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CBBS Announcement: Season 7 Award Winners

We're about to begin another great season of NCBB action, so let's take a look at who ended up winning the different awards from last year.

Hammer Award- top player in the NCBB Image

Winner: Jake "Australian Wood Duck" Cipro, Oregon (7 votes)
Runner up: Billy Gruff, Buffalo (5 votes)

Banger-Hardell Award- top offensive player Image

Winner: Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, Nibraskah (5 votes)
Runner up: Billy Gruff, Buffalo (4 votes)

Neeley Award- top defensive player Image

Winner: Josh Skull, PainState (4 votes)
Runner up: Spencer Lagger, Cal (3 votes)

Gone too Soon Award, aka the 'Wylie Coyote Award'- best player no longer with their team Image

Winner: Stan Peade, Buffalo (9 votes)
Runner up: Marcus Easley, UCon (2 votes)

Coach of the Season Award, aka the 'SOMUFTEN Award'- self exlpainatory Image

Winners: Ryanfitz, UCon (3.5 votes)
Runner up: Nomad, Clemson (3 votes)

So there you have it folks! Congrats to the several season 7 award winners, as well as any nominees for the awards. We possibly had the most contested award ever, as the Neeley Award was won by Josh Skull (4 votes,) with Spencer Lagger right behind him (3 votes,) while no less than THREE other players had 2 votes (Tyler Kozlowski, Jake Cipro, and "HaWt" CahRL 'L'lehr.) Likewise, the CotS award came down to one vote, where Tod's split vote (half a vote for Relezite and Fitz) ended up making the difference. Is that fair? Perhaps, perhaps not. But this league based of NCAA college football, so where would we be without a little controversy Wink

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Well the RFA correctly got:

Hammer winner
Neeley winner
Wylie winner

you voters missed on:

Banger-Hardell winner (Ahmed was good but Missou tiger led his team more we feel)

and totally blew it on:

SOMUFTEN award (but we cant blame you for mistaking the players impressive season for their lack of coaching)

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CBBS Announcement: Season 8 Out-of-Conference Schedule

Ladies and mostly gentlemen, the time to start Season 8 is upon us! As well all know, the three BCS conferences (Big Beast, AKC, and Smack 6,) start out with four out of conference games, two against each other conference. So without further delay, here's the upcoming schedule:

Week 1:
Mizzou vs DD
Cal vs Oregon
Pain vs UCon
Nib vs TT
Hawaii vs BYU
Minni vs Buffalo
Navy vs Clemson
Torxas vs ND
GG vs Vandy

Week 2:
Mizzou vs Clemson
Cal vs Vandy
Pain vs ND
Nib vs DD
Hawaii vs Oregon
Minni vs UCon
Navy vs TT
Torxas vs BYU
GG vs Buffalo

Week 3:
Mizzou vs Buffalo
Cal vs BYU
Pain vs TT
Nib vs Torxas
Hawaii vs GG
Minni vs Navy
UCon vs Vandy
Oregon vs Clemson
DD vs ND

Week 4:
Mizzou vs GG
Cal vs Navy
Pain vs Torxas
Nib vs Vandy
Hawaii vs ND
Minni vs Clemson
UCon vs Buffalo
Oregon vs BYU
DD vs TT

So there you have it folks! I wasn't able to include the Navy vs DD rivalry in the OoC schedule, but otherwise I think it worked out pretty well. Certainly a lot better than the shitty color-map Aenir made earlier. But regardless, it's time to kick off another great NCBB season, so look for the tournaments to be created tonight!

(P.S.: the Non-AQ group will have a round robin tournament between the seven teams involved, which should also start tomorrow. I just hope the two coaches who have been gone for over a week get back soon.)

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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CBBS Season 8 Preseason Poll + Preview

It's time for another great NCBB season folks, and that means it's time for another round of previews that most of you will prove wrong. Last season we saw Ryanfitz and his U.Con. Huskies win the championship 2-1 over the Missouri Tigers. But with a new season comes new hope for teams and fan bases on campuses around the nation, so lets take a look at the squads.

