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145 Club FAQ

Razmus's 145 Club FAQ

Q: Help!?!?
A: FUMBBL has a help site available. It's a wiki written for and by other coaches. It's that HELP item on the top menu on FUMBBL. I use it almost daily on here. A lot of folks have spent a lot of time writing/updating, and it changes as folks discover it needs to be, or something needs to be clarified. It's not perfect... but it's almost always improving. It'll have more general answers... and I'll have some additional answer that are mostly specific to 145 Club. If something isn't clear... ask here, or in one of the Discords listed below.

Q: Where's the 145 Club site?
A:145 Club site link

Q: Why is the 145 Club?
A: FUMBBL is a somewhat challenging site to join. There's a lot to it, not all of it is immediately visible, Blood Bowl is tricky and there are parts of the FFB Java client which isn't intuitive. The 145 Club is here to help you get accustomed to all of that. For some folks who might already be familiar with Blood Bowl from another environment, it's just a matter of asking some questions and their ready to go. For other folks, it might take a few games in the client... still others might be around for several seasons.

Q: But why is it called the 145 Club?
A: Once upon a time (before January 2023), the Coach Rating (CR) system used a different system from our current system, and the starting point for new coaches was around 150. Folks who were struggling to get accustomed to the client, or who had little to no experience would drop below 150. The group didn't require folks to actually have a 145 CR even back then.

Q: So what's the target CR for the 145 Club in the new system?
A: Generally, it's for folks at or below the lower half of the bell curve of site coach's CR.

Q: I've heard there's a Discord. Where is it?
A: There's a lot of FUMBBL Discord servers. Follow both of these links:
ㅤㅤㅤ-- Main FUMBBL Discord, and more information is in the FUMBBL Help
-- 145 Club Discord

Q: How do I join the 145 Club?
A: Answer One:(and this will be the general answer for joining any league on FUMBBL... just the links will change.)
  1. Create a team. (Generally, on any league's page, there will be a link in the upper right corner of the group, 'Create team for this league'. This is different from the procedure for creating teams for the competitive environment. You can always refer back to the team creation help page.
  2. Go to the group's team page (navigate to the group (link above), and select the third tab). At the bottom of the page, find the drop down box next to the "Apply for membership". Find your team, and click "Apply for membership." (If you can't find your team, make certain you've finished the team creation process.)
  3. If you want to make certain you're submitted, you can check your Group Applications page. (This is also available on your coaches page, under 'More'.)
  4. And if you really want to make certain you've submitted correctly, you can go to the 145 Club Discord, and send a message to @admin in the #tournament-entry channel.
a: Alternate team creation page instructions -- some folks will notice they can create a team from the 'Create team' link on their home page. Sure can! Click that link, then select the big 'L' for League division. The 145 Club has its own option there. Don't forget though, that just gets you thru the team creation. You still need to pick up at step two above, to join your new team to the group.

Q: Once I'm in the 145 Club tournament, how do I find a game?
A: The 145 Club tournament is a little different from most other leagues, which would tell you directly who to play next. You'll be in an Open Round Robin, which means you can play any/all the other teams in the tournament in any order. But you can only play each opponent once. So, the question is just a matter of finding someone in the tournament who can/wants to play! Three main methods:
  • On the 145 Club Discord - #matchmaking channel... just ask if anyone wants to play. Folks might not answer immediately, because they may not see the message immediately... you may get responses minutes or hours later. Consider posting when you can play... and the convention is to use Blood Bowl or Server Time, which is on upper right corner of the FUMBBL site. This is Stockholm time, which is where the server is hosted. This is a convenient common time for many... especially since you could well be communicating with folks anywhere in the world.
  • With the start of the tournament, there will be a FUMBBL site PM in which all the members of the tournament will see. Feel free to post there with times in which you want to play. Watch the FUMBBL site for message notifications and coordinate times to play.
  • You can send PMs on site or DMs in Discord to individual coaches in the tournament to initiate contact and coordinate when to play.

Q: But I want to play more Blood Bowl! Where do I do that?
A: Awesome! You can create additional 145 Club teams, and ask around on the #matchmaking channel for folks who want to play in the 145 Open Play environment. Or you can create a team or teams in the Competitive environment and start playing there. There's both a random scheduler and gamefinder available in the Competitive environment. Tournaments in Competitive are starting to get more active too! Or on the left hand side, above your coaches page is my League News blog... which will list what's going on with other leagues, which will likely be recruiting... and at the bottom it'll list the other Open Play environments and active Metagroups.

Q: When will the tournament end? Will there be another?
A: Normally with an Open Round Robin like this, the teams will break in to strata of teams with similar strength and folks will be reluctant to play between strata and have already played within their own strata. The result is, the number of games played over a given period of basically stops. When that happens, the tournament ends. And yes, right on the heels of the tournament, a new tournament will be announced. Crunch all you like, we'll make more.

Q: "Holiday Pie", "Special Snowflakes", "Season of the Angry Squirrel"... what are these, and is there a list?
A: They're just the season names I've been assigning to the seasons as we go to have a little fun, and to provide incentive for folks to play more games. Playing eight games entitles the coach to fly the graphic of the season... And perhaps I should start a list of the seasons/graphics:
"Holiday Pie""Special Snowflakes""Season of the Angry Squirrel""Lost Nut Tournament""Cats Eyez Bowl"
23 Nov-26 Dev 202229 Dec 2022-30 Jan 20232 Feb-13 March 202315 Feb 2023-??15 March-2023-???
after that

Q: My team has outgrown the 145 Club, but I want to keep playing them. What can I do?
  • You can continue to play other folks in the BB20 Open Play environment. It's often challenging to find good opponents, especially as your team gets bigger and more experienced though.
  • The Isle of Misfit Teams: Next Generation was created specifically for 145 Club teams which outgrew the 145 Club, but want to play in a scheduled league. (The original IoMT grew out of my desire to play my old 145 teams, but slowly morphed to allow any compatible orphaned team, which is the direction I assume IoMT:ng will go as well.)
  • Koadah also suggests: "If you don't mind a wide variety of unofficial races, you can move your teams to Secret League 2020 for open play and tournaments." Just join your team to the group and poke Koadah or razmus to import your team. The SL20 open environment also has the advantage of having it's own set of tournaments.

Got more questions? Ask me... and I'll try my best to answer them and possibly tack them on here!