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Wäŋa Warriors
P [L] Orc
This tribe of Orcs are very connected to the land. Each player is named after the region where they were born - their 'Wäŋa'.

They fight for their homeland and the pride of their people.

Total Record of 15/6/5 in Premier. Never relegated!

Season LXII Champions!

Season One: In the reggies and went okay but got decimated by Beefy's CD Side, finished middle of the ladder with the side back to full strength. Onwards!

Season Two - Regional
Started with a stutter but finished strongly to gain promotion to the conference.

Season Three
Played well against a tough conference division. Needed to win the last two games against decimated sides to gain promotion to Premier. Fancied myself. Lost them both and nearly got relegated!

Season Four
Got a season against lots of claw based side but managed to stay unscathed until beefy took my side apart again retiring two players. Started okay but lost a lot at the end of the season as injuries mounted. Ended with 9 points and another crack at conference.

Season Five
Started slowly but picked up some wins after acquiring two +AG blitzers and finishing third. A bloody last game set my side back losing two advanced players. Jim Jim killed the legend David Gambino

Season Six
Another season where I wasn't going up and I wasn't going down. A few solid wins, a few disappointing losses, but I couldn't hold it with some of the stat freak elves. A third +AG Blitzer will make things interesting.

Season Seven
Started on fire, winnings games that I didn't deserve to. But nuffle turned on me at the end, that and my own incompetence. Lost promotion on H2H. The last game I lost a superstar black orc and suddenly the team looks tired.

Season Eight
The dice swung hot for me in a few key games, allowing me to finish with enough points to earn promotion to Premier. My excellent defense allowing 3 touchdowns in 6 games was ripped apart in my last game, nevertheless I get my first crack at Prem - and a conference title!

Game One: Started against the heavily fancied Slumbering Skink, Ripper even showed up to biff a few lizards. I received a ball and slow drove them backwards. Things were looking good until an oversight gave them a clear blitz at the ball. A free-for-all ensured, with Ubirr only just managing to get it across the line on turn 8. The second half looked like an easy score for the skinks, until their star skink (who had the ball) knocked himself out. Once again, a free for all ensured, in desperation a Saurus dodged into two tackle zones, 1D blitzed, gathered the ball, and scored. An amazing job that had a 3% chance of working, but it evened the dice for the game as I had the upper hand. A really enjoyable 1-1 draw.

Game Two: I played The Griffin Gate Sentinels, I match up really well on them. At the start I could not knock players down but I played very well and had it 1-1 at half time. The second half started terribly when a thrown rock killed a block/guard Black Orc, apoth failed. Things picked up from there and I cruised to a certain 2-1 win... until a brain freeze at the end resulted in a draw. In fact, lucky not to lose! Only a 6 from an intercepting black orc saved the day. Very disappointing game all around.

Game Three: Jevouse and I always have intense battles and today was no exception. I killed Eldril really early, but his delfs were holding their feet and frustrating me. A well placed fireball meant he ran away with the defensive touchdown and things looked grim. I had two turns to score, and a perfect defense made it impossible to run the ball up. A desperate throw team mate had me 1-1 at the half. A blitz had him on the back foot, and he tried to pass to get out of trouble. He failed and I got the ball, advancing desperately towards the touchdown zone, out of rerolls. He knocked me down, but at the end I was lucky enough to gather and score, and the game was mine 2-1.

Game Four: Tribal's Dark Elves received the ball and nearly straight away my mighty blow was cracking the armour. He drove it down the pitch but dropped a 3+ catch, allowing me to gather it and march the ball forward. The armour continued to be broken and I scored at the end of the half. He lined up in the second half with 6 players and I was able to march up and score. He got a few KO's back and made a push for the TD zone, but again was unable to hang onto a catch, as I gathered and scored. A 3-0 win and praise be to nuffle.

Game Five: Played Grumpsh who started very well, KO'ing three of my players while defending. However he committed slightly too much which let me get a quick score and return a few of them. A thrown rock KOing his best player made the difference in the second drive and I was able to gain the upper hand and score again, leaving it 2-0 at the half. He was nearly able to make a desperation play at the start of the second and score, but the pass failed and so I was able to slowly run the ball up and cement it at at 3-0 win.

Game Six: Had Intoxicated Mayhem up, a stronger side than mine. Needing the win to secure the victory, I splashed out on a wizard, and he took a card in return. I received the ball and slowly drove it forward, things were pretty even. Some really good defence forced me to break early and score, he had two turns to try to level it. A critical mistake meant it wasn't too hard for him, fortunately nuffle smiled on me as he failed his GFI on the line. The second half had him working the ball downfield, but a good fireball meant I got it back. Some incredible defence had me concerned, but some decent dice rolls meant I brought it over the line for a 2-0 win. And secured the title with a game to spare!

