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The game of the week is for you the viewer to pick! Who will win
 45%  [ 9 ]
Wife beaters
 55%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 20


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Post   Posted: Jul 11, 2019 - 01:14 Reply with quote Back to top

You are only ahead of the Fleece Seekers by 2 casualties this season! Not Tryin to hear the pity party! Laughing If we ever get more than a player or two on the bench you can expect us to go after that Silver Shoe!!!!

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Post   Posted: Jul 22, 2019 - 14:57 Reply with quote Back to top

Matchups this week:


1) King Lionard, still in search of their virst victory, taking on the solid Witch Riders.
2) Wife Beaters vs. Mary Sues, THE bash game we all were waiting for.
3) High contrast in Tzalaran's bash vs. Arcayn's dash game.
4) Wagafalga's delfs from the East vs. the new tilea team from the West.


5) Hamiltonian duelers against permanent underdog Crotch Lake Crabs.
6) War of the clans: Moulder vs. Skryre.
7) U-sports leader Bluenosers' turn to chase after the 100k bounty on the pink skins' Thrower...

My Redfarts already played had their bloody elf on elf action against Winnipeg.

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Post   Posted: Jul 23, 2019 - 15:30 Reply with quote Back to top

JIM: Welcome to CBFL on CBS for week 6 of sevens action. And welcome coaches Morehouse and Bazakastine coming into U-Sports coaching teams from clan Moulder and Skyre respectively. Coach Morehouse won his first game last week against the Halffielders while Bazakastine's looks to get into the action this week against Morehouse's Bears. What do you think is going to happen in that matchup Owie?

OWIE: Well that's right Jim two week 5 games have been played before we could get this broadcast together. The Red Farts did their usual die while winning thing while the Bombers had a tough time with casualties themselves. A fun bloody game to spectate.

The Riders played the BC in an intense matchup as well. The witches did a great job dancing around doing elfy things while the BC's bash just didn't do enough to take out the witches. This game ended in a tie but was thrilling the whole way through.

The beaters are up against the Sue's in the bash game of the week. The Sue's have the better team on paper but this should be a bloody game on both sides of the ball look for the Sue's to use their speed to their advantage and run away with this game.

The Rapscallions are up against the Clawyouits. This seems like bash v. Dash on the surface but the Clawyouits have some speed and the class to really put down the rats on the LoS. Still the rats will be looking to score often and early. I expect the rapscallions to win this game.

Lastly the fleece Seekers are up against the Nose Rubbers coached by Swampserpent who is taking over for Sirindigo who could not continue in the league. The Seekers got lucky with this matchup. The Ulferweres were monsters on paper. This is a must win for the Seekers and they have to try and get out of it with no injuries going into their final stretch which is against all of the leagues bashiest teams. But Coach Waagh better not take Coach swamp lightly as he has the experience and a great team of his own. I have this game ending in a tie.

JIM: Owie, we have some real heavy hitters in U-Sports now. You can't just ignore them anymore Coaches Morehouse and Bazakastine are both winners of multiple major tournaments Baza just won the crown of sand last month.

OWIE: What dose that have to do with 7s?

JIM: These guys are major coaches!

OWIE: They both picked crap teams.

JIM: But their coaching ability should outweigh...

OWIE: Nope.

JIM: But who is gonna win their matchup.

OWIE: probably whoever has the better dice.

JIM: Fair enough Owie. I like the Duelers to beat the crabs and the Nosers over the Halffielders.

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Post   Posted: Jul 27, 2019 - 14:51 Reply with quote Back to top

JIM: Hello everyone and welcome to week 7 of the CBFL on CBS. We are winding down the season here and the playoff picture is begging to look more clear.

OWIE: that's right Jim. Over in the east the last spot in the playoffs is being closely contested between the Sue's and seekers. Both teams are looking for their second win which just might be enough to win that final spot.

JIM: let's not forget that the winner of the U-SPORTS division may take that spot if the winner of the west's final spot can manage more points than the team from the East. And the playoff race in that division is still anyone's to win.

OWIE: Thats right Jim. Wins have been hard to come by this CBFL season. With most teams with just 1 win this season.

JIM: well with all that said what do you predict for week 7?

OWIE: this week is going to be a real fun watch as all these teams are in win and in mode. However I don't see that happening for coach GorteckSlayer and the BC. The Rapscallions are unstoppable this season led by Mike Pringle who looks to be a shoe in for the Scoring Tite this year.

