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  Drones Go To War Human 90k 5/1/2 1470k ±220  
  Traitors ! Mutants ! Commies ! Chaos Chosen 125k 48/29/60 1920k    
Stunty Leeg
  CCCRusaders Eshin Adepts 10k 13/2/5 1660k    
  Copsters Chaos Halfling 90k 2/1/2 1470k    
  Gnom'o'War Gnome 80k 8/2/8 1940k    
  Nuclear Fungus Snotling 70k 11/6/22 2110k    
  Thrill Kill Kult Albion Fae 50k 30/6/15 2010k    
  - Band Of Hawk - Human 90k 5/6/1 1690k    
  Armatura Human 130k 6/3/1 1600k    
  High Art High High Elf 100k 5/2/5 1530k    
  Legion Of Humanists Human 90k 23/9/22 2000k    
  Monsters In The Pocket Halfling 60k 11/18/56 1830k    
  Uga Uga Bum Bum Ogre 100k 1/3/3 1460k    
  Dark Side Of The Sp00n Halfling 30k 1/1/9 1180k    
  Dream Of A 1000 Cats Vampire 20k 14/10/23 2560k    
  Dream Of Thousand Cats Vampire 80k 1/1/2 1120k    
  Fortress Of [B]utterflies High Elf 100k 7/0/4 1660k    
  Legionem Amissa Khemri Tomb Kings 110k 5/4/3 1390k    
  Souls Of [B]lack Legion Chaos Chosen 50k 1/0/1 1070k    
  [B]ox Of [R]eds Orc 180k 2/1/13 1470k    
Transfer division
  Brotherhood Of Halibut Halfling 120k 2/3/14 1520k    
  Lullabies of Broadway Vampire 120k 8/3/4 1870k    
  Metal Fingers In My Body Amazon 70k 17/4/6 1630k    
  Millstone Chantz Skaven 20k 17/8/14 2340k    
  Pack Of Flint Nurgle's Rotters 70k 22/14/26 2130k    
  Six Feets Under Halfling 30k 39/19/28 1380k    
  Umbra - Tarot Chaos 20k 5/3/9 1700k    
Transfer division 2
  Ball Of Infinity Goblin 30k 12/7/19 2090k    
  Banging In The Nails Orc 20k 19/4/7 1910k    
  Dead Lover's Sarabande Old World 90k 11/2/16 2190k    
  Gottes Tod Undead 70k 8/5/4 1870k    
  In The Name Of Allah Vampire 70k 22/5/18 2310k    
  Kislevskiye Attamany Old World 70k 13/8/5 1860k    
  Tales From Crypt Necromantic 180k 21/2/10 2360k    
FFB Test
  -- The Stars Are Right -- Nurgle 110k 1/1/1 960k    
  Burn Books - Save Trees ! Wood Elf 70k 6/2/3 1450k    
  Dark Side Of T'he Spoon Halfling 120k 2/4/5 1390k    
  Endless Game Vampire 70k 2/1/4 1450k    
  Mess With Chess Human 110k 1/0/0 1020k    
  Moths Of Ambition Chaos Renegades 120k 1/2/1 1130k    
  Thrall Liberation Front !!! Vampire 70k 2/2/9 1380k    
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