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2014-03-29 01:18:48
26 votes, rating 3.7
America Still near the top
My American(Texan) Wife has become far more civilised since moving to the UK. But this is the one we still row about.....

It probably wont come as a surprise that the USA isnt a top ten country for Health or for Education. Prompting many to fear it's time as a world leader is on the wane.

But it still comes top 5 for killing its citizens

Ranking behind only China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

With an increasingly uneducated and unhealthy population, and its drift towards and ever more diverse ethnic mix surely America can push on for top spot real soon.

Only 22 countries still kill people as 'justice'. no other country in the Americas, north or south, nor in Europe.

Percentages of Death row inmates by race, 2013:
BLACK 1,291 41.71%
LATINO 391 12.63%
WHITE 1,334 43.10%
OTHER 79 2.52%

And the 2013 demographic data on racial make up in the USA:
white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61% (July 2007 estimate)
note: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean persons of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin including those of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic, Spanish, and Central or South American origin living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.); about 15.1% of the total US population is Hispanic
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Posted by happygrue on 2014-03-29 01:21:41
It boggles the mind that many of the supporters of capital punishment over here are staunchly "pro-life" at the same time.
Posted by pythrr on 2014-03-29 01:23:50
kill all menz :(
Posted by Anzelak on 2014-03-29 01:30:27
Crap program with a nice opening scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zqOYBabXmA
Posted by Chainsaw on 2014-03-29 01:44:22
Of course there's death row, then there's death by police shooting.

Saw a homeless guy the other weak get shot several times (most likely killing him instantly), then bean bagged (because, hey, that'll avoid escalating the situation?), then had a dog set on him ("finish him!") just because he had some rather small knife in his hand and the multiple officers pointing weapons at him from distance felt threatened.

I wouldn't want to live in a country where I would not feel safe out without a gun in my pocket, which seems to be the way America has veered in recent years. Go NRA! Go gun lobby! Go freedom!

Executions are a fraction of the violent deaths in the USA. They're a symptom of a society that doesn't value life as much as it does money.
Posted by PainState on 2014-03-29 01:57:15
As a Texan I think this blog is full of Fing shit.

I will refrain from taking the bait and just say this.

Screw you...We pay your defense bill...We protect you when war shows up....Russia is on the move and our president just gave you guys the middle finger today....better find out were to sign up at the recruitment station.

Iam off to the back 40 with my shotgun to kill a hog and have dinner.

Peace Out!!!!
Posted by PainState on 2014-03-29 02:11:52
And you better not come calling on the US in 2 years to once again bail your freaking asses out and have to re invade europe to save your butts for the third time.
Posted by pythrr on 2014-03-29 02:16:20
Hey Pain, calm down. Save it for the Mexican climbing over your back fence.
Posted by PainState on 2014-03-29 02:18:39
Calm down? That Mexican and I atleast have something in common.

But this Euro, we are are more sophisticated and better than you blog...Oh no, I will not calm down.

Posted by pythrr on 2014-03-29 02:31:34
Posted by licker on 2014-03-29 02:52:16

I love it.

These stereotypes are highly hilarious. Keep the larfs coming :)

Posted by ryanfitz on 2014-03-29 02:55:11
CPOMB government!

but a nicely incendiary blog nonetheless
Posted by mrt1212 on 2014-03-29 03:02:03
Posted by Jeffro on 2014-03-29 04:13:51
You guys all missed the real point... and that is that PC sees women brought up in a culture of violence as "sexy" ;)
Posted by Jeffro on 2014-03-29 04:18:07
... and he likes when "the American" is on top. ;D
Posted by licker on 2014-03-29 04:36:54
Actually I'm more interested in what PCs Russian wife (Crimean) thinks about the Ukraine.
Posted by Beerox on 2014-03-29 04:42:41
It's almost as if different people have different opinions on what to do with people who kill and/or rape humans. Go figure! Amazing!!!

Next thing you know, brits will be preaching about gun control methods when they have a zero mile mainland border with nobody and USA has a 2000 mile border with effing Mexico.

Posted by Grod on 2014-03-29 04:48:20
The title of this blog post is a bit misleading with regards to the actual contents, even if it is intended to be ironic?

Anyway, America has THE biggest prison populations per capita on the planet, with about 3% of the adult population under correctional supervision at any one time.

Clearly you don't realise PurpleChest, that America needs the death penalty or its prison population would be even bigger so really it is a great country with great solutions to its problems.
Posted by licker on 2014-03-29 05:00:19

That's another funny one dude.
Posted by Beerox on 2014-03-29 05:13:39
Meanwhile, the Norwegian dude who killed 77 people plays video games (fumbbl?) all day and complains. He could actually be released someday.

This punishment is "civilised". Grats on the societal progress.

"Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids games" lol
Posted by Cavetroll on 2014-03-29 05:55:58
PC, I like your new forum avatar. Your blog, less so. But you are entitled to your opinion.
Posted by Grod on 2014-03-29 06:00:55

That's another funny one dude."