The Seekers are up against the beaters this week. The Seekers really need a win but a win for the beaters will put them in the playoffs. This will be a hard fought game likely ending in another tie.

The witch riders are up against the new kids on the block the nose rubbers. I like the witches in this matchup. If they can stay healthy the witches have one of the best lineups in the league.

The matchup between the Sue's and the Bombers is another tough call. The Sue's have the better team on paper but the bombers have been finding ways to pull out the tie all season long. Look for another tie in this game.

The Clawyouits and farts have already played their game for this week and it was a real slobberknocker. The great one was killed in the action and the farts still can't figure out the Clawyouits as the game ended in the farts second tie of the season. Additionally Keanu Reeves now has a bounty on his head for 120k gold. That is a large price for any player but is the farts team captain and may cause some moral issues if killed.

JIM: well I guess that leaves U-SPORTS which Owie refuses to acknowledge. So I will say that I like the Halffielders to best the winless crabs the other two games will really show the difference between coach ability and team selection. The Duelers and bluesnosers have both been having incredible seasons but now face some of the best coaches in the business. Luckily for the Duelers and Nosers the bears and fraiser clan are both teams that will rely heavily on dice. The bears especially could fall victem to half their team roaring in rage and forced to rely on stunty players. We will see but I am still calling for wins from the bears and clan.

Well we have reached 1300 views of our broadcast and I have to say thank you. No like I don't have a choice CBS have literally forced me to say thank you. We only have 16 teams in the league so that means the majority of you reading this have nothing better to do. So sad... Well get in contact with one of our admins and join the fun next season. You apparently have nothing better to do. https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&group=11774 is the link to our group page. Come on in and play a while.

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Post   Posted: Jul 27, 2019 - 17:59 Reply with quote Back to top

Smile We'll have to try to figure out against Clawyouits until playoffs, i guess... Razz

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Post   Posted: Jul 31, 2019 - 22:51 Reply with quote Back to top

JIM: Hello everyone and welcome to week 8s edition of the CBFL on CBS! My name is Jim Green and with me as always the legendary Owie Long. How are you doing today Owie!

OWIE: None of your business Jim!

JIM; Okay then Owie, well after a brutal week 7 the playoff race is drawing to a close. The playoffs in the east are all but locked up with the Sue’s win last week. Terroronto should be the last place team there and be the only team not to make the playoffs unless the Seekers manage to win out their final two games the last of which being against the Sues themselves or the Sues manage to lose both their final two games. Any other scenario will see the sues make the playoffs.

The west is a much more complicated being scenarios of almost any team being the one to miss the playoffs and several where more than one team having their spot taken by the winner of U-Sports.

So Owie looking at these teams and what they have done so far, what do you see happening this week?

OWIE: Well Jim there are a lot of fun games going on this week in the CBFL. First in a Bashfest we have The BC v. the Sues. The Sues ridiculously long named Minitaur will be making his return to the pitch moving 1 square slower after sitting out last week's game against the Bombers. Coach Gotrek has been playing really well for the last few games tying both the farts and witchriders and upsetting the fan favorite Rapscallions. I like the BC to continue their streak by winning this game and getting themselves one step closer to the playoffs.

The wife beaters are up against the rapscallions this week. Well Nuffle brought the scallions down a peg last week but I still like them to rebound this week using speed and agility to win their game against the slower more powerful beaters. However, the Beaters take joy in maiming the opposition and I fully expect them to be sticking the boot to Mr. Pringles every chance they get. So coach Arcayn better hide all his favorite players as best as he can knowing the t16 boot is coming!

The nose rubbers are playing the red farts this week in the battle of the toilet humor teams. I fully expect the rubbers to have their noses rubbed into something unpleasant this week as coach Manonaloco will be looking to win after back to back ties. Still he won't be going too far out of his way to do this as like the rapscallions this team is one of the few that have secured a spot in the CBFL playoffs already and will be looking to protect their best players.

I like the witchriders over the Blue Bombers provided the riders haven't already won the east when the game gets played as they will also be protecting their best for a long playoff run with what has developed into one of the fastest most agile teams in the league while still packing a hefty punch. It will be interesting to see what coach wolvezz dose in the offseason. I feel like his team choice has held him back as his coaching ability is far above what his team record shows. Look for him to switch races and make a more competitive run next season with the experience gained this season.