Game Seven: A 230 Nurgle side is always scary to play against, even when the season is won and there is nothing to play for. Despite my honest intentions of taking it easy, I couldn't and took Semi head on. My defence was solid in the first half, a minor slip up meant I had to do a few dodges to chase him down T8. I found it nearly impossible to advance in the second half, but eventually there was an opening with a string of dodges, I took full advantage and managed to win the game 1-0.

Season Ten
I had to automatically go back to conference, as I needed to park my side after my premiership season. I ended up in a very even conference where the match ups suited me. Every game was very tight, and very tactical. One of the "trinity" died, but Ubirr still healthy. I finished six points clear, claimed my second conference title and got promoted.

Game One: I had Jevouse's Dark Elves first up and they gave away 130k in inducements. I decided to take a chainsaw, as he had a lot of blodgers and niggles. I tried to get up the field in a blizzard, but it proved difficult as he was doing a good job plugging the holes. The chainsaw finally got free to blitz a witch elf. At this pivotal moment I failed a GFI (3+) that I didn't see. A loner reroll worked, as did the GFI, he then badly hurt the witch. This proved to be the game changer, as I was able to form a much better cage on the ball, and the chainsaw went berserk for the rest of half. Up 1-0 at half time against an opponent with 7 players, things looked good. The weather changed for him, and he attempted a two turn long throw. He made a 5+ dodge and 4+ dodge to get into the end zone, only to fail the 3+ pass. From there he did not have enough players to stop me running it up for a 2-0 win.

Game Two: Had Faulcon's legendary Lizardmen side, and I really needed some points. Totally lost control of the blocking war early and it allowed him to score at the end of the first half without much trouble. I had lost some players and I desperately drove down the pitch, taking risks, and managed to level it 1-1 and he had 3 turns to score back. I did a good job making him take a lot of rolls but that ag4 sure feet sprint leap skink was just too much and he scored on the last turn for a 1-2 defeat for me.

Game Three: I had Relezite's famous elves and their stat freak Viola to deal with. He received the ball, and I put a lot of pressure on. Some diving tackle turn overs and a risky blitz allowed me to steal the ball off him and score on the 4th turn. He tried to drive it himself in return, but I managed to get the ball free. He was surrounding me and unleashed with a fireball that did nothing. From there I gathered and 2-0 up at the half, receiving the ball, the game looked to be over. He declined to defend and I went up 3-0, before some elvish goodness saw them get over the line, and the lucky win for me at 3-1.

Game Four: Error404 are a super difficult match up for me, I figured if I could get out of there with some points I would be happy. Things were looking good as I drove the ball up, however as I pushed towards the line I had forgotten that his best wolf had jump up. This gave him a difficult blitz against me, which he made, KOing Ubirr. I got the ball back, but a failed GFI, followed by the next turn of a failed 2+ pick up, meant I couldn't score. Things looked alright early in my defence as I pressured the ball, but a few bad rolls meant I ended up failing, and ruing what could have been if I marked players correctly. 0-1 Loss.

Game Five: I had the first-prem-coach Manzoo and his dwarves next. I had to win if I was going to compete for prem. Dice weren't terrible, but certainly weren't good. I pushed it up and managed to score, but lost 4 players. With two turns left he was able to sore and it was 1-1. I turned the ball over, but then started having terrible dice. But so did he! Lots of failed pick ups and GFI's meant there wasn't much anyone could do and the game ended at 1-1.

Game Six: Smegish's high elves were next and I needed a win to have a chance of staying in Prem. The first half saw Ubirr slowly drive up the pitch. Some good dodge rolls saw him take a 1D blitz but he stood firm and kept his feet. From there there wasn't a lot the elves could do as he took it home. The second half was punctuated by three ill-timed snakes for smegish, two on dodges and one on GFI. It was enough that I was easily able to take momentum and the ball, to run out a 2-0 winner.

Game Seven: The Asha'maniac were dwarves with 5 separate strength boosts. I was not looking forward to this and early in the first half his drive was looking good having taken 2 orcs off. I made a risky blitz with Ubirr and he managed to SI the ball carrier. What followed was a total dicing. At the end of the half I had injured 6 dwarves, was 1-0 up and receiving the ball. The second half didn't get much better and the troll scored a TD on turn 6 and there were 3 dwarves left. A failed GFI on the line cost me a 3-0 victory, but hey, it was probably the luckiest game I've had.

All this leaves me on 22 points and equal first, but losing on the Head-to-Head tie break against Faulcon. Dammit all to the warp!

Drew a very poor match up: Irgy's massive CLAWPOMB based Nurgle side! My defence held strong until the last turn of the half where he got away, but a lucky run down meant it was 0-0 at the half. But Ubirr was KO'd and not coming back. I got very close to the line in the second, but was unable to get there and had to see the game go into overtime. CLAWPOMB was too much for my undermanned side, and I lost in OT for a first round exit.

