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Roster [R] Chaos Chosen

Charter Member of DLE

Sigmar Heldenhammer Conference, SHC South Division

Franchise Owner and Head Coach:
Mean Andugl

Home Field:
Brionne Bay Stadium (aka "Hell's Pit"), Bretonnia


Team Colours:
Buccaneer Red and Pewter

Fight Songs:
Hells Bells, Wild Thing

There Will Be Blood
Bucs origins – 18th and final charter member of DLE
Some day pretty shortly before the first DLE season was about to start, Mean Andugl, businessman with an undying love for blood bowl, for the first time heard
Did you know?
Unknown persons announced a donation of $1 to the FUMBBL charity org. for every Norden Legion player that gets perm. injured or killed on the pitch in Season 3. Officials don't deny Bucs are not close friends with Legion (see "Rivalries"), but dismissed being responsible for the bounties.
Did you know?
Since the Bretonnian rivals Skar Bay Sharks (aka "Eels") joined DLE several inns in Brionne serve shark fin soup and smoked eel as specialties
Did you know?
Bucs main slogan for the first 13 games was "Fight Hard - Party Harder!", but after 4 games in a row without a win and receiving more cas than the opponents it was time for a change.
Did you know?
Buccaneer Eric Ebron scored two touchdowns in season1 DLE Pro Bowl and led the SHC team to a 2-1 victory
Did you know?
A persistent rumour has it the Skar Bay Sharks played so bad before Season 1 that the desperate team management set fire to the franchises offices in order to skip the first season, thereby saving license fees and avoiding diappointed Eels fans in L'Anguille to go berserk
about plans to establish a new draft based blood bowl league, comprising of Old World human teams. Fascinated by this plan Andugl rushed to apply for a DLE franchise. Just in time as it turned out. The DLE idea was catching fire fast. Andugl was awarded the eighteenth and final franchise of the developing DLE.

Andugl announced his intention to establish a DLE Franchise in Brionne, the bustling port city and province in Bretonnia, infamous for its
. The citizens of Brionne and blood bowl fans all over Bretonnia welcomed the plan with overwhelming enthusiasm. Andugl bought, modernized and expanded the existing stadium, located close by the quays and right in the middle of Brionne's poorest but also liveliest quarter. The local amateur blood bowl team, which had played in the old stadium, had spawned some remarkably good players and enjoyed great popularity even beyond Brionne. Andugl decided to build his DLE franchise on these pillars. He signed the whole amateur team,
including some veterans already close to retirement, beefed up this gang with promising players from outside the Brionne province, assembled a team of experienced yet still hungry for success coaches, and immediately started training. Locals were allowed to submit ideas for the Brionne blood bowl team's official name. The most popular choice and the one that Andugl selected was the "Brionne Buccaneers". The Bucs were born!

The genuine Bretonnian blood bowl team
The Bucs are the only DLE charter member based in Bretonnia. With the league expansion for the 2nd DLE season a new franchises announced plans to base its business in Bretonnia, the Skar Bay Sharks in L'Anguille (accordingly nicknamed "Eels" by Bucs fans). The Bucs embrace the competition. However, to the Buccaneers' fans, who view themselves as underdogs, the Bucs are the only truly Bretonnian DLE team, while the DLE newcomers are regarded as snobbish upstarts.

Bucs way of life: fight for your right to party!
Bucs philosopy is akin to their namesakes. We are all but puritanical. At sea or on the pitch, a buccaneer's life (or career) is violent and all too often pretty short. So you better enjoy it while it lasts and don't take it too seriously (must see: why worry?). Fight hard, and party even harder!

Fight songs and chanting
A match at Brionne Bay Stadium is never a quiet affair. Bucs fans love to sing, chant and shout, and their songs reverberate throughout the stadium long before the game begins. When the Bucs march in the team is greeted with Hells Bells. The opposing team is welcomed heartily too, typically with repeated singing of the (slightly altered) refrain of Beck's "Loser" (Soy un perdedor, you are loser babies, so why don't we kill you?), a hailstorm of Bucweiser bottles and occasionally some rocks (which unfortunately sometimes hit the wrong targets). Among the favourite fan songs is the perennial Wild Thing (Wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy ...shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it WILD THING, come on WILD THING, come on come on WILD THING ...). This footage (just listen, play loud!) from a long forgotten baseball team pretty good captures the party atmosphere in Hell's Pit when the fans perform "Wild Thing", pushing the Bucs on and driving opponents mad (quotes: "I hate this fucking song" "oh no, not that goddamn song again").