Last the clawyouits will be up against the fleece seekers. The Seekers took a beating in last week's game against the Beaters and will be playing this game with 500k or so in inducements.
And only able to start 4 of their own players relying on loners and star players for this match. Still a loss for either of these teams could potentially cost them a playoff spot. I still expect the Clawouits to win this game which would pretty much cement them as a playoff team.

JIM: Well I would like to take a moment to talk about the U-sports division and make some predictions there. But as of this broadcast none of the U-sports teams have played their week 7 games. Maybe Owie is right about these slackers!

The dulers have the bears this week in what will likely be the game of the week. This one is too tough to call but I am going to give the slight edge to the Dulers as there is a good possibility that the bears do a lot of raging

The Crabs are going to lose to the bluenosers for sure unless coach Charlie decides to go the farm team rout and CHANGE HIS RACE MIDSEASON!!! I really hope you are reading this Charlie more on this and another new rule to the CBFL later in the broadcast.

Last the Clan is up against the hlafielders this is another game that can go either way but i like the clan because coach buffy beat me in a ranked game last week and sent my dice luck spiraling into the firey depths of hell and I hope the same thing happens to him. (wait was that too meta?)

And now folks we have a very serious matter to talk to you about. It is with a heavy heart I would like to introduce Actress Activist and Nurgle worshiping Bloater Sally Smothers.

Sally: Thank you for that wonderful introduction Jim. There are starving CBFL franchises out there who need your help! While many of you out there watching this broadcast are enjoying teams with a full bench, there are teams without the players to even start a full 7 players. They need your help or they will fold before the season is over.
The team in trouble in this case is Terroronto. An excess of bravado and poor attendance numbers have brought the Fleece Seekers to their knees. They are asking your help to stay a float. CBS is sponsoring a telethon hosted by me Sally Smothers. This Franchise can be saved by the grace of Nuffle and the kindness of coaches like you. Here is how it works.

"Farm Team" rules:
Sometimes dragging a trashed or hopeless team can be no fun at all. Whenever you feel you are in this situation, you can contact draft commissioner MenonaLoco and ask for permission for a race-swap at midseason (after 5 completed games).
("Trashed" means you are fielding loners and don't think you won't get out of this downward spiral any time soon. "Hopeless" means your team doesn't win any games, maybe managed one draw).
If the draft commissioner authorizes the race swap, it would be done as Case D, Outlined on the rules tab on the CBLF group page.

1) Conditions: Team is a mess (no bench/many perms, low funds), coach asks for permission, commissioner sets a goal that has to be reached and gives permission.
2) Start: Coach publishes "Go-Fund-Me" and keeps track of donations during 1 week (wherever the coach wishes: discord, pm, forum). Coaches can donate rerolls, players (yes, also injured players), cash, staff. All donations will be cash (example: a donated 140k reroll = 70k cash, a donated 60k player with 2 normal skills = 100k cash). If the goal will not be reached, no donations are executed and there are no consequences.
3) If the goal has been reached: After exactly one week, coach sends full list of donations to the commissioner, who executes all transactions.
4) Consequences:
Receiving coach:
- Must coach this rescued team for at least the next season (must not leave, nor swap race or city).
-Modify your team bio: You need a commemorative plate there, that mentions all generous donors (coach's name and name of the CBFL/U-Sports franchise), who helped saving your team.
-Buy in this order, until you can't buy the next thing on the list. Rest goes to treasury.
I - Buy up to 9 players.
II - Replace permed players.
III - Buy 10th and 11th player.
IV - Buy up to 4 rerolls.
(Any of the new players will receive the names of donated players and add respective player bios.)
- You can add a doner-badge to your team bio.

So many of you out there may be asking what is in it for me? Why should I donate to this other team that I would rather just die? The answer to that is in your own hearts. May Nuffle smile upon you for your generosity.

JIM: Touching story. I am at a loss for words.

OWIE: Brought a tear to my eye. Though I am not sure if it was the story or the stench of Mrs. Smothers bloated rotting corpse.

Joined: Jan 05, 2016

Post   Posted: Aug 05, 2019 - 05:58 Reply with quote Back to top

The first crowd funder in CBFL history - i guess it's also the first in fumbbl history, heck, maybe bloodbowl history - was a success.

3 coaches donated the huge sum of 340k in order to rescue Waaghafalga's Fleece Seekers. Now they have a healthy team again and commit to not only finish this season, but also to participate next season with this very same team.

