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Chaos Dwarf
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Chaos Dwarf
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Chaos Chosen
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  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
Warpstone Open
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  All Kind of Fruit Elven Union 70k 15/3/2 1900k ±670  
  CCCP General Secretaries Nurgle 30k 5/2/5 1630k ±310  
  DC HeroClix Dwarf 60k 29/9/8 1980k    
  Dodge or Die! Amazon 80k 10/1/2 1780k ±370  
  Emphasy means Foul Shambling Undead 360k 24/4/3 1990k    
  Emphasys Necro Teams Necromantic Horror 100k 27/4/7 2010k    
  Fumbbl Danmark Wood Elf 10k 18/1/2 2000k ±740  
  Haandbold Piger Chaos Chosen 55k 93/20/49 1670k    
  Reign in Blood IX Dark Elf 30k 16/3/7 2310k ±1090  
  Reign in blood V Chaos Dwarf 30k 66/21/22 2010k    
  Robo Rally Orc 200k 24/5/3 2190k    
  Skaven Old School Skaven 20k 29/4/4 2100k    
  Snirodnan High Elf 70k 9/3/4 1650k ±450  
Stunty Leeg
  'Horrors of Tzeentch' Horrors of Tzeentch 0 0/0/0 930k    
  DC Super Heroes Nurglings 20k 99/15/47 2500k    
  Heroes of Misty Mountain Goblin 100k 20/6/8 1930k    
  League of Eshin Adepts Eshin Adepts 0 0/0/0 970k    
  Mad Gnomes From Mt. Nevermind Gnome 40k 17/4/5 2060k    
  Reign in Blood VI Chaos Halfling 20k 22/4/12 2070k    
  Reign in blood II Chaos Chosen 55k 11/12/10 2120k    
  UFC Herroes Chaos Dwarf 140k 11/2/5 2010k    
  Blackbox Bash Rating Khemri Tomb Kings 160k 7/4/8 1620k    
  Haandbold Drenge Chaos Chosen 10k 12/5/8 1500k    
  Reign in Blood X Orc 70k 50/12/24 2140k    
  UFC Heroes Chaos Dwarf 55k 41/30/20 1520k    
Transfer division 2
  Old World Oldschool Old World 0 5/1/1 1700k    
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