Season 3

Buccaneers - Knights (SHCW)1-2Bucs deliver a great fight against Knights, the Season 2 Champions. The veterans that joined Bucs after Season 2 shine - with the exception of Huff, whose bad positioning alleviates Knights to score in the last minute of the game
Buccaneers - Legion (SHCE)2-1Bucs mourn the deaths of Torell Troup and Ben Jones but nevertheless take revenge for the Playoffs and beat despised Legion. "Gentle" Dunkelhelm causes 2 cas, including the killing of Kelvin Beachum
Bruisers (SHCS) - Buccaneers1-2T14: Friedrich Dunkelhelm blocks Bruisers' ST6 Seantrel Henderson who goes down badly hurt. This block marks the 2nd time in 3 games that "The Gentle" takes on the opponents's ogre and leaves no doubt who's the big guy on the pitch.
Grizzlies (SHCN) - Buccaneers2-2Bucs heavy hitter Kareem Martin suffers a serious concussion.

Season 2

Wreckers (SHCS) - Buccaneers2-2Pro Bowl player Bishop Sankey excels with an OTTD, but in H2 the team fails to protect the ball and almost loses the match
Bruisers (SHCS) - Buccaneers2-2Bucs dominate the game but just can't stop Bruisers' Fast Eddie who scores a last minute OTTD
Buccaneers - Greenskins (SHCE)0-1Painful to watch for Bucs fans. First time ever that Bucs don't score and 5th game in a row that Bucs block more than the opponents but nevertheless lose more players.
Rangers (SHCE) - Buccaneers2-3More of the same: Bucs outblock Rangers but again receive more damage. In H2 t8 Bucs fail to score a 3rd td though they could have walked the ball into the endzone. What happened and why will remain a mystery.
Buccaneers - Avalanche (SHCS)0-1Sean Weatherspoon is banned in the very first turn of the game after he accidentally smashed the collar bone of some Avalanche rookie, and star catcher David Wilson's knee is smashed. Another horrible game for the Bucs.
Legion (SHCE) - Buccaneers - 0-1After Legion's Blanda blundered Bucs manage to steal the ball. Kareem Martin picks it up close to the Bucs' endzone and runs all the way downfield to score in H1T7.
Buccaneers - Manticores (SHCE)3-0Bucs are very aggressive right from the start. Determined Torell Troup uses his boots with great efficiency and removes 3 opponents within the first 3 turns, among them one of Muckenhof's key players. Kareem Martin is also on fire and racks up 3 cas.
Buccaneers - Avalanche (SHCS)1-1The Buccaneers once more suffer heavy losses. 2 players die, and after H2T3 Bucs on the pitch are outnumbered 6 vs. 11. The few remaining players, led by captain Ebron, try again and again but fail to bring down the Avalanche rookie ballcarrier. The team fought hard, they deserved more than a draw.
Buccaneers - Scimitars (KFCS)1-1Scimitars equalize in the dying minutes of the game. Even worse, Cody Latimer, one of Bucs most effective players, breaks his neck after a brutal block from Scimitars' Jason Taylor.
Buccaneers - Eagles (KFCS)2-1Gerald McCoy scores his 1st touchdown ever for the Bucs, who get once more beaten up and almost lose Kareem Martin, but nevertheless clinch a much desired win.
Buccaneers - Wreckers (SHCS)1-0Jonathan Massaquoi stands firm! No matter how often the Wreckers block him, Massaquoi doesn't yield and repeatedly withstands numerous blocks, most of the time without going down - a well deserved MVP. Bucs are under heavy pressure initially and 3 players down after the first 3 turns, but Captain Ebron turns the tide when he sends off Wreckers' Linsley, rallies Bucs almost shattered defence, helps to prevent a Wreckers' td in H1 and in H2 marches all the way downfield to score.
Bruisers (SHCS) - Buccaneers1-1Bucs are under heavy pressure and almost lose, but Kareem Martin has a field day with 3 cas and Bucs only touchdown in the last minutes of the game.
Buccaneers - Razorbacks (KFCS)2-1Captain Eric Ebron leads the way and scores twice. Bucs for the second time in a row dish out more cas than they receive.
Buccaneers - 49ers (KFCS)3-0H2T8: Sean Weatherspoon boldly dodges away from 49er's Mcintyre, pick ups the ball in a tacklezone despite pouring rain, dodges away once more and lobs the ball over the heads of 2 49ers defenders to Gerald McCoy who runs to the endzone for the final 3-0.
Wreckers (SHCS) - Buccaneers2-3Bucs win in overtime after Wreckers fumble a pass and Eric Ebron, who already scored twice in regular time, first dodges and then picks up the ball despite being in 2 tacklezones.
Buccaneers - Legion (SHCE)2-3After 1 1/2 turns in H1 5 Bucs players are down and out. Bucs fight hard and manage to equalize in H2T8, but Nuffle clearly has other plans today than to see the Bucs win and sets back the clock (after giving Legion fan advantage, awesome block dice, blitz and quick-snap earlier) and Legion scores the winning touchdown.

