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Quick start guide

This guide covers everything you need to do to play your first game on FUMBBL.

Please refer to the main FUMBBL User Guide for more detailed information on any topic covered here, or when you want to learn more about FUMBBL or Blood Bowl in general.

FUMBBL uses the Blood Bowl Living Rulebook (version 4-revised)

1. Create an account


2. Create a team

You can read more about the races available on FUMBBL - along with recommendations for starting rosters - on the race-specific rosters, strategies and tips page.

There's some advice on which race to pick for your first team here

  • Click HOME from the top menu – this brings you to your coach homepage
  • You are asked to choose a Division for your new team:

  • Coaches new to Blood Bowl should select “Academy”, while more experienced coaches should select “Ranked”
  • Pick a race and enter a team name.

  • Your new team will now appear in your FUMBBL coach homepage:

3. Getting your team ready for a match

  • From your FUMBBL coach homepage, click the team name to load that team roster.
  • Click on “Buy New Player” to launch a window with a list of players available to purchase:

  • Select a player type, a position number and enter a name before clicking "Purchase Player" to complete the deal:

  • Continue to purchase players until you have a minimum of 11 players.
  • Close the Purchase Player window and refresh the browser page with your team roster. You will now see the players you’ve just bought:

  • Add Re-Rolls, Fan Factor, Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders and an Apothecary (if desired):

  • Once you’re happy with your team, click on “Submit for approval” and follow the on-screen prompts.

Note: If you want to make sure you’ve got the best possible starting team, check out the recommendations for starting rosters on the race-specific rosters, strategies and tips page. You may also want to read through Strategy and Tips from the main help page.

4. Installing the Blood Bowl game

  • Download JavaBBowl, be sure to get the latest full install (8.8a) and the latest patch (8.9) and install both in order.
  • Once setup is complete, test out the installation. Browse to the installation path you specified during install, open the JavaBBowl folder and double-click on the Bbowl.jar file. JavaBBowl should launch.
  • If the .jar file will not open this may be because the file type is associated with a different program. To solve this, go to My Computer, select Tools and click on Folder Options. Go to the File Types tab and browse down to JAR. Select it and click on Edit. Find "Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard edition binary" in the list of available programs or, lacking that, find java.exe and make JAR files open with that.

5. Finding a game

  • If you see a team you would like to play on Gamefinder, contact the coach either by:
    • Using the site: You can contact a coach through the site by using your private message inbox and filling in the appropriate information, or by clicking the "send PM" button on the coach's overview page - which is accessible by clicking on the coach's name on the Gamefinder page.
    • Using IRC: If you have an IRC client installed, or if you use the site's chat page, you can contact on-line coaches by joining the appropriate IRC Channel. Double-clicking on the coach's name in the nick list (generally to the right of the chat channel) or typing '/Msg Coachname hello' or '/query Coachname' - where Coachname is the name of the coach you wish to contact - will open a private message window to this coach. You can then make the match offer you had in mind.

6. Setting up a match

Once a match is agreed, one coach hosts the game (server) and the other coach connects to it (client).

  • Open your Coach Homepage.
  • Find the team you want to play with.
  • Click the "Play" link to the right of the team. The Game Launcher window appears:

  • The coach acting as server chooses which proxy server and game name will be used.
    • Server: Select a proxy server from the list (Sweden 1 is default), and type in a game name. The game name is only used for connection purposes and should therefore be short and simple e.g. “joeamazon”.
    • Client: Select the proxy server and enter the game name provided by your opponent.
  • Select "Server" or "Client" depending on which you are.
  • Good Luck and Have Fun!

Note: To use this method, you need to configure your browser correctly - most notably .jnlp files need to be opened using javaws.exe. In most cases this is default, in others you will need to set this yourself.

Once the game finishes, the result will be automatically uploaded onto the site and team rosters will be updated to reflect Star Player Points, injuries, income etc. However, in some instances the automatic upload will fail and then you will have to manually report your result.

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Last update: May 31, 2010