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Necromantic Horror
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Necromantic Horror
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  (R) Pittsburgh Stallers Shambling Undead 50k 6/0/3 1390k ±210  
  (R) Seattle SinnerHawks II Necromantic Horror 70k 10/2/3 1320k ±330  
  Atalanta Woody Falcons Wood Elf 10k 0/0/1 1040k ±100  
  Equipo de las tinieblas Shambling Undead 260k 5/9/8 1570k ±610  
  Green Baay Muppets Human 0 7/1/9 1590k ±460  
  Kansas Chaotic City Chaos Chosen 220k 6/1/6 1470k ±310  
  Minessota Vikes (R) Norse 40k 3/3/3 1380k ±210  
  Philly Miceagles (R) Skaven 240k 6/3/6 1390k ±350  
  Seattle Sinners Hawks (R) Necromantic Horror 450k 5/6/6 1670k ±480  
  Umea Vikes Norse 70k 2/4/6 1520k ±290  
  [R] Arizone Woody Cardinals Wood Elf 10k 2/3/3 1360k ±200  
  [R] New Woodies Saints Wood Elf 80k 3/0/1 1300k ±200  
  [R] New Woodleans Saints Wood Elf 20k 5/1/4 1390k ±210  
  [R] Seattle Sinner Hawks III Necromantic Horror 90k 2/2/3 1290k ±190  
  [R] Umea Vikes In Tempo Norse 0 1/0/0 1080k ±110  
  [R]Baltimore Ratens Skaven 0 6/5/4 1440k ±360  
  Denver Broncas Shambling Undead 10k 6/2/2 1130k    
  Seattle SinnerHawks (L) Necromantic Horror 80k 0/1/0 1050k    
League teams for Liga Española Temporada XXXV
  Seattle SinnerHawks (LE) Necromantic Horror 60k 1/2/7 1320k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  Danish Seattle SinnerHawks Necromantic Horror 140k 2/0/3 1100k    
  EuroBowl Minnesota Vikes Norse 50k 3/2/1 1100k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] Cherry Blossoms Team Northern Nippon 50k 0/1/1 1010k    
Scheduled against Ackbar117's Moria Stompers (Seen 2y ago).
  (B) Seattle SinnerHawks II Necromantic Horror 0 4/3/5 1400k    
  (B)Green Bay Muppets Human 0 2/0/2 1130k    
  Atlanta Falcons Elves High Elf 90k 1/4/5 1370k    
  Miceagles BlackBox Skaven 110k 2/6/10 1700k    
  Philadelphia Miceagles (B) Skaven 40k 2/2/3 1370k    
  San Diego Mummies and Co Shambling Undead 170k 4/4/11 1410k    
  Seattle Sinner Hawks Necromantic Horror 160k 9/5/10 1620k    
  Skeleton Houston Texans Khemri Tomb Kings 80k 2/0/6 1130k    
  [B] New Woodleans Saints III Wood Elf 60k 2/6/0 1320k    
  [B] Oakland Dark Raiders Dark Elf 10k 0/0/1 990k    
  [B] Philly Miceagles Skaven 50k 2/0/3 1320k    
  [B] Pittsburgh Stallers Shambling Undead 90k 4/1/2 1370k    
  [B] Seattle Sin Community Necromantic Horror 40k 0/0/1 980k    
  [B] Skaven Titans Skaven 10k 3/1/3 1380k    
  [B] Umea Vikes Norse 0 4/3/5 1410k    
  [B] Umea Vikes No Zerks Norse 0 4/5/2 1430k    
  [R] Minnesota Vikes Norse 10k 4/1/3 1320k    
  [R] Seattle Sin Community Necromantic Horror 90k 4/1/5 1360k    
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