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Stunty Leeg
  celest Snotling 10k 21/9/33 1780k    
  Deadly Toenail Fungus Squig Herders 15k 8/1/0 1670k    
  Frenzy Forest Forest Goblin 90k 6/0/1 1550k    
  Hemroids Nurglings 80k 22/13/17 2370k    
  Marduk Is Angry Strigoyan 30k 11/1/10 1860k    
  One Rat Army and Toxic Quartet Eshin Adepts 10k 4/2/3 1190k    
  RottenRattaz Skryre Slaves 20k 31/16/26 1850k    
  Stunty Headhunters Pygmy 0 6/2/2 1550k    
  Langt ude is skoven Wood Elf 30k 6/0/2 1670k    
  King Of Academy Khemri 60k 4/0/0 1320k    
  Armageddon Bound Chaos Chosen 90k 28/19/23 1930k    
  Be a ogre Ogre 30k 24/10/18 2010k    
  Black Sultans Chaos Dwarf 70k 2/0/0 1020k    
  Boss Clan Orc 110k 6/5/3 1730k    
  Clan Of The Cave Beer, Dwarf 20k 7/3/3 1810k    
  Conceding is not a option Khemri Tomb Kings 170k 20/3/8 1920k    
Transfer division
  100 Mph Skaven 60k 14/3/1 2140k    
  Cowboys from Hell! Lizardmen 70k 8/1/4 1890k    
  Dark at Hart Dark Elf 30k 8/0/1 1850k    
  Elvenwood Wood Elf 30k 5/1/1 1540k    
  Excuse The Coach Lizardmen 0 6/2/0 1430k    
  Final Victory! Chaos 80k 193/110/182 2620k    
  Golden Goblin Delux Goblin 10k 6/2/2 1290k    
  How to play Elfs Elf 50k 7/0/0 1230k    
  Kill! Undead! Kill! Undead 70k 12/4/3 1910k    
  Killer Mum Khemri 30k 6/1/4 1540k    
  Masters of Mount Ultrabad Chaos Dwarf 0 11/9/1 1840k    
  Never-Ageing Stars Orc 50k 17/17/34 2720k    
  NurglePlatoon in Fumbblnam Nurgle's Rotters 20k 19/5/12 2080k    
  One and Only Dwarfs Dwarf 20k 9/2/2 1580k    
  Orc Amok Orc 70k 12/6/4 1910k    
  Staden SmokeStars Human 60k 12/3/5 1910k    
  Sugar For Ultrabaddy Amazon 30k 4/2/2 1560k    
  Ultrabad Khemri 0 10/5/2 2040k    
  Valhal with love Norse 30k 6/0/2 1520k    
  Viva La Vamp Vampire 10k 9/2/1 1920k    
  War of Dogs Necromantic 20k 12/3/10 1760k    
  Wicked Witches of the West, Dark Elf 0 17/9/13 2580k    
Transfer division 2
  Dark Side of Lord Of The Ring Chaos Pact 60k 12/3/1 2120k    
  Dynamic Duo Undead 60k 18/9/12 2270k    
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