Season 1

Sigmar Heldenhammer Conference (SHC)
Vikings - Buccaneers2-3In t1 and before taking any action Bucs' no. 12, Pat Angerer, is fouled and dies
Buccaneers - Greenskins1-1Pouring rain all game long. Bucs lose Major Wright, another player wearing number 12, and only narrowly avoid a loss.
Buccaneers - Wreckers2-1In t8 rookie catcher Dez Bryant scores a brilliant OTTD
Buccaneers - Rangers2-21st round draft Eric Ebron loses his nerves, scores too early and airily gives away the win
Bruisers - Buccaneers1-2Rolando McClain, another player wearing the jersey with number 12, retires after he received a niggling injury. Rumours are heard that Bucs no. 12 has been cursed
Buccaneers - Marauders2-0The Bucs for the first time don't concede a td.
Buccaneers - Grizzlies3-1Misleading result. The Bucs had to fight hard for this victory.
Knights - Buccaneers2-1Bucs block like sissies and dodge like trees, Knights score a great OTTD.
Buccaneers - Marauders3-2Bucs lose Franchise Player "Zeke" Anderson and in total suffer 7 cas, but defend vigourously in H2 and manage to increase the halftime lead to a decisive 3:1 before the Marauders score their second and last time.
DLE Super Bowl 2516
Universe - Buccaneers2-1Without Clayton „Zeke“ Anderson (dead) and Bryan Bulaga (mng because of broken leg) the Buccaneers start the game as underdogs. Though they try hard it's not enough, Universe wins

League championships
None so far

Conference championships
Season 1 (SHC)

Division championships
(No divisions in Season 1), Season 2 (SHCS)

Playoff appearances
Season 1, Season 2
Players of Note
Team Captain: Eric Ebron

Notable players that retired or departed this world:

Clayton "Zeke" Anderson, Bucs Franchise Player and first team captain, died in the Season 1 playoff against Marienburg Marauders

Dez Bryant, first Buccaneer ever to receive a badge. Got the award "DLE PLAY of Week 3" (Season 1) for an amazing OTTD

Records and Trophies

Buccaneers Team Records
Highest win3-0 vs. Muckenhof Manticores
vs. San Luis 49ers
Highest loss2-3vs. Dead Wood Rangers
Most TD scored
3(6 times)
Most TD conceded3vs. Dead Wood Rangers
Most cas for7vs. Muckenhof Manticores
Most cas against7 vs. Marienburg Marauders
Highest attendance39000vs. Monte Castello Wreckers
Lowest attendance22000vs. Drakenhof Legion
Longest winning streak3 gamesseason1 rounds 5 to 7
Longest unbeaten streak10 gamesseason2 rounds 6 to Playoffs
Longest losing streak3 gamesseason2 rounds 3 to 5
Longest non-winning streak6 gamesseason1 Super Bowl, season2 rounds 1 to 5
Last update: 09/01/2017

Buccaneers Player Records
Top StarEric Ebron (81 spp)Eric Ebron (81 spp)
Top ScorerEric Ebron (20 td)Eric Ebron (20 td)
Top BlockerKareem Martin (14 cas)Kareem Martin (14 cas)
Top Passer"BJ" Coleman (5 cp)"BJ" Coleman (5 cp)
Most BlocksKareem Martin (180)Taylor Lewan (185)
Most Interceptions------
Most FoulsBrian Price (2)Torell Troup (26)
Highest PassingEric Ebron (15 py)Eric Ebron (15 py)
Highest RushingEric Ebron (462 ry)Eric Ebron (462 ry)
Most Valuable PlayerJonathan Massaquoi (3)Zach Mettenberger (4)
Most Games PlayedEric Ebron (28)Eric Ebron (28)
Last update: 09/01/2017

