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Purchasing players, staff, re-rolls and fan factor

This section will show you how to purchase players, staff, re-rolls and fan factor. If you already know this then you can go to the next section; getting your team approved.

Find your newly created team: First go to your homepage. Click on the name of the team you wish to modify in your team list. You can only modify teams in a "new" status which is shown with this icon on your team page, or to the left of the team name on your homepage. You can freely buy and sell players, staff or items for your team. Naturally, you can not sell anything once your team is ready to play (shown by a icon).

You have a treasury of 1,000,000 to purchase your starting roster

Purchase Players: Go to your team page click on the "Buy New Player" link and a window will pop up, it will display the players you can buy, with a description of price, stats, skills and how many of each you can have on the team. Select the position, name and number of the player you want to hire, then repeat until you have a full team. A new team requires a minimum of 11 players to be created and be sure that your team members have individual names, 'Amazon 1' etc. won't cut it! read the Naming Policy to avoid any issues. After buying a player, you must refresh your team page if you wish to view your purchases. You can still remove or edit any players until you click the team ready for approval button.

Purchase Re-rolls: Buying rerolls (from 50k-70k depending on your teams race) or staff is done in a similar way. Simply use the links on your team page and the appropriate items will be added to your team. It is usually recommended to start with 3 or more Re-rolls for the lower agility teams and 2 or more Re-rolls for the high agility teams (elves).

Purchase Staff: You can purchase assistant coaches (10k), cheerleaders (10k) and an apothecary (50k if your team race allows it) at this stage but most people would advise against it at this stage, other than an apothecary for lower armoured teams.

Purchase Fan Factor: You can also purchase Fan Factor from 0-9 at this point, at 10k per point. Fan Factor (FF) modifies your FAME roll at the start of a match. When rolling for FAME you and your opponent both roll 2xd6 and add your FF to the score, whoever has the higher roll has +1 FAME for the match. Fame affects several results on the kick-off table. If your modified roll is double that of your opponents then you will have +2 FAME which can almost guarantee success on the kick-off table results, so FF potentially has a large impact on the match. Fame also affects your teams winnings at the end of the game and adds 10k, or 20k to your winnings roll.

At the end of each game your Fan Factor can move up or down, if you win a game then you roll 3xd6 - if this roll is higher than your current FF then your FF will increase by 1. If you draw a game then you roll 2xd6 - if this roll is higher than your current FF then your FF will increase by 1 and if the roll is lower, decrease by 1. If you lose a game then roll 2xd6 - if you roll lower than your current FF then your FF will decrease by 1.


Now you are ready to move on to get your team approved.

Last update: February 2, 2013