CBBS Preseason Poll
1. UCon Huskies
2. Oregon Waterfoul
3. Missouri Tigers
4. Clemson Terrors
5. Vampirebilt
6. PainState
7. Cal
8. Hawaii
9. Nibraskah
10. BYU
11. DD Tech
12. Golden Gate
13. Torxas State
14. Minni
15. Buffalo
16. Notre Daze
17. Navy
18. Texas Tech

UCon Huskies
-The Huskies won the championship last season despite not having two wolves for many of their games (including the title game.) This season they'll look to keep them healthy, because the team is loaded for another title run. Most of their skill players, and just about all of their line fodder are seniors, so the time is now for the Huskies to repeat.

Oregon Waterfoul
-The Waterfoul won the season 5 championship but had to settle for Rose bowl appearances (and wins) the past two years. With about half their players being seniors (including most of their linemen,) Oregon has one last chance to dominate the league and make another run at the title. With the highest fan base and most talented team in the nation, Coach K will have all the tools at his disposal to avoid any losses (like to Clemson and UCon, the first losses in team history,) and bring home another BCS trophy.

Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers
-Mizzou lost the season 6 Fiesta Bowl to UCon in OT, but proclaimed they would have their revenge against the Huskies in the season 7 title game. Although the dream matchup occured, the Tigers had some tough breaks and again lost. But with a team mostly consisting of juniors, the Tigers have a great chance to get back to the title game thanks to their dynamic offense. Although they won't likely have as many blowout wins this year, they should have no problems scoring points and winning games.

Clemson Terrors
-Although they lost a +ST + AG ghoul to aging, the Terrors stormed into the NCBB last season by dominating the Non-AQ early and thus getting promoted to the AKC. Once there, they held their own and even beat some of the best teams, including Oregon (their first loss in the NCBB,) and forced a tie vs eventual-champion UCon. After winning their bowl game vs Pain, Clemson is loaded with potential heading into the season. With six well-skilled players and some fodder to back them up, Nomad's excellent coaching abilities will be put to the test against the Euro conference, the Smack 6.

Vampirebilt Commonthralls
-Vandy is one of the most consistent yet underrated teams in the country, being only one of two teams that can claim three bowl victories (Oregon being the other.) But the destructive nature of Vampires has cost the team any chances of going unbeaten in seasons past, constantly biting the team in the butt at inopportune moments. However Somertown is one of the top coaches in the league, and he gets the most out of each and every single player. With several skilled Vamps and several outstanding thralls, Vandy has one last shot to make their (bite) mark in the league before heavy graduation sets in.

-Coach TodFa has kept his squad competing at the highest level the past few seasons, including reaching the season 6 title game (though they lost to Michigan.) The problem is their inability to beat the numerous elven teams in the league, as Michigan, Oregon, and (especially) Missouri have found ways to escape the green clutches of the State players. With most of their core players being seniors, the time is now for State to make one last charge for the championship.

California Golden Lizards
-Cal is one of the few teams who can boast(?) three consecutive bowl losses, which they hope to change before their entire Lizard-line graduates (or just about.) The Lizards have both strength and speed, but suffer from poor coaching and an affinity for taking damage. In order to let their seniors go out as winners, head coach Jeff "Slither" Tedford will need to find a way to maximize his very specialized players.

Hawaii University
-Apojar brought back his flyin Hawaiians last season and created a very, very balanced team to compete with in the NCBB. Although they look to dominate the passing records of the league, Hawaii would do well to copy the Oregon blueprint of suffocating defense to augment their offense.

Nibraskah Wanabees
-The Wanabees got promoted from the Non-AQ last season after dominating the new teams (7-0-1 record,) and did fairly well against the big boys. But they lost their bowl game to Vandy, and the team appears to be reaching its max. The squad has heavily depended on its quick gutter runners so much that three of the little squeakers have worn down and gained lingering injuries. Whether these rats will be able to stay alive and keep their team winning remains to be seen.