The archenemy
The Divisional Playoffs in Season 2 brought a bitter defeat and a sworn enemy - Norden Legion. Not only did Legion foul to death Bucs Rodger Saffold and badly hurt respectively koed 2 other players in the very 1st turn of the match. Not only did they talk the ref into believing that Bucs Weatherspoon (who was understandably stirred up because of Legion's despicable actions) fouled Legion's notorious killer Blanda, with the result that Weatherspoon was sent off. Not only did that same killer Blanda badly hurt another Bucs player in a blitz next turn, leaving Bucs 5 players down after 1 1/2 turns in H1. Not only did Legion coax the ref to turn back the clock when they would have lacked enough time to score the winning touchdown in the dying minutes of the game. No, on top of that Legion's coach, aptly nicknamed Lord Loudmouth by Bucs fans, repeatedly complained about Bucs allegedly violating rules, which more than once brought Bucs on the brink of a ref-induced forced turnover in favour of Legion. Bucs fans and team were and still are outraged about Legion's ongoing misbehaviour. Bucs team is said to be determined to pay back Legion in spades, though this of course never has been confirmed. Rumour has it that wealthy Bucs fans have put bounties on Legion's players for every perm injury or death caused by blocks, fouls or crowd surfing. However, Bucs owner and headcoach Mean Andugl has never commented at all on the Legion's affair, remaining totally silent. Deadly silent, some observers say.

Not exactly best friends
Some rivalries can run deep even if teams rarely meet on the pitch. For the Bucs two DLE teams stand out in this regard.

Broekwater Patriots - just too superduper
The Broekwater Patriots (KFC West), coached and managed by DLE founder bghandras, gained recognition as a superduper team. They are ruthless and focus on causing damage to opponents. They are obnoxiously efficient, and typically win their games with just 1 td difference (if they win) and in a classical 2:1 grind fashion. They are calling the shots with regard to trades. Just about everything they do appears to have been planned ahead meticulously. To cut it short, the Patriots are just too good to be liked. Their anaemic quest for perfection makes them natural antagonists of the "Fight Hard - Party Harder!" Bucs.

Averheim River Bandits - who do they think they are?
The reason why the Averheim River Bandits (KFC East), an expansion team that joined DLE in season 2, are the Bucs bitter enemies is eye-catching. Just take a look at the former Bandits logo (right) and compare it to the Bucs logo (left). The similarities are obvious. How did some inland river bandits (and it's not even a big river) dare to shame-lessly
use an old Buccaneers conceptual design? Who do they think they are? After friendly request to change the logo had been ignored the Buccaneers took legal action and Averheim finally backed down and abandoned the copycat logo. The logo dispute is over, but the bad blood remains.

Divisional rivals
The Brionne Buccaneers are a charter member team of the Sigmar Heldenhammer Conference (SHC). Since the league expansion in season 2 the Bucs play in the SHC South division, which is composed of the Bucs, Barboza Bruisers, Monte Castello Wreckers and Irrana Avalanche (the latter being an expansion team that joined DLE in season 2). The following table gives an overview of Bucs' results against their divisional rivals

SHC South Division Rivals
TeamCoachW/D/LWin RateTotal TD
Barboza Bruisers kummo*2/2/075%7-5
Monte Castello WreckersOly19873/1/088%8-5
Irrana AvalancheCaptainRhino0/1/125%1-2
*Season 1: Starshade

The Bretonnian rival
Since the league expansion for the 2nd season the Bucs are no longer the only DLE team in Bretonnia. The Skar Bay Sharks (SHC West division) franchise emerged in L'Anguille. Based in Bretonnia and in geographic proximity this team is a natural rival of the Bucs, though under the current scheduling the teams play each other rarely. It goes without saying that team and fans view the Bucs as the genuine, most important and predominant DLE team in Bretonnia.

Bretonnian Rivals
TeamCoachW/D/LWin RateTotal TD
Skar Bay Sharksdarkwing2k60/0/0------


08.01.2017Bucs take revenge and beat Legion - "new" Buccaneers players shine Bucs fell to Knights, the reigning DLE Champions, in their 1st match of Season 3. To Bucs fans, however, the win against hated Legion in the following game mattered much more. Andugl's short comment says it all: "We defeated Legion, that's what counts". The 5 veteran players Bucs acquired from other teams have quickly proved to be great additions to the team, in the aggregate gathering 29 SPP in the first 2 games.
04.01.2017Buccaneers pre-Season 3 press conference

