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FUMBBL Hierarchy and Terminology

The current FUMBBL staff can be found by clicking Help > Staff. These are Administrators, Security Officers and Team Approvers.

When contacting support staff, please use the site's Support System

Administrators (bow down before them!)

Administrators will be able to help you with account issues such as username changes, help you if you misclick when choosing skill and various other things.

Security Officers (or Gorillas)

The security officers can help you out when someone breaks the rules and will be the ones that talk to you in case you break a rule yourself.

Cusi was also a Gorilla, and is sadly missed.

Team approvers (or Monkeys)

There are a whole bunch of team approvers in FUMBBL. They are the ones who approve the teams and images you submit to the site. These are the ones you ask if you have questions on team approval rules or ask for help if your team has not been approved within a reasonable amount of time.

FUMBBL dictionary

There are a number of words and phrases which might be confusing to the first-time visitors.


BowlBot is a program that is connected to the chat which announces games, team approvals and teams looking for games. When signed into chat, you MUST use your fumbbl coach name for Bowlbot to recognize you and to utilize its options.

Words and phrases

  • Elfbowl - The non-bashy style of play that appears when two developed elf teams play.
  • GLN - The Grotty Little Newspaper. The FUMBBL community-driven blood bowl e-zine.
  • Gorilla - Security officers are sometimes referred to as gorillas. This is the obvious extension of the Monkey designation for team approvers, and also, if you don't follow the rules they will beat you like a 400kg gorilla would.
  • Lfg - Acronym meaning "looking for game".
  • Monkey - Team approvers are commonly called approval monkies.
  • proxy - Generally used as a part of the games setup talk. "I'll host, proxy stunty-power". This indicates that the person you are talking to will start the game as server, playing at the fumbbl.com proxy server (See further info on this in the Playing Games section).
  • This is BLOOD bowl - One of the things every coach with a bashy play style says when something is mentioned that would reduce the bashy skills or generally make their teams less able to destroy others.
  • Grandfathered Players - As the official (and experimental) rosters are changed at times, you might find teams with players they shouldn't have anymore by the new rules. Teams that are affected by those rule changes are allowed to keep their "extra" players until those die or are retired. These players are Grandfathered, as they cannot be replaced. Examples for that are Ogres on Dwarf Teams or Undead teams with more than two Wights.
  • PM - Private Message. Usually referres to Messages sent through the FUMBBL message system. Click on "Send PM" on a coaches Page to send them a message.
  • Fluff (adjective: fluffy) - Refers to back story, often relating to the Warhammer universe from which Blood Bowl is originated. An excellent source of Blood Bowl fluff is the Handbook and Manual from the 2nd edition of Blood Bowl, which was released in the late '80s. Stories of the great (and not so great) teams and players are covered, with lots of short 'Did you know?' articles in the margins. FUMBBL coaches are encouraged to write fluff for their own teams and players in the Bio sections provided.
  • NI - Non-Progression Instant: Short Instant Tournament played without progression. Teams have to be fresh tr100 League teams and cannot play against normal progression teams after they took part in a NI, this will cause an upload error.
  • Cherry-picking - A term used to describe the act of choosing only or mainly opponents that are easy to beat and do not pose a serious physical threat in terms of damage causing capability.
  • RL - A plane of existance rumored to exist outside of FUMBBL. It usually serves as a lame excuse for not playing to the best (or fastest) of one's ability. See (see: Burning Cat)
  • Burning Cat Syndrome - A pathologic case of hallucinating events outside of the plane of FUMBBL that begin to bear greater importance to a coach than coaching itself.
  • Fouling - A despicable act of usurping threads in the forums that is nonetheless a viable tactic in the client. The button for this is located at the bottom of the action choices. Avoid posting this term unless you are in a desperate situation of attention deficit. In that case try combining it with (see: turn 16/T16) or (see: stalling)
  • Turn 16/T16 - Making the most of your time on the pitch. Making less of your time on some of your opponents' whitelists.
  • Stalling - A despicable act of usurping threads in the forums that is nonetheless a viable tactic in the client. (see: fouling)
  • Spiroing - Oh those eyes, those horrible eyes...
  • Major Tournaments - A way for high CR coaches to show off their access to the admin client.
  • Pie - A mandatory option to be included in polls that has nothing to do with culinary feats. It might be an acronym, but it's origins are shrouded in mystery. It is there to remind us to pick interesting entries for the (see: polls)
  • Macavity - An option that is included in many polls. Macavity is also a Coach and a Gold Fish and a writer of songs. He is considered the voice of reason by some, an enigma by others. Why he is included in polls and why he has got this reputations no one really knows, but this thread is meant to go someway in explaining it.
  • Polls - Are merely a way of drawing attention to a thread. They bear no other meaning whatsoever, unless the poster uses one in the general tactics forum, where the option of anti reciprocal adoption is often used: The poster asks for a skill choice to be made, only to pick the skill that is voted upon least.
  • Admin Client - A mystery mechanism that is not meant to be available to every coach, as even trying to learn about it leads to instant Spiroing!
Last update: July 16, 2014