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2022-08-03 17:39:26
rating 5.3
2022-06-26 14:22:30
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2022-02-11 10:08:12
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2021-10-06 19:04:26
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2021-09-22 13:04:16
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2021-09-10 00:01:55
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2021-04-29 09:54:02
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2021-03-01 21:16:29
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2021-01-10 13:44:33
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2020-12-30 00:08:32
10 votes, rating 5.7
CIBBL : Southlands and Araby VS Cathay and Nippon, end of round #3
With a last game played tonight, round#3 has been completed and with it half of the clash between Southlands and Araby (SaA) and Cathay and Nippon (CaN).

Let's have a look on the 3 rounds :
* CaN won round#1 by 10 points to 7, a close round to begin, even if CaN scored more than twice as much touchdowns in the process (9 to 4).
* CaN won round#2 by 11 points to 5 and added 14 touchdowns during the 6 games, 10 through the fast nippons (Celestial Divine Wind) and eshin (Sons of Lord Visktrin). Araby was the only team to win for SaA.
* Finally, CaN won round#3 by 13 points to 4. The ultimate upset was avoided on the last turn of the last game, with Araby pulling a 1-0 victory against Cathay.

Overall, CaN leads the clash by 34 points to 16 (not counting the game already played in round#4) and as games go on, need 6 more victories only (still not counting the game played ahead) to claim the price.

Will SaA rebels ? Or will CaN grasp the desired trophy before reaching the last round ?

Individually, 4 teams perform extremely well :
* Celestial Divine Wind have won all their games, and scored more then 3 touchdowns per game !
* Nejaz Djinn have also won all their games, mostly by 1 touchdown. Nevertheless, they have all the skills needed to go on doing this forever.
* Tsien-Tsin no Kamaitachi haven't lost a game yet, and with 13 casualties inflicted in 3 games, look up to be the most destructive team in the clash (they might have trouble with several other teams on that field though, the Aurons particularly, but also the Purple Horde and the Celestial Divine Wind and the Sandstorm os Settra)
* Sons of Lord Visktrin started by a deafeat but then inflicted twice 5 touchdowns to their opponents.

Stay tuned !

All scores and links to replays here : https://fumbbl.com/p/notes?op=view&id=8147
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Posted by babinto on 2020-12-30 09:08:32
Southland and araby will rise again stronger!
Posted by Diablange on 2020-12-31 15:06:45
2 wins in a row for Southlands and Araby, is it the awakening ? Keep posted, the clash goes on ! :D
Posted by det on 2021-01-01 10:50:35
Gogo!!!! We'll prevail!!!!