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Team Fumbbl at Eurobowl 2020?
The European championship for bloodbowl 2020 will be held in Poland, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October.

Inspired by team Fumbbls success at the UKTC, I was very interested to see if we can get 1-2 teams ready for the Euros?

For a team to enter the EUopen, we need 3 coaches. Clearly the more we have, the stronger and funnier, the teams will be!

Coaches can be from any nationality, even none European.

Why go?

1) If you have 100's maybe 1000's of hours of fumbbl under your belt and its something you really enjoy. It is nice to take ownership of it and embrace it! Its 3 days of talking to people in real life who actually understand what blodge, clmbpo and DT is!

2) There will likely be over 700 coaches attending, including many people you've played online. It adds a more social element to the game and great for making new friends.

3) Warsaw is a very modern city (many skyscrapers), good prices, friendly people and many things to see and do.

4)If we can get a good number of people together, then the first team will likely crush skulls and rank highly, while the rest of us can get steadily drunk during the event :)

5)If you have not played much table top it's a good chance to get into it. Fumbblers typically adapt quickly, also playing table top will improve your online play, trust me.

6) I could give another 20 reasons, but i don't want to lose people, so use some imagination! Talk to anyone who's been before or been to the world cup!

Interested in principle?

Registration doesn't start til Februrary and we do have time. What I am looking for to begin with is to see general interest. So please reply or PM me to begin with and we get a group chat in motion.

Things to consider?

*If you don't have the models? (I can likely lend you a painted team)
*Being free for them dates in October
*Being able to travel to Poland and able to afford it, hotel/hosel, tickets etc
* 3 days is a lot of bloodbowl

Going for sure:

Currently interested?

More details are below


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Posted by WALGIS on 2020-01-20 19:24:14
Not that im the best player or anything but if i dont make it our national team (i will know the answer at end or march) i for sure would be interested Smile just dont know if i qualify.
Posted by Joost on 2020-01-20 19:33:53
Likewise, if I can’t get in the Dutch team I would be very interested!
Posted by Araznaroth on 2020-01-20 20:24:59
*3days is a lot of booze, but Poland is cheap. :)
Going with team Belgium myself but would love to see a Fumbbl team. :)
Posted by SpecialOne on 2020-01-20 21:59:58
I will be going there. Working on a 3 man team from Denmark, so I'm currently not interested, but do join the ranks of Table Toppers. We are fairly friendly!