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Post   Posted: Dec 18, 2020 - 10:57 Reply with quote Back to top

I didn't see any official thread other than the announcement Christer did but I found other coaches' reports of their runs fun and I would like to share mine for anyone who is interested...

I chose Dark Elves and OWA for the run I completed today. Having never played with OWA before (or Humans for that matter), I was not confident I could better my Tomb Kings score from BT4 but I was interested to see what all the fuss was about.

Score: 24 points, no racial leads. Position 6th at time of posting but likely to be outside the top 10 by end of Jan...

Dark Elves 6-4-5: Drukhari Safari BT5

Second 15match run with Dark Elves after BBT4. This went a lot better than the last, probably due to 3 stat up skills but the start was rough and an average of 3 loners (from memory...) over the course of the run didn't help either. Lost one game for sure due to not covering the pick up enough (shallow kick with only 2 tz on the ball wasn't enough vs ag4 sure hands). Having said that, my main downfall were dwarves: 3/5 losses in the run to the little grudge-bearers. My only win against them saw some very lucky rolling in the first half to steal a score. Of the three losses, I could see two of the games where I felt like the result was more fair as a draw but that may be rose-tinted specs! Essentially, if I didn't lose line-elves on the LoS, I was ok but if I did, the game was a massive slog.

OWA 11-3-2: Loners R Us BT5

Lucky run or well coached? I would like to think the latter but the former had a good part to play. First, as much as coach ranking isn't always a good indicator of match difficulty, many of my matches were against coaches of lower ranking than myself. Second, a draw against L_Johansson's Orcs was not at all deserved after a desperate score by a linewoman to go 1-0 up before being destroyed in the second half. Third I won the roll off for many games and could press a numerical and psychological advantage going into the second half. Still, I'm very proud of my best 15 match run so far and wonder if this means that OWA is undercosted at 1 point since if I can go 10-3-2 with them only bettered so far by fxiii's (who I lost to in the mirror) 11-3-1, they seem to be ok. I get that they can be screwed by double skulls and I did experience that but overall, playing with a risk adverse style, at minimum tv they are pretty solid it seems. I would suggest 2 points for them is fair for BB2016 rules. OWA in BB 2020 looks terrible but then we'll see I guess.
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