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New Old World Exhibition Leagu

(Heated Murmuring in the background)

...Why do I have to interview these thugs...Why can't you have the Joes do..

...Get your snooty elven ass out there and do your damn job...NOW!!

Prince Shaboric "Showboat" Salerak steps out from behind the corner perfect fake smile gleaming.

Showboat: Greetings sports fans! Showboat here deep in the Badlands with our uhhhh hosts Snotgruff and Squigpen. (fake smile becomes strained and brittle) The two Boys that put this tournament together.

Snotgruff: Dats Boyz, Ya pointy eer git!

Showboat: Uh Boyz...Sure thing. I have been told you ...BOYZ... are responsible for putting this tournament together. Can you tell me how you.... managed that?

Sqigpen: Iz sayz to Snotgruff, Iz in da mood to seez a big ruck. I eerz dayz avin a big ruck up dere in Templehof. Weez shuud gooz up dere and seez dat ruck.

Snotgruff: But Iz tell Squigpen, Iz aint hoofing it allz da way to Templehof juz to seez dere ruck. Weez have our own ruck right ere.

Showboat: I see, so then you formed a planning committee to put together the business plan and logistics for a massive tournament series?

Squigpen: Uhhhhh.....Nah dats not how you do a big ruck.

Snotgruff: Allz you need to have a ruck is to tell erybody dats youz gotz a Shiney Cup and dat youz gonna give it to da Winner of Da ruck.

Squigpen: Ya! Den gits come from all over to make a ruck for ya.

Showboat: (face in utter disbelief, smile broken and mouth hanging open). So all you did was tell everyone that you were going to give the winner of your tourn..... ah "ruck" a shiney cup????

Snotgruff: Ya dats right!! If you give away a Shiney cup gits come from all over to ruck for ya!!

Showboat: So this shiney cup. It's a family heirloom or something?
Snotgruff and Sqigpen eye each other nervously

Sqigpen: Me and Snotgruff. Weez didn't ave a shiney cup. If weez tell ya where we gotz it weez need ya notz to tell nozone.

Showboat grins again and takes a knowing glance at the Cabalvision Camera

Showboat: Sure thing BOYZ. It will be just between you and me. (smiles larger than ever)

Snotgruff: Weez really wanted to see that ruck. Sooz weez snuck intuh da Bosses tent an pinched one of hiz.

Squigpen: Ya donae tellz noz one or da Boss el tera us up.
Showboat: No problem BOYZ, my lips are sealed.

Sudden booming voice in the background: OOOIIII, WERE IZ MY SHINEY CUP!!!!!!!!!!

Camera pans out to show a massive Ork warlord rushing frantically through the crowd tossing random orks into the air.

Snotgruff: Uhhh weez gott goz

Snotgruff and Squigpen run off

Showboat: There you have it folks. It looks like everybody is trying to get "Da Shiney Cup"