How on earth they would donate so much, thinking of how impossible it is anyway to have a bit of extra cash, i don't know. Ask Antithesisoftime, MrCushtie and Tzalaran - they are the crazy helpers. Wink

Joined: Apr 13, 2019

Post   Posted: Aug 09, 2019 - 02:47 Reply with quote Back to top

JIM: Hello sports fans and welcome to the final regular season episode of CBFL on CBS! I am Jim Green and with me again as always is Orcland Raiders legend Owie Long!

OWIE: That is right Jim the regular season is pretty much over. However, there are still some exciting matchups here in the last week of the CBLF regular season.

JIM: In other news the Fleece Seekers were funded thanks to Antithesis of time Mr. Cushtie and Tzalaran! Tzalaran funding half of the rebuild himself!

OWIE: What kind of crap is that Jim! Soft coaches if you ask me! Blood bowl is about hurting your opponent and rubbing their faces in it not giving down teams a hand up with a hand out! These must be socialast euopean coaches! I thought this was an AMERICAN league!

JIM: (Talking over Owie): We will be right back after a word from our sponsors.

KEANU REEVES: I am sure many of you ask “Keanu how do you keep up enough energy to stab though even the thickest of armour on such a consistent basis?” Well the answer is simple before every game I make sure to eat a Big Muck from McNurgles! Two rotten patties, awesome sauce, lettuce, moldy cheese, pickles, and onions on a magety bun! It gives me all the energy I need to keep on stabbing all day long and the extra to dodge all the rocks thrown at me from the opposing bench!

JUSTIN TRU’DOHHH: That’s right Keanu! The best part is washing it all down with an Ice Cold Orca Cola! Not only dose it keep me sharp but it is perfect fuel for my chainsaw!


JIM: Now that our bills have been paid and Owie has been medicated we can get on with the show. How are you feeling now Owie?

OWIE: You bet Jim!

JIM: Okay… Well lets talk a little about the matchups this week.

OWIE: The Wife Beaters are up against the BC in what could be the game that decides the division’s final playoff spot. These two teams are going to be out for blood and beating the heck out of one another. The casualty count will be more important than the score here as neither team is likely to make a deep playoff run if they can manage to make the playoffs. I like the BC to win this one

The game of the week this week will be between the Red Farts and the Rapscallions. The Red Farts have won the division regardless of the outcome however, a win by the Rapscallions could give them the momentum they need to make that deep playoff run. You know coach Arcayn will be looking to score big with Super Star player Mike Pringle to get him up to the leagues first Legendary player! Still both these teams are playoff bound and this will likely be a preview of the CBFL East championship game, so it is unlikely these teams will have their best players on the pitch for all 16 turns, they will be keeping them healthy for the more important games later on. I like the scallions in this matchup as they have more to prove.

The Best in the west faces off against the leagues roughest team. TheWitch Riders should be looking to survive this game being played at the writing of this article. Stay away from the Clawyouits bruisers score a few TDs and move on to the playoffs. Tzalaran however will be hoping for the exact opposite as another coach who is playoff bound and the dark horse to win the East. Witchriders should take the W.

The Mary Sues and Seekers could be playing for last place in the east. The seekers will be looking to pick up a few ssp before the end of the season and the Sues will be trying to do the same. Staying away from the killers on the sues will be the key to victory for the seekers here. This game ends in a tie.

The Nose Rubbers and -Blue Bombers- are up against each other in the final game of the regular season. The bombers are in the playoffs for sure but the Rubbers will be looking to make them with a win in this game. For that reason I am picking the Rubbers. Coach Wolvezz should be preserving his players for more important games in the future and so is unlikely to risk them in this game.

JIM: Thanks for that expert analysis Owie. with the season winding down there are really only two teams still relevant in U-sports. The bears and the Dulers. The Dulers came into this season as everyone's favorites to win u-sports and that will be exactly what they do if they can win just one more game. The Bears can still steal the spot by winning out and having the Dulers lose out.

So with that we will be looking forward to the CBFL playoffs and the NBFL reject draft following the last game of the season. Any watching this broadcast that wants to join in the fun next season is welcome to do so by following the link at the bottom of this page and contacting a league administrator for more details.

