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Joined: Jul 15, 2007

Post   Posted: Nov 21, 2017 - 10:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Arcayn, add them to the Trophy page if you didnt yet: https://fumbbl.com/p/boxtrophy

Joined: May 17, 2008

Post   Posted: Dec 20, 2017 - 19:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Steel Gauntlet fans can vote for JakeSteel as Fumbbler of the year 2017. Don't miss it!


Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post   Posted: Dec 20, 2017 - 19:40 Reply with quote Back to top

Why would you? He's not played a game of his own challenge!


Joined: Dec 06, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 20, 2017 - 19:45 Reply with quote Back to top

Unless, it's really a sock puppet 2nd account and the main account has been playing

Either way, I voted for him. Not because any of the other nominees aren't worthy, but because I think the impact of the trophy on the health of the box has been far greater than any of the other hot air that was spilt all over this forum over the last several years

Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post   Posted: Dec 20, 2017 - 19:50 Reply with quote Back to top

Shrug, this has its own legs now imo. I voted for Koadah because he runs the back-end for:

Sprints in general, both 1400+ and junior.
The Metagroup scripts (E.L.F. excluded)
Secret league sprints/brawls/whatever

He also is the one collating all the data everyone likes to consult when they decide to meta a division rather than just play it, and has a huge (positive) effect on the community, even if he rarely plays now.

And even if I argue with him 90% of the time when he posts Wink

So yeah "hot air".

But good luck to all in their challenge games.


Joined: Dec 30, 2017

Post   Posted: Jan 03, 2018 - 07:34 Reply with quote Back to top

I'm in
[B]Deadly Nightshades Dark Elf (3)
[B]Athelon Avengers Wood Elf (3)
[B]Caledor Dragoons High Elf (2)
[B]Craggen Counts Vampire (1)
[B]Manheim and Destruction CO Goblin (0)

Joined: Apr 04, 2008

Post   Posted: Jan 03, 2018 - 09:13 Reply with quote Back to top

NairoD wrote:
I'm in
[B]Deadly Nightshades Dark Elf (3)
[B]Athelon Avengers Wood Elf (3)
[B]Caledor Dragoons High Elf (2)
[B]Craggen Counts Vampire (1)
[B]Manheim and Destruction CO Goblin (0)


Go here and add your teams.


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 08, 2018 - 00:34
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100 days of Box Trophy!

Will those keen souls who finish soon be able to enter a second squad? I think (if technically doable) they should be allowed to, but with 5 different races different from their first squad.

I'm barely into double figures on games played. but now that all 5 have been weaned through rrr, I hope to get more games in. Ogres lead the chARRge.

Joined: Oct 25, 2003

Post   Posted: Jan 16, 2018 - 13:40 Reply with quote Back to top

So, we have out first finished campaign.

Nachtogen has 200 Trophy games to his credit and a very respectable current score of 108.5. I say current as it includes 2 racial lead bonuses of 2.5 each. And either or both could disappear before the Trophy is done.

His tally:
Dwarf: Trophy Mithrylia......26.0
Wood Elf: Trophy Vigilantia..24.0
Vampire: Trophy Insomnia.....22.5
High Elf: Trophy Elegantia...21.0
Goblin: Trophy Disturbia.....10.0

Current Racial Lead Bonuses on Vampire and Wood Elf. I suspect the Wood Elf may go elsewhere, but the vampire total is very respectable.

Whatever happens he will score over 100, which I think is an awesome performance with Vamps and Goblins in the squad (and also my own target).

Also showing up big time we have the following coaches and totals:

Justicium: 119 games for 93.5 points. With Flings at 20 points off 33 games and a HUGE squad performance all round. If his Goblins match his flings, he may be unstoppable.

Malmir: 131 games for 93.5 points. Tailed off a bit lately after setting the early pace. Still a very very solid performance. One cannot overestimate this coach.

fxiii: 84 games for 60.5 points. 13 points off 15 slann games. If he can keep that up will worry anyone.

happygrue: 73 games for 53.0 points. The headline here is 15.5 off 20 games for humans. 7 points from 11 vampire and 5 from 7 slann points is great, but early days for both teams.

Candlejack: 55 games for 41.0 points. But as he started with 12.5 bonus points the total may not be impressive until you realise he is coaching ALL terrible rosters. Flings, Gobbos, Ogre, Vamps and Underwhelm.

Bubbling under: these guys are early days in terms of numbers, but looking very strong.