BYU Cougarz
-BYU had a rough season last year, but they have the pieces to return to a bowl game. Luckily the third generation Neeley managed to live through an entire season, but he won't likely be able to stop the elves from running circles around the Cougarz again.

D.D. Tech for Niggling Arts
-DD Tech has the best looking elves in the league, but the only ones that teams want to face. They have some solid players and decent depth, but they're no where on the level of Mizzou and Oregon.

Golden Gate Warriors
-Golden Gate looks to copy the Tigers' success and pass the ball to their numerous playmakers. But they'll find the BCS a lot tougher than the Non-AQ, so we'll see how they do against better competition.

Torxas State
-Some decent blitzers, two skilled BoBs....we'll see how they do vs the big boys.

Mihn'eeSOH'tah Golblen Gogres
-GOGRES CRUSH!!!! Our pick for the surprise team of the year.

-Buffalo took a massive hit when their star player Stan Peade tripped and died in the team's bowl game (and of course the Apo failed.) With a low amount of recruiting funds, the team's immediate future is questionable at best.

Notre Daze
-They're dwarves.

Navy Midskeletonmen
-How the %^@# is Navy ranked this high?

Texas Tech Rat Raiders
-Balanced team, but they'll all be dead by the end of the season.

So there you have it folks! Each of the 18 BCS teams have been ranked and previewed, so we'll see how badly I'm proven wrong by the end of the season. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming OoC games!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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Who makes up these schedules????? I say there is a conspiracy to keep The Terrors down this season. The two bashiest teams in the land plus 2 of the top 3 teams for OoC schedule....

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Golden Gate Warriors open season with win and recruit new talent.

San Francisco, Saturday - The Golden Gate Warriors open the season with 4-2 win against the Vampirebilt Commonthralls.

In what was a great day for College Blood Bowl, the first game of the season started with the Golden Gate Warriors and the Vampirebilt Commonthralls. The Warriors, who had a highly volatile first season were promoted to the AKC Conference this season and for the first time met with the Commonthralls on the field of Nuffle. The Commonthralls who have well deserved reputation for being one of the most consistent teams in the league were unable to live up to their reputation.

The start of the game was a bit delayed as there was some initial confusion about what team Golden Gate Warrior Bela Howgoesit was playing for, but once that was sorted out, the kick-off signal was given without further delay, with Golden Gate starting as the receiving team. Offensively the team seemed to have everything together, but it seemed like the team, not being used to the rough play in the higher conference lacked staying power and had to deal with an early casualty followed by 2 more KOs. Vampirebilt seemed to have its strategy well worked out from the start, however it soon turned out that the vampire star players of the team had not properly stilled their hunger before the game and consequently their game was disrupted by numerous snack breaks. Both teams exchanged touchdowns early on, as well as casualties, but Golden Gate's team doctor was able to safe a mortally injured Charlton Vest-On and both vampire casualties were able to regenerate, most likely thanks to their timely snackfest.

However by the end of the game, the Warriors started to gain a numerical advantage thanks to some KOs and the fact that the bloodsuckers were leeching on their own team members and they were able to commute that advantage into two more touchdowns. Final Score: 4-2

At the end of the game, a satisfied coach HanZzz also introduced Golden Gate's newest talent. Alec Irish Stout (see picture) who would take up the role as the team's 4th catcher and who will be debuting in Golden Gate's next game against the Buffalo Bullcentaurs.

- by N. Uphle

Alec Irish Stout

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Navy Beat Clemson 1-1!!


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Hi all

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this such a fun league to be a part of.

I'm disengaging from all the leagues I'm in as the seasons end cos I've got too much RL stuff getting in the way to have regular scheduled matches.

It's been a blast though and hopefully when things are a bit more settled (e.g. we've finished renovating our Victorian house) the Wildcats will be back for more pain.

I'll still be around on irc when I can and keeping an eye on how it's all going.

Thanks again folks.

GL and may Nuffle let the blood flow freely!


Until we learn from them, we are doomed to mistake our repeats.