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Post   Posted: Aug 09, 2019 - 03:51 Reply with quote Back to top

Great stuff, as always! Smile hahahaaa

Btw. it's not the Bears who have a chance to snatch a playoff spot, but the Bluenosers, winning out while duelers lose out.

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Post   Posted: Sep 04, 2019 - 14:34 Reply with quote Back to top

JIM; Hello sports fans and welcome to a special playoffs addition of the CBFL on CBS. Wait… This just in Owie it appears we missed almost the entire first round of the playoffs! How did that happen!?

OWIE: Well Jim, I don’t really know how to tell you this but… We bumped heads going after the same muffin at the breakfast buffet last week. You have been in a coma for the last week and are paralized from the neck down. Sorry JIM.

JIM: Well that explains why I am tied to this chair. Anyway, missing last we we have a lot to cover this week so let's get started. First there are end of the year awards. For that we will go to ledgendary CBFL great who has played for nearly every CBFL team the great Splat One-and-Doneagian. Take it a way Splat!

Splat: Thanks Jim!

Season 2 awards are now official Let's give a big round of applause for the individual players who excelled in their chosen field

The Mr. Cannon award is given to the top passer (most completed passes) each season.
For season 2, the winner is Joshua Stanford, Slaaneshreal Clawyouits with 16 completions for a total of 48 yards

The Golden Spike, Awarded to the player who scores the most Touchdowns is awarded to:
Mike Pringles, the filthy one turner of the Baltimore Rapscallions who cheesed his way to 18 in only 84 turns played

The Black Star, Awarded to the player who gained the most prestige in a season, in the form of SPP, is awarded to:
Mike Pringles, Baltimore Rapscallions, for the 2nd straight season, with 65spp and only 2 MVPs

The Silver Shoe, Awarded to the leagues dirtiest, most rotten cheat, who fouls with reckless abandon, is awarded to:
Spare of the Calgary Wife Beaters with a whopping 24 boots, and an impressive 75 turns played. He beat out last season's Silver Show winner, Justin Tru'dohhh by a full 14 boots this season

The Diamond Helmet, Awarded to the league's Iron Man, who spent more time on the field than any other player, is awarded to:
Taylor Crapigna of the Saskatchewan Witchriders, who played a truly impressive 143 turns this season. How an AV7 player won the award is beyond me, but this impressive elf beat out last season's champ, Biggie Rat, by 3 whole turns.

The Bloody Fist, Awarded for the player who causes the most casualties in a season, will be awarded for the first time in season 2. The award goes to:
Pounce of the Calgary Wife Beaters. This ClawPOMB monstrosity managed to break 15 players in only 110 blocks on the season.

The Ball Hawk, Awarded to the player who hass ripped the ball from the air and intercepted the most, will not be awarded this season, as, for the second season in a row, 4 players tied with 1 interception each.

Finally, we get to the 3 big awards that everyone has been waiting for.

The Season 2 League Darling, the player every team covets and wishes was theirs, and the player who will be labeled a Fan Favorite (confering all bonuses of such) for season 3, is:
No one. Two players tied at 2 votes each, but this is an individual award, so only one player can win it.

The Season 2 League Dirtbag, that one player everyone loves to hate, so much they wish him dead, and the player who will be labeled a Fan Favorite (confering all bonuses of such) for season 3, is:
Keanu Reeves, Ottawa Redfarts, who was the only player to receive more than 1 vote, and thus the only player hated enough to earn this label.

And lastly, there is a single coach, recognized by his peers, as the greatest coach of the season. For season 2, your Coach of the Year is:
Not to be awarded. Special note should be made however that two coaches tied in the polls with 4 votes each, so Waaghafalga and Arcayn, don't break your arms patting yourselves on the back.

With that, we conclude the awards portion of the season, and congrats to all the winners. Back to you at the studio Jim!

OWIE: Can you believe this guy waaghaflaga actually won a blood bowl award for journalism? That is probably the worst thing I have heard since his team was funded by the other teams in the league just to stay afloat! This is why these cream puffs are stuck in the CBFL instead of playing in the bigs.

JIM: Actually Owie the CBFL now has 7 coaches that are also in the NBFL now that Garcangel has joined…

OWIE: Really Jim?

JIM: Well the testicular fortitude of the leagues coaches not withstanding some of the teams are in the CBFL playoffs and some have already won a playoff game or two care to analyze Owie?

