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 Team Coach Rating Race  
1. Roster [L] Bastone e Carota(1d)Gary_Gygax970k/970kCRP ULTRA 
2. Roster [L] El Genericos(4h)JimmyFantastic1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA 
3. Roster [L] Empire in flames(25d)Illumini920k/920kCRP ULTRA 
4. Roster [L] Head Hunters Supreme(444d)CastleMan1300k/1440kCRP ULTRA 
5. Roster [L] La Pazzia(1d)Gary_Gygax1000k/1060kCRP ULTRA 
6. Roster [L] Mega Misfits(166d)android18970k/970kCRP ULTRA 
7. Roster [L] Mighty Army of Middenheim(25d)Illumini960k/1010kCRP ULTRA 
8. Roster [L] Offebach Ultras(71d)minenbonnie970k/970kCRP ULTRA 
9. Roster [L] Opportunity Cost(262d)Espionage1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA 
10. Roster [L] Soul Music of the Disc [CRP](25d)Illumini1080k/1080kCRP ULTRA 
11. P [L] Spirit of 97(137d)B_SIDE1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA 
12. Roster [L] team anybody(166d)android18990k/990kCRP ULTRA 
13. Roster [L] Too fat goblinz and da rats(25d)Illumini1100k/1140kCRP ULTRA 
14. Roster [L] Ultra Dream Team(241d)ahalfling1020k/1020kCRP ULTRA 
15. Roster [L] ultra ultras(3h)natsirtdm990k/990kCRP ULTRA 
16. Roster [L] [CPR Ultra] Fail Brigaide(19d)jordinoboy970k/970kCRP ULTRA 
17. Roster [L] [CRPU] Big Unz(20m)awambawamb1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA 
18. Roster [L] [CRPU]Mandalorians(20m)awambawamb1190k/1190kCRP ULTRA 
19. Roster [L] [CRP] NightOwls(11d)blackGigio1160k/1160kCRP ULTRA 
20. Roster [L] [CRP] Timberwolves(33m)Pyates161220k/1220kCRP ULTRA 
21. Roster [L] [CRP] Wyrmberg Dragonflies(25d)Illumini1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA 
22. Roster [L] [CU] Antithesis of Time(26m)Antithesisoftime1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA 
23. Roster [L] [ULTRA] Champions of Death(129d)Jamerson980k/980kCRP ULTRA 
24. Roster [L] [ULTRA] International Brigade(129d)Jamerson970k/970kCRP ULTRA 
25. Roster [L] [ULTRA] Old World All Stars(129d)Jamerson1000k/1000kCRP ULTRA