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Elven Union
Emerging Star
Elven Union
Win Percentage
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  16 Ways to Fail High Elf 50k 2/0/5 1290k ±190  
  By Request Only Human 190k 2/0/12 1140k ±260  
  Deluxe Bone Splitters Chaos Dwarf 0 5/2/11 1600k ±500  
  Hork Mork Mork Orc 580k 14/9/14 1720k    
  Infinite Improbability Elven Union 160k 17/10/25 1570k    
  Inner City Cat Assassins Skaven 110k 8/3/14 1520k ±680  
  Pellopanian Sensibilities Lizardman 350k 22/5/14 2040k    
  Short People of Some Repute Dwarf 230k 2/2/9 1490k ±310  
  Status Adjustment Necromantic Horror 130k 11/9/20 1330k    
Stunty Leeg
  Stabbin Is Part Of The System Eshin Adepts 0 0/0/1 990k    
  126 Movement Points Lizardman 10k 0/0/1 990k    
Scheduled against SavageJ's Savage Delusionals (Seen 21w ago).
  304th Logistics Studies Group Goblin 100k 0/0/10 1270k    
Scheduled against Village_Idiot's 126 Movement Points (Seen 1y ago).
  Borc Mork McOrc Orc 160k 6/8/19 1780k    
Scheduled against SavageJ's Savage Dancers (Seen 21w ago).
  Conclave of Victors Norse 70k 2/1/4 1140k    
  Counter-Hegemons Lizardman 60k 7/3/6 1360k    
Scheduled against Cavetroll's Jafaa [L]egion (Seen 4w ago).
  Cranial Ventilators Human 60k 1/0/0 1020k    
  Focussed Decomposition Khemri Tomb Kings 230k 2/3/6 1390k    
  Gift Without End Vampire 140k 0/0/8 1100k    
  Philadelphia WAAAGH! Orc 270k 20/13/33 2440k    
  Pravin Shamers Elven Union 160k 1/0/4 1030k    
Scheduled against SavageJ's Sea of Troubles (Seen 21w ago).
  Rancid Backstabbers Dark Elf 20k 0/0/1 1030k    
Scheduled against SavageJ's Savage Buccaneers (Seen 21w ago).
  Real Salt Ape [OBBA] Simyin 200k 2/8/12 1780k    
  Rodent Ruckas Skaven 280k 10/5/17 1860k    
  Russo's Fanclub Ogre 390k 0/0/0 610k    
  Shady Horsetraders Orc 70k 4/2/9 1620k    
  Six out of Seven Shambling Undead 90k 0/4/2 1260k    
  Summit Mice Skaven 290k 2/4/12 1300k    
Scheduled against markhorse's Ser Arten's Shame (Seen 9w ago).
  Unstoppable Gopherhunters Wood Elf 50k 5/2/10 1900k    
Scheduled against Cavetroll's Jafaa [L]egion (Seen 4w ago).
League teams for C&M&S&V Secret League
  Blood for the Bloodgoat Daemons of Khorne 80k 0/1/0 1040k    
  Carstein's Gift Without End Von Carstein 20k 0/0/0 980k    
  Deluxe Elf Shredders Chaos Renegades 70k 2/3/3 1270k    
  Fibrous Fighting Force Wood Elf 40k 1/1/5 1000k    
  Offensive Proximity Khemri Tomb Kings 20k 0/3/3 1110k    
  Suckahs Vampire 80k 1/2/1 1050k    
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