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Chaos Chosen
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Wood Elf
Wood Elf
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  Psychic Allergy Chaos 60k 60/27/164 3270k    
  Touch of Darkness Necromantic 20k 5/5/23 1510k    
  Decree of Annihilation Chaos Chosen 10k 14/6/26 1880k    
  Lords of the pot Slann 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Ogre [B]ash Ogre 80k 1/1/3 1100k    
  Soul Collector Vampire 80k 3/0/6 1200k    
  [B]ashers Khemri Tomb Kings 10k 5/7/24 1570k    
Transfer division
  Bloodfire Dwarf 0 4/5/21 1630k    
  Choice of Damnations Necromantic 0 2/4/9 1540k    
  Cyclopean Khemri 100k 2/2/7 1710k    
  Defender of Chaos Chaos Dwarf 0 7/9/21 2000k    
  Drain Power Vampire 20k 5/2/6 1560k    
  dude where's my car Human 50k 5/3/17 2060k    
  Elvish Promenade High Elf 10k 2/1/10 1390k    
  Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire Chaos 20k 17/12/115 1880k    
  Gilt-Leaf Ambush Elf 100k 8/7/11 1690k    
  Heart of Progress Ogre 90k 4/6/36 2160k    
  Hobbo fill Chaos Dwarf 140k 0/2/1 1270k    
  Kamigawa Dark Elf 40k 4/1/16 1770k    
  Lady Boys Of Livi Amazon 60k 6/4/26 1860k    
  Living End Nurgle's Rotters 40k 2/3/12 1460k    
  Overwhelming Forces Halfling 120k 5/2/7 1420k    
  Servant of Oni Skaven 0 2/1/6 1470k    
  Tarfire Goblin 60k 4/4/12 1380k    
  Undead Gladiator Undead 50k 5/1/6 1530k    
  Warrior's Honor Norse 60k 2/1/12 1570k    
  Wave of Reckoning Wood Elf 10k 9/9/26 1850k    
Transfer division 2
  Blu Stands Alone Chaos 110k 2/0/11 340k    
  Caught my WILIES in a chainsaw Goblin Cheaters 100k 2/2/10 1240k    
  Congregation Chaos 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Decree of Savagery Lizardmen 50k 10/6/22 1550k    
  Imperiosaur Lizardmen 60k 8/5/13 1710k    
  No Hope I Cant play Wood Elf 10k 9/2/3 1700k    
  Wight Island Blood Bowl Ogre 50k 4/2/17 1810k    
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