Read my friend's blog about sport, it's good: Sporting Eye

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Post   Posted: Jun 27, 2010 - 01:27 Reply with quote Back to top

we will miss ya hof, have fun on the remod

ImageImageImage FDL is Recruiting

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Sorry to hear you leaving Hof. Hurry back ASAP Smile

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Well I'm bored, so here are some unofficial Week 1 thoughts:

Unofficial Week 1 Rankings:
1) Oregon (1-0-0) - Beat Cal 3-2
2) Mizzou (1-0-0) - Beat DD 3-1
3) Pain (1-0-0) - Beat UCon 2-1
4) Hawaii (1-0-0) - Beat BYU 2-1
5) Nibraskah (1-0-0) - Beat TT 5-1
6) Golden Gate (1-0-0) - Beat Vandy 4-2
7) Clemson (0-1-0) - Tied Navy 1-1
8 ) UCon (0-0-1) - Lost to Pain 1-2
9) Vandy (0-0-1) - Lost to GG 2-4
10) Notre Daze (1-0-0) - Forfeit Win vs Torxas
11) Minni (0-1-0) - Tied Buffalo 1-1
12) Cal (0-0-1) - Lost to Oregon 2-3
13) DD Tech (0-0-1) - Lost to Mizzou 1-3
14) BYU (0-0-1) - Lost to Hawaii
15) Navy (0-1-0) - Tie vs Clemson 1-1
16) Torxas (0-0-1) - Forfeit Loss to Daze
17) Buffalo (0-1-0) - Tied Minni 1-1
18 ) Texas Tech (0-0-1) - Lost to Nib 1-5

Rankings are based partially on Week 1 results and partially on team potential going forward, which is why teams like Buffalo and Navy are ranked so low despite week 1 ties.

The biggest upset in week 1 had to be Pain State upsetting defending national champion UCon 2-1. While Pain has been a top-level program throughout the past few NCBB seasons (including an appearance in the Season 6 title game,) very few people thought they would beat UCon. But they did just that, and managed to seriously injure a wolf in the process (thought its only a MNG.)

The most misleading game is definately Navy tieing Clemson 1-1. The Terrors had a super-severe case of fumble-idis in the first half, failing to pickup the ball for six or seven straight turns. Navy was able to capitalize and score, but Clemson fought back and got a defensive score of their own. It's likely that coach Nomad has had extra ball-handling drills during practice this week.

The most lopsidded game was Nibraskah beating Texas Tech 5-1. Tech was clearly outmatched in this game of Mice and Rats, and the results were predictable. Nibraskah had several defensive scores, thanks in part to solid corner-kicking.

So far it seems that the spread is going to continue to dominate the league, as we have five speed-based teams in our unofficial top six (PainState being the exception.) Perhaps it's time the rest of us join them, as we sure as hell can't seem to beat them!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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The RFAdvantage Rankings
RFA week 1 ratings are here! You know you have all been waiting for them!

The RFAdavantage. The MOST accurate team ranker by week!

1. The New Missou 1-0-0 (.996) Preseason ranked #3
~ Missou gets the respect they have been demanding for years and earns the #1 spot in the week one rankings, largely due to their hard nosed winning style to open the season
+2 TD +5 casualties (+7 net) #10 Clemson next week

2. GG 1-0-0 (.995) Preseason ranked #12
~ The GG Warriors show up big against Vampy in the season opener.
+2 TD +1 casualties (+3 net) #9 Buff next week

3. PainState 1-0-0 (.991) Preseason ranked #6
~ Painstate dominates the landscape with a big win over last seasons champions UCon. They could be contenders for the title game if they play this way all season.
+1 TD +2 casualties (+3 net) #7 ND next week

4. Oregon Waterfoul 1-0-0 (.990) Preseason ranked #2
~ Oregon beats on one of their favorite whipping posts in Cali and tallies their 1st win of the season.
+1 TD +1 casualties (+2 net) #6 Hawaii next week

5. Nibraskah Wannabees 1-0-0 (.982) Preseason ranked #10
~ The rats put on the offensive performance of the opening round, painting 5 TDs onto TTech. .
+4 TD +1 casualties (+5 net) #14 DD next week