08/12/2016Bucs fall to Legion The thrilling playoffs conference semi final ended 2-3 in favour of Legion. Mean Andugl's dry but understandable comment: "Nuffle had other plans today."
22/11/2016New record for longest unbeaten streak in Bucs history! After the win against the Wreckers, a tie against the Bruisers and another win against the Razorbacks Bucs are now unbeaten for 8 games in a row, which sets a new record for the team. Following the overall dismal performance in the first half of season 2 Bucs are in a catch-up race and still hope to make it to the Playoffs, but the race is very tight and Bucs will need a little help from other teams to make it.
21/10/2016McCoy and Sankey score, Bucs WIN 2-1! Bucs defeat Eagles at home in a very close match. The highlight of the game is clearly the 1st TD EVER of Gerald McCoy, who started in all 20 games since the first Bucs DLE match.
16/10/20169 games into the season the Bucs are still not back to a 0.500 record. Fans are increasingly unhappy, which showed very clearly after last game at home vs. the Scimitars, which saw the latter equalize in the last minutes of the game, shortly after Scimitars player Taylor had broken the neck of Bucs Cody Latimer. Anger and violence flared up immediately after the final drive. Scimitars fans had to be escorted out of the stadium and were urgently advised to leave Brionnne as quiet and as soon as possible.
04/10/2016Andugl goes ballistic: "Bucs suck!" he shouted enraged when he was asked about his team's performance immediately after the game, a disappointing draw against Irrana Avalanche. Later he softened his words and apologised to the players, who in fact fought bravely until the end despite two deaths. In H2 Bucs were temporarily outnumbered 6 vs. 11, but never stopped their attacks on the Avalanche ballcarrier. You gotta give them credit for their fighhting spirit. But it wasn't meant to be this evening.
29/09/2016Marienburg's new DLE franchise, the Marienburg Foxes, who recently relocated from Kutenholz, reportedly outright refused to cooperate with the area's top dogs, the Broekwater Patriots. According to local sources Broekwater's management is fuming about the denial. Mean Andugl allegedly laughed out loud and commented: "New in town and the first thing they do is to deny the Evil Empire a friendly handshake? Wow, kudos to the Foxes! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship"
13/09/2016There will be blood! Bucs for the first time live up to their new slogan. Overall 7 Manticores leave Hell's Pit on a stretcher. With the help of Nuffle Bucs dominate the guest team and win 3-0.
31/08/2016Bucs defeat Drakenhof Legion and finally end a frustrating streak of games without a win.
30/08/2016Bucs headcoach Mean Andugl apologised for another dismal performance of his team and asked Bucs fans for patience: "This string of bad luck and casualties won't go on forever. Not least due to the injury of Wilson we're heavy underdogs next game, but we'll try even harder and one day we'll come back." Last night disappointed Bucs fans rioted and turned the area around Hell's Pit and a significant number of Avalanche supporters into a bloody mess after the Bucs had lost the 3rd game in a row.
Bucs unveil new slogan
The frustrating loss at home against the Greenskins marked the 5th game in a row when Bucs delivered more blocks than the opponents but nevertheless received more injuries. Bucs players are fed up with it and vowed they will retaliate. Team Captain Eric Ebron: "We will strike back. We want to win again. We want to give our fans more reasons to party. We want to fight even harder. And lest we forget we, the players, asked the management to change Buccaneers main slogan, at least for a while. Mean Andugl granted our wish. From now on the slogan shall be: There will be blood!"
26/07/2016The old song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" has become popular again in Bretonnia, especially among Bucs die-hard fans at the quayside in Brionne and on board the famous, erm, merchant ships. Observers attribute Dirty Deeds' new popularity to the recently refined skills of Sean Weatherspoon
24/07/2016Heavy favourites Greenskins (SHCE) looked like sure winners against the Rangers for most of the game but in the end had to settle with a draw. In total 5 games have been played in SHCS vs SHCE so far and just one of them ended with a win.
19/07/2016Head coach Mean Andugl handed over the boots of Sean Lee, who passed away in the game versus the Bruisers, to namesake Sean Weatherspoon.
19/07/2016Bucs performance in Season 2 remains lacklustre. Despite massive support from Buccaneers fans who outnumbered the home team's supporters (what else should have been expected from a hamlet like Barboza?) the Bucs didn't manage to defeat the Bruisers. The game ended 2-2. Bucs are now 3 games in a row without a win - a new negative record.

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Games Played:9 (5/2/2) |TD Diff:8 (17 - 9) |Cas Diff:6 (12/5/2 - 7/2/4)
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