2
12. alexmcgee1981 - Round 2
11. Pokrjax - Round 5
10. zhraia - Round 7
9. Lord Wriggly - Round 7
8. Arcayn - Round 8
7. Wreckage - Round 9
6. MrFurious - Round 9
5. Dalfort - Round 12
4. Wallenstein - Round 13
3. m0gw41 - Round 14