OWIE: Not really but I did get paid to so I guess I have to now…

The Witch Riders beat the Dulers 3-2 in the first game of the playoffs no real surprise here as the Dulers were the team sent up by U-sports to attempt to compete with the far superior teams of the CBFL proper. No important injuries here either as the whichriders remain intact for their 2nd playoff game.

Well not only did the -Blue Bombers- beat the BC but they also did so without losing any important players and against the Bruisers in BC that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

So that means that it is the -Blue Bombers- v. the Witch Riders in round two, The deciding factor here is going to be in how Coach Wolvezzz decides to spend his inducements. The -Blue Bombers- weigh in at 1330 tv while the very talented Wich Riders weigh in at 1510. The Witch Riders have the better roster here so i look for them to win the game. But when will it all come crashing down? When will the Witches crumble back to a rookie team like so many others have. Time will tell but I am sure coach Roto is hoping it will at least be after capturing the Grey Cup this year.

Speaking of teams crumbling the red farts were defeated in more ways than one by the Mary Sues. The Sues secured a victory and a birth in round two of the playoffs after a blood bath of a game that saw 3 dead redfarts including assistant captain William Shatner. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Shatner family.

Still yet to play this week are the Clawyouits and the now favorite Rapcalions. Obviously I like the rats for this game as they have been having an incredible season Coach Arcyan will also have something to prove as his COTY title had to be shared with some guy typing one liners in a box on a hill in the middle of the woods somewhere. Again the rats are very fragile and very well could suffer the same fate as the Farts or worse win the game with heavy losses and have their destruction completed against the Sues.

The winner of that game will go on to face the sues in a round 2 matchup that will likely be a bloodbath either way.

JIM: the last thing we want to mention is that there are two polls up in the CBFL discord channel regarding possible rules changes for the third season of the CBFL.

One is to switch the number of players on the LoS to one instead of the current two and the other is to allow the use of natural one turn players. Both controversial rules that will leave some feelings hurt any way they go. The long and short of both rules is this. 2 players on the line makes it hard for elf teams to keep a full roster while at the same time not really giving much advantage to slower bash teams, however faster teams with access to claw and mighty blow have become somewhat over powered, in this journalist opinion, by forcing fast teams to place two players on the line to be feasted upon.

The other is the allowance of natural one turn players. The argument here is that there is no real defense against the naturals and so it will take the fun away from the game as the only defense will be to offer a prayer to nuffle that the one turner fails a dice roll somewhere along the lines.

I would like to offer up this. Either way this goes it will be fine. Early voting suggests that we will get natural 1s and 2 players on the line. If that is indeed the outcome then it may just balance itself out. Coaches will have to think very hard about skill selection. Some may choose tackle or diving tackle instead of claw or mighty blow to strengthen their screen against the naturals. The teams with naturals may end up being forced to put them on the field if enough players are crushed during the oppositions offense. Adapting 7s to a larger pitch is going to be a difficult challenge for the league especially when you throw in all the craziness of secret league teams. But as rules change coaches will adapt. The ever changing meta of the CBFL is offset by the ability of a coach to switch races mid or post season without sacrificing development. So i say play on!

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JIM: Hello sports fans and welcome to this very special semi finals episode of the CBFL on CBS! My name is Jim Green and joining me as always a man who needs no introduction but seems to get one every week anyway Orcland Raiders Legend Owie Long.

OWIE: Hey there Jim, how are you feeling today?

JIM: Well Owie I am paralyzed now so I can't feel anything.

OWIE: That's great Jim. Glad you are feeling better.

JIM: So there are only four teams left and this week the Clawyouits will battle the sues and the cinderella -Blue Bombers- will be up against the witchriders who have to be the favorite to win the grey cup after the Redfarts and rapscallions fell in the playoffs opening round.

OWIE: That's right Jim. I think most will be thinking the Clawyouits will be poised to take it all this season. they have been very successful taking the opposition off the pitch all year long and I look for them to continue the bloodshed thought the playoffs.

JIM: well i guess that means that is our prediction then. CLawyouits v. the witchriders in the grey cup. A very short episode.

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Clawuits will win it all. Only team that defeated us in regular season - and they don't even have to face us in order to grab the grey cup, cause we got totally anihilated before they got a chance to do the same...

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Post   Posted: Nov 04, 2019 - 00:58 Reply with quote Back to top

JIM: Hello sports fans and welcome to our season 3 kickoff show of the CBFL on CBS. My name is Jim Green and with me as always is legendary Black Orc Blocker for the Blood Bowl Champion Orcland Raiders, Owie Long!

