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Win Percentage
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  - Lords of Metal - Dwarf 240k 4/2/3 1360k ±200  
  Albion Wanderers Human 460k 6/3/5 1410k ±320  
  Cultists of the Inner Circle Shambling Undead 380k 8/1/3 1340k ±250  
  Municipal Cleansing Service Nurgle 50k 1/0/1 1040k ±100  
  Nostalgic Poets High Elf 20k 0/0/2 1070k ±110  
  Obnoxious Nibblers Skaven 10k 0/0/1 1020k ±100  
  Orcland Crumblers Orc 340k 6/3/3 1450k ±280  
  Ranked Invasion Cube 022 Chaos Renegades 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Amazons like BloodBowl Amazon 45k 1/0/1 1020k    
  Ancient Wizards High Elf 20k 0/0/3 930k    
  BloodBowlz Shambling Undead 0 0/0/1 1060k    
  Castelwolf Greenskins Orc 470k 9/7/8 1770k    
  Chaos Dwarf Lab Chaos Dwarf 0 0/0/1 910k    
  Creepy Undetakers Shambling Undead 250k 4/4/4 1520k    
  Da Choppaz Orc 60k 1/1/3 1290k    
  Da Zkullz Hunterz Orc 400k 3/5/4 1210k    
  Dancing Goats Chaos Chosen 760k 11/7/5 1440k    
  Dark Lands Predators Chaos Dwarf 540k 12/6/21 1620k    
  Dwarven Barbers Dwarf 580k 13/1/2 1880k    
  Elvish Blood Elven Union 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Filthy Crows Dark Elf 30k 1/0/1 1100k    
  GC Hopeless Newcomers Human 40k 1/0/0 1030k    
  GC Norsemen Norse 50k 0/0/1 980k    
  Horror Team Orc 120k 2/1/3 1260k    
  Iron Peak Gold Diggers Dwarf 750k 11/6/8 1870k    
  Kr4sh! Orc 50k 5/0/9 1600k    
  Lustrian Tritons Lizardman 40k 0/0/0 960k    
  Noxious Corpses Necromantic Horror 70k 2/3/4 1200k    
  Old World Club Human 520k 7/2/5 1630k    
  Pavona Unlawfuls Human 330k 4/3/0 1080k    
Scheduled against 14 possible opponents.
  Persistent Braineaters Shambling Undead 60k 0/0/2 950k    
  Refined Vagabonds Nurgle 20k 0/0/0 980k    
  Riottosi Chaos Dwarf 480k 6/6/7 1550k    
  Suburban Astros Human 170k 3/0/4 1460k    
  Swamp Lizard of Blue Lake Lizardman 340k 7/3/4 1540k    
  Warpstone Beasts Chaos Chosen 40k 0/0/2 1000k    
  xarogobar's Green Timewasters Goblin 40k 2/2/2 1150k    
  [7][T1] Relentless Rats Skaven 340k 2/2/2 910k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [NAF] Grave Guardians Shambling Undead 70k 3/1/2 1080k    
  [F]action Zoo Chaos 80k 0/1/5 1350k    
  6 Tricks Dwarf 20k 1/0/1 1100k    
  Bestiary Chaos 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Black Tower of Nimh Necromantic 10k 0/0/2 970k    
  Catch n Run Wood Elf 80k 1/0/1 1160k    
  Chaos Army Chaos 50k 2/3/2 1490k    
  Knights of the Holy Iron Chain Human 80k 2/1/0 1250k    
  Mad Necromantic's Undeads Necromantic 60k 1/1/1 1230k    
  Noldor's Team High Elf 70k 2/2/2 1370k    
  Odd Strangers Orc 0 0/2/0 1020k    
  River of Pain Chaos Dwarf 20k 1/0/1 1020k    
  Skaven boyz Skaven 10k 2/0/0 1190k    
  Wood Queens Amazon 50k 1/0/2 1180k    
  - Masters of Decay - Nurgle 120k 2/3/9 1530k    
  Cold Blooded Sauri Lizardman 30k 0/0/1 1030k    
  Karak Azul Brewers Dwarf 100k 1/1/2 1150k    
  Nightmeres Orc 80k 4/3/14 1590k    
  Toxic Wastes Wardens Chaos Dwarf 20k 0/0/1 990k    
FFB Test
  Urban Legend and Co Khemri Tomb Kings 0 0/0/0 1000k    
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