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Chaos Chosen
Chaos Chosen
Win Percentage
Wood Elf
Emerging Star
Wood Elf
Win Percentage
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  Another High Elf Team High Elf 10k 1/0/3 1120k ±170  
  Ballz Out Wood Elf 90k 1/0/1 1050k ±110  
  Bearded Badboys Dwarf 140k 7/6/4 1590k ±460  
  Beat me if you can High Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
Scheduled against Fogelbice's elveeelevee (Seen 2y ago).
  Cagemasters Dwarf 10k 1/0/1 830k ±80  
  Cajun Coffin Dodgers Wood Elf 0 6/0/3 1420k ±210  
  Dole Scum Nurgle 0 2/0/4 1100k ±170  
  Feel The Power Of My Thighs Amazon 60k 1/1/0 1080k ±110  
  High Elf Practice High Elf 50k 0/0/1 740k ±70  
  Khemri Clobberers Khemri Tomb Kings 60k 4/5/1 1430k ±210  
  Kiss The Emblem.On My Cloak Vampire 50k 5/3/9 1550k ±450  
  One Game Wunders Orc 50k 0/0/1 1030k ±100  
  Out Of Sync Chaos Chosen 90k 13/3/12 1870k ±950  
  Roid Ragers Ogre 30k 6/3/0 1680k ±250  
Scheduled against Crotaline's Karhukopla (Seen 12d ago).
  Sherwood Foresters Wood Elf 10k 4/2/6 1580k ±300  
  Skaven Suck Skaven 70k 9/3/6 1890k ±590  
Stunty Leeg
  Adept at Kicking Ass Eshin Adepts 30k 0/0/1 970k    
  Freedom Fighterz Skryre Slaves 30k 1/0/1 1020k    
  Horny Horrors Horrors of Tzeentch 30k 1/4/7 1350k    
  I Don't Know What I'm Doing Squig Herders 20k 2/1/3 1300k    
  Little Nightmares Strigoyan 0 0/1/0 1090k    
  Mean Little Dudez Chaos Halfling 0 2/0/2 1110k    
  Nobbling Gnomes Gnome 100k 0/0/2 1170k    
  Smooth Little Skankers Goblin Cheaters 140k 10/2/11 1610k    
  Turd Time Nurglings 50k 9/7/11 1520k    
  Elrond's Buddies Return High Elf 90k 2/2/2 1280k    
Scheduled against gillywonka's I am gonna pass to the mino (Seen 2d ago).
  Top Banana 2 Simyin 70k 3/1/3 1450k    
  Top Bananas Simyin 80k 3/0/1 1340k    
  Balls 2 the Wall Wood Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Death Wish Squad Slann 20k 2/1/3 820k    
  Goblin Turkeys Goblin 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  It's a long way to the top Chaos Chosen 20k 3/0/2 1350k    
  Practice Dwarves Dwarf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Random Letters Dwarf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
Transfer division
  Bad Lads Army Norse 60k 2/2/4 1440k    
  Diabolical Dark Minions Dark Elf 90k 4/0/7 1670k    
  Distinctly Average Human 30k 2/3/4 1520k    
  Elrond's Buddies High Elf 60k 5/1/6 1620k    
  Grifters Dwarf 70k 2/4/4 1730k    
  Let's See What They Can Do Chaos Dwarf 20k 2/3/2 1400k    
  Record Breakers Orc 10k 6/5/4 1860k    
  Spice Of Life Chaos 40k 5/1/3 1570k    
  Top Hat Tribe Chaos Dwarf 90k 2/0/5 1600k    
  View From My Window Lizardmen 70k 5/2/4 1450k    
  Your Daddy Knows Necromantic 50k 8/3/7 1800k    
Transfer division 2
  McSmooth Strigoyan 215k 4/1/3 1270k    
  Super Elves! Elf 140k 0/2/1 1180k    
  Ultimate Badass Chaos 0 0/0/0 500k    
  Winners! Human 0 0/0/0 1000k    
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