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Last seen 33 weeks ago
Dark Elf
Dark Elf
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
Warpstone Open
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  Pit Daggers Dark Elf 0 11/1/5 1460k ±420  
  Pit Disney Shambling Undead 540k 7/1/0 1340k ±200  
  Pit Freaks Chaos Renegades 60k 6/1/2 1280k ±190  
  Pit Golems Necromantic Horror 870k 14/1/2 1680k ±490  
  Pit Leapers Slann 160k 18/3/4 1830k ±820  
  Pit Lions Skaven 270k 8/3/0 1410k ±240  
  Pit Princes High Elf 40k 10/2/3 1670k ±420  
  Pit Thralls Vampire 40k 4/1/0 1320k ±200  
Scheduled against Georugby's Punkrockeros Elficos (Seen 1y ago).
  Pit Wimps Elven Union 440k 11/3/4 1580k ±490  
Stunty Leeg
  Pit Bogeys Snotling 15k 0/1/0 950k    
  Pit Bombers Gnome 140k 3/0/1 1120k    
  Pit Horrors Nurglings 470k 10/6/1 1430k    
  Pit Scoundrels Goblin Cheaters 295k 18/2/7 1560k    
  Pit Squigs Squig Herders 105k 4/2/1 1090k    
  Evercold Norse 10k 9/3/5 1590k    
  Pit Diggers Halfling 110k 1/1/4 800k    
  Pit Mummies Shambling Undead 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  Pit Orcs Orc 40k 4/0/0 1190k    
  Pit Rodents Skaven 10k 5/4/2 1270k    
  Pit Wolves Necromantic Horror 160k 2/2/2 1390k    
  Pit Bedlam Chaos Chosen 200k 2/1/2 1290k    
  Pit Bruisers Chaos Renegades 800k 27/8/15 1290k    
  Pit Centaurs Chaos Dwarf 530k 21/7/13 1420k    
  Pit Corpses Necromantic Horror 570k 14/9/11 1810k    
  Pit Croakers Slann 30k 9/4/11 1630k    
  Pit Danger Nurgle 40k 6/8/7 1390k    
  Pit Death Shambling Undead 910k 14/3/6 1510k    
  Pit Dragons Lizardman 320k 10/5/6 1460k    
  Pit Elves Dark Elf 80k 3/2/3 1270k    
  Pit Fangs Vampire 350k 15/11/9 1230k    
  Pit Frogs Slann 0 13/3/14 1320k    
  Pit Giants Ogre 50k 4/3/5 1390k    
  Pit Gobs Goblin 40k 1/0/1 960k    
  Pit Grinders Dwarf 180k 9/4/6 1400k    
  Pit Grunts Orc 340k 7/1/5 1450k    
  Pit Ladies Amazon 250k 24/6/7 1540k    
  Pit Minors Human 20k 1/1/1 1050k    
  Pit Ponderers High Elf 0 10/1/7 1440k    
  Pit Pros Elven Union 10k 5/2/5 1470k    
  Pit Rednecks Norse 30k 17/4/13 1300k    
  Pit Shadows Dark Elf 40k 34/7/17 2050k    
  Pit Terrors Chaos Chosen 300k 6/2/10 1290k    
  Pit Twisters Wood Elf 390k 10/7/4 1860k    
  Pit Ugly Nurgle 480k 9/4/7 1370k    
  Pit Vikings Norse 0 12/6/3 1400k    
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