OWIE: Thank you for the kind introduction Jim.

JIM: Well Owie we have alot to talk about as there have been a lot of changes in coaching staff and even teams in the CBFL over the off season. As many of our viewers know the CBFL is a Blood Bowl League which allows only 7 players on the pitch which changes things considerably from a tactical standpoint. Protecting the ball is much harder, coaches generally allow their players to score more freely, and injuries take a much higher toll than they would on a team with a larger roster.

OWIE: That's right Jim. Itlians do like pasta but I don't know what that has to do with Blood Bowl. There have been several changes to the league this year. First with less time on their hands Antithesisoftime and MenonaLoco have stepped down as admins and MY FRIEND Garcangel has stepped up into the role. And has he stepped up nicely. He has made spreadsheets of which coaches have taken what teams who is in who is out and the whole nuffle blessed nine yards!

JIM: WOWIE OWEIE! That is big news. Just a few hours ago the season three schedule came out and so like we always do it is time to make some bold predictions for the games ahead.

OWIE: Thats right Jim, I need to pick up the prescriptions for my uncle Ned, but what dose that have to do with blood bowl?
Stay on topic please Jim. Looking at the schedule it looks to me like the game of the week will be the redfarts v. The newly formed Snakeriders. Coach roto fearing for the health and safety of his players folded the witch elves in favor of the snakemen. These are both founding franchises going at it for the third season in a row. The redfarts will be without team Capitan Keanu Reeves but with ag4 and a chainsaw at his despisal coach MenonaLoco is one of the toughest in the league to get a win against. I'm taking the redfarts in this one.

The one turn specialist rapscallions will be up against another new franchise in the small Lizzie's. Coach saladbar wisely folded his less than effective khorne team in favor of a likely even worse franchise in a skink team. Saladbar will have all season to prove me wrong and has the advantage of the rapscallions missing their team captain aswell in fan favorite Mike Pringle. Still coach arcayn has proved to be one of the cbfls winningest coaches and so I will take the rats to win even missing a key player.

Moving up from U-Sports we have astonomolim and his Winnipeg blue bombers an absolutely brutal deamons of slanseesh team that has dealt untold damage in their short time as a U-Sports franchise and so I like them to continue this trend against the BC. The bombers will get the casualties and the win.

The leagues worst franchise the seekers are up against likely the best in the Clawyouits. With such a small bench and the destructive power of the Clawyouits it is hard to see this game going anyway but coach Tzalaran's.

Lastly the nose rubbers are up against the coach anti's newly formed strawhats. Anti gave up killing power in favor of ag4 and some speed of the high elves roster. The change will definitely payoff and I'm picking her to win this game.

U-Sports is less important but has seen the biggest changes over the off-season unfortunately we're out of time for now so we will report in on the little league division tomorrow.

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Wait a minute, the nuclear destruction killer khorne team by salad bar is gone??? Locker room party now!!!!!!!!!!! Bring da ooz, da b*tches, we got NOTHING to fear any more. Clawuits? HA!!! They couldn't do to us what that khorne mary sue team did to us, not even in 10 seasons, they wouldn't sum up the injuries, the pain, the shame and the laughter. https://fumbbl.com/p/match?id=4085859 That dreaded evening, full stadium, also connected via voice chat, didn't even know at times if i was about to cry or laugh... And oh, the laughter. Still wakes me up at night, the specs' laughter following me into my darkest nightmares - but no more! They are gone! Very Happy
We get to face stabbable skinks instead!!!! Surprised I will root for them, and then i will slize them up, one by one, or maybe 2 at a time, with multi-stab...

And btw., Jim and Owie, thanks for the awesome journalism and presentation. One little detail though, Antithesisoftime is still league commissioner and owner, while me and garc help administrating. MIL GRACIAS to Garc, it's awesome to have you in the team! Smile

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The Saskatchewan Snakeriders take umbrage at the insinuation that they were fired to be replaced by a Snakemen team.

What happened was that during the off season, Morathi paid our illustrious team a visit. While there, she managed to rile up the team into a fever pitch about the glory of Khaine. In doing so they become the snakegirls they always wanted to be.

The Saskatchewan Snakeriders are still the same Saskatchewan Witchriders you know and love, just missing a few legs.

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