Game One: Came up against cdwat's elves. I only had one DT and didn't know what to expect. A reasonable defence had him fumble a 3+ pass in the second turn to allow me to pick up the ball and slowly press forward. A well placed fireball took the ball back, and my single DT nearly managed to chase him down, but it wasn't to be. With three turns in the first half to score, I got a few nice rolls and ran it through easily. From there it was difficult for him, as I was 2-3 players up and he didn't have any leap or anyway of dealing with an Ubirr cage. I safely scored on turn 8, then flooded the line with SF. A 2-1 victory.

Game Two: Semi's Nurgle are a killer for my side. And as much fun as it is to blame the dice, the truth is that I was out-coached by a brilliant pass to an empty square that I could defend against. From there I tried in vain, but clawpomb is a problem against my side. Lost the second of the trinity (three ag4 blitzers), with only Ubirr remaining.

Game Three: Forfeit to me, so a win.

Game Four:An epic game. I started very strong doing three casualties against dlock's woodies. From there, the luck was slightly with him for the rest of the game. But I battled and struggled, refusing to give an inch when I was defending. One slip up from him gave me a many GFI blitz on the BC and I got the ball free. I thought I was done for when Ubirr decided to take a break and pretend he was hurt, but I somehow managed to defend the ball and ran out 1-0 winner. *

Game Five: Ramchop's Norse were next and he had a blinding start, taking some players off. I pressed my defence forward and popped the ball loose. A very unfortunate bounce (right to him, that he caught on a 6) meant he broke free for a score. An amazing dirty trick took Ubirr out, and I tried to rush the ball down and made a mistake, and he was 2-0 up at half time. Next half I quickly scored, and made a mad dash to try to score on turn 8 and tie the game, but it wasn't to be (and would have been extremely lucky if it had come off!) so a 1-2 loss, and the Prem dream is now only a statistical possibility.

Game Six: Draw with Faulcs.. need to write up

Game Seven: I had to win to stay in Prem (where I belong) and to have the chance to represent Australia. The game started and Bob's Elves not noticing diving tackle had him on the back foot. I got lucky on a few key rolls, including a troll dodge, and I managed to gather the ball and score to be up 1-0 at half time. From there it was elementary, he didn't have leap, I put every single person around the ball, as I needed the win. I slowly moved up the field, not taking any risks. I scored on turn 8, and finished third for the season.

Game One: Draw against Manzoo (expand)

Game Two: I won the toss and made a very slow drive up the pitch. Momentum swung with a few stuns on each side, soon I was on top. Getting his second best player off and scoring on turn 8, I liked me odds as I was a man up for the second half. He got 3 off in the first two turns and marched down the pitch. My troll attempted to blitz his ball carrier, but snaked the last GFI. He then strolled in to score. What looked like a certain draw changed as the throw team mate somehow worked without a reroll and wall to wall tackle! A 2-1 win, and a very lucky last touchdown.

Game Three:

Game Four:

Game Five:
A scary Chaos side, I took on Public Service Announcement. Winning the toss, I ran the ball down with Ubirr and watched as he removed players. Taking out 2 black orcs and a troll, I decided that I was going to stall. However, he allowed me within range, then made a mistake which gave me an approx 60% chance of scoring, I took it at made it. I defended very well to close out the half. In the second half I continued to defend well, however I risked it all on a 2D block which was rerolled but failed. It allowed him to score with easy, and the TTM didn't work, so a 1-1 tie.

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1KakaduBlitzer6339Block, Guard 510001680k (80+20k) 
2Maguk IVBlitzer5339Block, Guard, Stand Firm-ma, m26130232980k (0k) 
3 Ubirr IIIBlitzer6449Block, +AG, Dodge, Sure Hands, +ST, Stand Firm, Tackle 6275206319080k (80+180k) 
4Gunlom JrBlitzer6339Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Diving Tackle 8407045915680k (80+110k) 
5NourlangieBlack Orc Blocker4429  400010280k (80+0k) 
6BurrungguiBlack Orc Blocker4419Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Tackle-ag94221401114580k (80+100k) 
7MamukalaBlack Orc Blocker3429Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Diving Tackle-ma9501036610580k (80+110k) 
8Garnamarr JrBlack Orc Blocker4319Block, Guard, Tackle-ag, -st, m410201023680k (0k) 
9Gungkurdul Lineman5339  500001550k (50+0k) 
10GungurulLineman6339Tackle, Wrestle, +MA, Guard 930101487150k (50+100k) 
11Gubara IILineman5339Block, Tackle 46001321850k (50+40k) 
13YurmikmikLineman5339Block 7000021050k (50+20k) 
14IkoymarrwaGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 200001540k (40+0k) 
16Jim Jim IITroll4519Mighty Blow, Always Hungry, Loner, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firm 500117229110k (110+40k) 
12 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach: DrDiscoStu Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Orc Fan Factor: 9  
Team Value: 1870k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 490000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 2130k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:96 (46/19/31) |TD Diff:30 (136 - 106) |Cas Diff:111 (139/84/34 - 83/48/15)
Last Opponent: Blackwater Glee Club