6. Hawaii 1-0-0 (.923) Preseason ranked #8
~ Hawaii wins a painful victory. They will need to keep healthy if they plan on continuing to win.
+1 TD -6 casualties. (-5 net) #4 Oregon next week

7. Notre Dame 1-0-0 (.856) Preseason ranked #17
~ ND gains the forfeit win last week, but is currently undefeated.
+2 TD +0 casualties (+2 net) #3 Pain next week

8. Navy 0-1-0 (.638) [color=purple Preseason ranked #17[/color]
~ Navy sneaks in as the top rated winless team, we cant wait to see this seasons roller-coaster.
+0 TD +0 casualties (+0 net) #17 TTech next week

9. Buffalo 0-1-0 (.608) Preseason ranked #15
~ Buffalo’s tie to Minni may be an indicator of a long season ahead.
+0 TD +0 casualties (+0 net) #2 GG next week

9. Clemson 0-1-0 (.608) Preseason ranked #4
~ Clemson comes in tied for 9th after an embarrassing performance against Navy. They have their work cut out for them in week 2 against missou.
+0 TD +0 casualties (+0 net) #1 Missou next week

11. Gogres 0-1-0 (.606) Preseason ranked #14
~ The Gogres come up big against Clemson in the season opener and are undebeated up to this point of the season.
+0 TD +0 casualties (+0 net) #15 UCon next week

12. BYU 0-0-1 (.359) Preseason ranked #10
~ BYU loses their opener but is the top rated of the losers.
-1 TD +6 casualties (+5 net) #18 Torxas next week

13. Cali 0-0-1 (.337) Preseason ranked #7
~ Cali loses to their nemesis Oregon and starts their season as usual at the back of the pack.
-1 TD -1 casualties (-2 net) #17 Vampy next week

14. DD Tech 0-0-1 (.331) Preseason ranked #11
~ DD starts out cold, maybe they will go hot during the season and finish up as contenders?
-2 TD -5 casualties(-7 net) #5 Nib next week

15. U.Con. 0-0-1 (.329) Preseason ranked #1
~ UCon loses to their most hated team Painstate, and will fight an uphill battle to get into a top end bowl this season.
-1 TD -2 casualties (-3 net) #11 Minni next week

16. Texas Tech Rat Raiders 0-0-1 (.325) Preseason ranked #18
~ TTech drops their opener and starts at the back of the pack as expected.
-4 TD -1 casualties (-5 net) #8 Navy next week

17. Vampy 0-0-1 (.323) Preseason ranked #5
~ Vampy drops a tough opener and pays with their standings in the rankings.
-2 TD -1 casualties (-3 net) #13 Cali next week

18. Torxas 0-0-1 (.124) Preseason ranked #13
~ ya gotta play if ya wanna be ranked. Missing games is a sure way to sit at the bottom.
-2 TD +0 casualties (-2 net) #12 BYU next week

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CBBS Week 2 Update

Ladies and gentlemen! Another great NCBB season has begun, and we're already into week three. We've seen some shocking upsets, epic clashes, and tons of carnage, so let's take a look at the unofficial standings after round 2:

Unofficial Standings
1) Mizzou (2-0-0) W 5-0 v Clemson
2) Pain (2-0-0) W 2-0 v Daze
3) Nib (2-0-0) W 3-1 vs DD
4) Oregon (2-0-0) W 1-0 vs Hawaii
5) GG (2-0-0) W 6-0 vs Buff
6) Hawaii (1-0-1) L 0-1 vs Oregon
7) UCon (1-0-1) W 2-0 vs Minni
8 ) Cal (1-0-1) W 2-0 vs Vandy
9) TT (1-0-1) W 2-0 vs Navy
10) BYU (1-0-1) FW vs Torxas
11) Clemson (0-1-1) L 0-5 vs Mizzou
12) Daze (1-0-1) L 0-2 vs Pain
13) Minni (0-1-1) L 0-2 vs UCon
14) Vandy (0-0-2) L 0-2 vs Cal
15) Navy (0-1-1) L 0-2 vs TT
16) Torxas (0-0-2) FL vs BYU
17) DD (0-0-2) L 1-3 vs Nib
18 ) Buffalo (0-0-2) L 0-6 vs GG

