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Group managers: RogueBanshee, SableQueen

Left Head Joe: Good Evening Sports Fans Joe here reporting from Templehof, as our Vampire Hosts prepare a new arena for the upcoming Fresh Blood Cup. I am here tonight with the Templehof Teaser Team Captain Candi.

Right Head Joe: Is your name really Candi??

Candi: TeeHee, Of Course it is TeeHee.

Left Head Joe: Tell us about the upcoming Fresh Blood Cup Candi?

Candi: Oh you know sugar, The bosses are just trying to get some fresh hot strapping young meat to visit town for a spell. All in good fun of course.

Left Head Joe: And your team the Templehof Teasers will be the home team hosting this event?

Candi: You bet sugar. You tell all the boys to come down and play with us girls. You know sometimes it just gets sooo lonely arround these parts. We promise we won't get tooo rough. TeeHee.

Right Head Joe: Uhhhh, Candi?

Candi: Yes Sugar??

Right Head Joe: Is that a...... maggot crawling out of your breast???

Candi: (Looks down) OOOH!, so it is TeeHee. (Picks maggot out of Breast and pops it in her mouth) Squirmy little devil aint he? TeeHee.


Left Head Joe: UHHHHHH....Well there you have it folks. The Girls of the Templehof teasers are just dying to host all your Rookie Teams here in Templehof for the Fresh Blood Cup. Sign up Today!!