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Win Percentage
Underworld Denizens
Underworld Denizens
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  Azeguard Norse 80k 2/0/2 1090k ±160  
  Eskaved from the cage Skaven 40k 0/0/1 880k ±90  
  Moonwalkers Azes WC Necromantic Horror 40k 0/0/0 960k ±100  
  NRA reload Nurgle 90k 1/0/3 1030k ±150  
  ORKcentdix Orc 80k 0/0/0 920k ±90  
  Pexazes Walkers [BBWC 2015] Necromantic Horror 60k 0/1/0 970k ±100  
  Roots, bloody roots Wood Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Sepulturazes Necromantic Horror 10k 4/4/2 1260k ±190  
  Speeder Rats Skaven 20k 32/7/13 1350k    
  Suck my Nick Vampire 20k 17/4/12 1540k    
  why no rerolls Skaven 50k 29/16/8 1200k    
  [cool] Gens bons de Bayonne Halfling 60k 5/2/5 1150k ±220  
  Barbabroustache Dwarf 140k 5/0/2 1200k    
  Bloodbollywood Allstars Wood Elf 11k 8/5/7 1660k    
  Burn us or walk Necromantic Horror 450k 13/6/3 1840k    
  Euro Denizens Underworld Denizens 370k 1/0/4 780k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  Eveil des Anciens Khemri Tomb Kings 60k 2/2/1 1200k    
  Incroyables Français Slann 40k 2/2/3 1170k    
  Incroyables suceurs 200 Vampire 30k 8/4/9 1630k    
  NRA inhuman league Human 0 1/1/4 1060k    
  NRAts Skaven 90k 1/1/2 860k    
  Rongeurs de cage Skaven 110k 1/0/4 860k    
  Skarognes du cloaque Skaven 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Subzero Fatalities Necromantic Horror 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Tomb Kings Rise Khemri Tomb Kings 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Vercingetorix et les barbares Norse 20k 2/2/2 1200k    
  Wave of Fury Necromantic Horror 90k 5/1/1 1470k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  (DH)nrats Skaven 160k 5/0/1 990k    
  Apanà moroders Necromantic Horror 0 2/2/2 1100k    
  Cheese for Speed Skaven 360k 0/0/0 740k    
  Frankenstein Spirit Necromantic Horror 50k 2/2/2 1100k    
  OWOlves Necromantic Horror 0 0/0/0 1100k    
  Skarognes Skaven 100k 3/0/2 1000k    
  Skav and furious Skaven 0 0/0/0 1150k    
  Walking Charlies Necromantic Horror 0 2/1/1 1100k    
  Breackage Ogre 80k 0/0/2 810k    
  Darkside of the blood Dark Elf 80k 5/2/1 1390k    
  Darkstone Diggers Underworld Denizens 30k 5/3/6 1350k    
  Hard Ork Coffee Orc 230k 7/1/1 1550k    
  Hommes à zones Amazon 50k 1/0/0 1010k    
  Jockers Rise Dark Elf 80k 2/3/2 1200k    
  Khemriminals Khemri Tomb Kings 70k 1/0/1 1020k    
  Loups de Bretonie Human 130k 4/0/1 1230k    
  Marvin Tribute Necromantic Horror 90k 47/7/15 2070k    
  No reroll spirits Skaven 80k 12/2/2 1510k    
  Pharaos of Nowhere Khemri Tomb Kings 70k 24/15/9 1720k    
  Rising Sun Adepts High Elf 40k 9/1/7 1480k    
  White Lotus Temple Elven Union 40k 3/5/2 1180k    
  Wrah Wrah Goblin 40k 19/6/16 1360k    
  X Croardinary Frogmen Slann 50k 4/4/4 1360k    
  [Rug2016] Necrod@z Necromantic Horror 160k 4/2/0 1310k    
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