Clearly the story of the season so far has to be the dominance of the Big Beast conference, who has gone a combined 8-1-3 so far in OoC play (with one loss coming to UCon and the other two vs Oregon.) Five of the teams in the top eight of the unofficial rankings are in the Beast, so it'll be interesting to see if they can keep up their 67% winning mark in the upcoming two rounds.

The biggest upset of week 2 was Oregon escaping 1-0 vs Hawaii. Although by no means a consolation prize for Hawaii, this shockingly close game was back and forth all game long, with balls-to-the-wall defense on both sides. No one expected Hawaii to nearly pitch a shutout vs the Waterfoul, but they damn near did it.

The biggest blowout of the round was Golden Gate running circles around a short-handed Buffalo squad 6-0, although the game will likely be remembered more for the infamous "fourth foul" that gave promising catcher Robert Pitch-em a niggling injury. Coach Shades is now aware of his team's mistake in counting, and won't let it happen again.

The most misleading game is a tie between the 5-0 Missouri beatdown of Clemson and the unplayed game between Torxas and BYU. The Tigers used good tactics to take advantage of another week of bad Clemson luck, which is why the score looks as bad as it does. But the most misleading game was the forfeit between Russo and PJ, as both coaches are dedicated to the league and this sort of thing was just an anomaly. I know both coaches will get their games in now because they'll communicate better with their opponents and try to be free as much as possible, and I hope no one else thinks worse of them for this one bad occasion.

So there you have it folks! Week 2 is in the books and round three is starting. Tune in next week as we start to look at more statistical mumbo-jumbo that da gogres won't be able to comprehend Wink

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Golden Gate Warriors win a pyrrhic victory

San Francisco, Wednesday – The Golden Gate Warriors win with a smashing 6 – 0 over the Buffalo BullCentaurs in the second game of the season, however, what could have been a euphoric moment in the team’s history turned out to become one of its darkest days yet as James Sideburn’s life is ended by the brutal game of the Centaurs and rising star of the team, Robert Pitch-em, is critically injured in a barbaric release of frustration by one of Buffalo’s hobgoblin players. Peter O’Cool, one of the Warrior’s newest additions, also got savaged in the game and announced his retirement from the sport altogether.

Though they had received an amount of bad press, because of Bella Howgoesit’s detainment for assault with the intention to bite after the Commonthralls games, with 14 available players, Golden Gate had a huge advantage from the start over the Buffalo BullCentaurs who, suffering from a recent series of injuries, were only able to field 8 players.

Almost immediately Golden Gate took a 2-0 lead when Peter O’Cool got seriously injured by Thorgrain Stonghammer, one of the Chaos Dwarf blockers of Buffalo and despite the team’s physician doing his utmost best to help out, Peter had to be transported to the hospital. About halfway through the second half of the game, James Sideburn, scored his second touchdown in his career for the Warriors and action that would mark his last play for Golden Gate as immediately afterwards during the resulting kick-off, Spooneh sesquipedalian, the BullCentaurs’ troll player, killed him with a vicious blow.

At that point it became clear that the Warriors would pay a dire price for their victory and as the end of the game neared and a 5 – 0 score had been marked on the board, it was Kri Tehn, would had already made a couple of dubious plays by then, that planted his spiked boots on Robert Pitch-em with bone-shattering and flesh-tearing effect. Robert Pitch-em was immediately rushed to the hospital and at this point his condition and whether or not he will be able to continue playing in the NCBB is still uncertain. Humphrey Bogey ended the game by scoring the final touchdown, but at that point there was little reason to cheer.

Organizing instances have issued a severe warning to the BullCentaurs for their unsportsmanlike brutal behavior on the pitch. Academic Probation is looming just around the corner.

- match report by N. Uphle
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