Elyoukey: 57 for 38.5 (11.5 off 12 for pro elf)
vicius: 40 for 37.5 (another squad of the worst 5 teams, but 10.5 off 17 games for Goblins catches the eye)
The_Murker: 55 for 33.5 (with almost half his weakest team [gobbos] done)
Endzone: 44 for 30.5 (Khemri 10 from 13)

If I havn't mentioned you, you are still special and your Mummy loves you very much.

There is a huge 257 days remaining to get a Squad in and take part. All the cool kids are doing it, and pythrr.

Barbarus hic ego sum quia non intelligor ulli
I am a barbarian here because i am not understood by anyone

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Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post   Posted: Jan 16, 2018 - 14:07 Reply with quote Back to top

CJ is a devil with those stunties, played him and watched him a few times, and very impressive.

Justidulac is Justidulac.


Joined: Oct 15, 2010

Post   Posted: Jan 16, 2018 - 19:09 Reply with quote Back to top

Congrats to Nachtogen for being first done! Fun write up PC. I'm expecting an exciting race as the days tick down.

Come join us in #metabox, the Discord channel for HLP, ARR, and E.L.F. in the box!

Joined: Sep 25, 2017

Post   Posted: Jan 18, 2018 - 12:34 Reply with quote Back to top

I’m pretty new on this site but just wanted to say I really like the Blackbox challenge - it seems to cater for everyone and it also seems to have been a kicker for Box participation.
With that basic aim of more participation in mind, i’d be in favour of any coaches who are actually able to finish their 200 games being allowed to start again!
Perhaps it should be with 5 different races or something, but if a coach can play that much then isn’t it is better all round to let them keep going... ?
(Just a thought!)

Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post   Posted: Jan 18, 2018 - 12:43 Reply with quote Back to top

They might not want to after 40/80 games with stunties (as most have)...


Joined: Oct 30, 2012

Post   Posted: Feb 06, 2018 - 21:57 Reply with quote Back to top

allez un point à mi compétition pour ma part puisque je viens de jouer mon 100ème match !!

il reste 235 jours donc n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire si ce n'est pas encore fait !!

les humains sont 13-8-3 (17/24) et l'équipe est bien en place avec deux blitzer fo4 et 6 gardes, il ne manque plus qu'un ag4, ça va venir !!

les pros sont 11-3-4 (12.5/1Cool avec un catcheur dumpoff vraiment précieux et plus qu'un garde, ça meurt vite ces bestioles !!

les UW sont 10-3-6 (11.5/19) mais sachant qu'on a commencé par 2-3-5 avec 6 morts c'est encourageant !!

les khemris décoivent avec 9-6-4(12/19) et une diff de sortie toujours négative, toujours pas le moindre ag3 en vue non plus !!

excellente surprise avec les slanns 14-6-0 (17/20) qui m'assurent pour le moment le racial lead et ses 2.5 points Smile

au total donc 57-26-17 soit 70 points +2.5 bonus, plutot sympa après un départ catastrophique à 22-15-9

on peut espérer finir dans le top 5 si on garde le rythme, mais ce sera tendu notamment pour rattraper Justicium qui a juste 25.5 points de plus que nous en 26 matches affraid affraid affraid !!! bravo Jérome !!

bon alors vous n'etes pas encore inscrits ?

and in english for you mates, viva google translate Smile

Go a half point competition for me since I just played my 100th match!

it remains 235 days so do not hesitate to register if it is not done yet !!

the humans are 13-8-3 (17/24) and the team is well in place with two blitzer fo4 and 6 guards, it lacks more than ag4, it will come !!

the pros are 11-3-4 (12.5 / 1Cool with a wrestler dumpoff really precious and more than a guard, it dies quickly these critters !!

the UW are 10-3-6 (11.5 / 19) but knowing that we started with 2-3-5 with 6 dead is encouraging !!

the khemris decent with 9-6-4 (12/19) and an exit diff always negative, still not the slightest ag3 in sight either !!

excellent surprise with the slanns 14-6-0 (17/20) which assure me for the moment the racial lead and its 2.5 points Smile

in total then 57-26-17 is 70 points +2.5 bonus, rather nice after a catastrophic start at 22-15-9

we can hope to finish in the top 5 if we keep the pace, but it will be tense especially to catch Justicium who has just 25.5 points more than us in 26 affraid affraid affraid !!! Congratulations Jerome !!

good then you are not registered yet?

Joined: Jan 14, 2009

Post   Posted: Feb 06, 2018 - 22:16 Reply with quote Back to top

I personally wouldn't mind your "catastrophic start" Smile

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