Posted by Azure on 2014-03-29 06:19:03
Really, really disappointed in this blog. I am sorry PC, but your arrogance very much not appreciated. I recently read an article about foreign aid spending which exceeded $37 billion in 2012 alone by the United States...and the response by the rest of the world is summed up in blogs like this. Meh, I gotta agree with PainState on this one.
Posted by Badoek on 2014-03-29 06:30:26
Lots of panties in a wad/twist here.
The list of countries is telling though. Jemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia
Posted by BillBrasky on 2014-03-29 06:57:53
I love how people are against the death penalty, until their loved ones are raped & killed. Yay euro-logic.
Posted by Sigmar1 on 2014-03-29 07:08:50
As an American on the (perhaps extreme) left end of the political spectrum, I can acknowledge that PC raises valid points regarding the deficiencies of the American system/ culture as it stands currently (especially as it relates to Health, Education and Corporal Punishment, which appear to be his primary points).

We're making strides on health care despite corporatist opposition (which has a FREAKING HUGE influence in this country). It appears that Immigration Reform may be the next big hurdle attempted to cross. Education and Incarceration remain a serious concern.

It is an unfortunate reality of America's political make-up that a substantial percentage of our population are highly misinformed or maleductated by our 'media'. Hence our disappointing polling and attitudes on such topics as Global Climate Change, Vaccinations, Gun Safety, Transportation and Energy Infrastructure and a host of other issues accepted as scientific fact by our European neighbors.

Despite that, America continues to impoverish itself in order to be the 'World's Policeman'. I wish it weren't so. On the other hand, is there really anything preventing Putin for annexing all of Ukraine, the Balkin States and potentially even more other than American military might?

Europeon states too weak, complacent and dependant on Russian energy exports to offer more than token opposition. Russia's recent aggressiveness is a huge problem. Perhaps you'd rather deal with it yourself while the US recedes to address the issues of your post?
Posted by harvestmouse on 2014-03-29 07:10:16
I don't feel strongly any/either way on this topic, I don't think I'm anti the death penalty in theory. My only comment is 'If Painstate dislikes politics on FUMBBL, maybe he should refrain from posting his extreme ideas'.

I'm guessing this blog is in response to Painstate's earlier 'anti euro traditional sport style blog', and he took the bait in an alarming way. My respect for him goes down another notch.
Posted by Arktoris on 2014-03-29 08:07:54
I find it quite interesting that a man who fantasizes atheist liberals are better than Christian conservatives, chose to reject all women raised in the atheist liberal environment in favor for a woman raised hardcore Christian conservative.

You might want to think about why atheist liberals routinely get "picked over".
Posted by Cloggy on 2014-03-29 09:13:41

That is one of the most poorly worded, unneccessarily personal and silly comment I have read in ages.

You might want to delete that one and try again, since I'm sure I will not be the only one to think far less of you because of it.
Posted by BillBrasky on 2014-03-29 09:43:16
I don't find this too racy, and I think the comments span all points of view.

I find censoring speech to be very much a bad thing. And I also agree that this isn't a political website.

However; I was threatened with banhammer if I made another political blog. I was told this was not the place for such things.

So if this blog is ok, I think all comments are ok too.

Or maybe the truth is political blogs are only ok if HM (or other admin) agree with your point of view.
Posted by f_alk on 2014-03-29 10:40:25
"I love how people are against the death penalty, until their loved ones are raped & killed. Yay euro-logic."

Posted by Royston on 2014-03-29 11:34:49
@PainState I know for a fact you do not pay our Defence bill.
Posted by Carlo_Pellegatti on 2014-03-29 13:46:57
Against death penalty, but can't understand why some of you called in question the Crimea's situation... You are a bit confused guys, that's not what PC was talking about!

/Red Scare!
Posted by PurpleChest on 2014-03-29 13:55:45
I would love to move to the states. My children a=re half American, and i want them to understand, appreciate and feel a part of their culture.

There are many things America does still lead the world in, and it is an impressively free and entrepreneurial place.

But health, education and gun control/death penalty are the three strikes that keep me from wanting to move there.

Some of you know, or were around, when my kids were born. The first birth my daughter very nearly died, and the second birth very nearly saw the death of my wife. luckily we had excellent free health care.

I want my kids to have a decent education, that seems far more likely in the UK.

To point to the few incidents of massive gun violence outside the USA as a balance to the fairly common incidence of gun deaths in USA seems a little desperate. And seems to be a way of avoiding looking for an actual answer.

And the death penalty, well, its one of the ways we define civilised society, in that the state no longer takes lives for crimes.

"I love how people are against the death penalty, until their loved ones are raped & killed. Yay euro-logic."

Well, sort of. It seems you are advocating vengance, or even 'blood debt' as a form of justice. Which IS part of sharia law, but not part of any Western culture, except possibly the US.

Posted by Jeffro on 2014-03-29 14:14:11
Posted by licker on 2014-03-29 14:17:47
As with most stereotypes about the US, europeans utterly fail to recognize the size and diversity of the country, which allows them to form a false sense in thinking that the entire US thinks like the backwards and imbecilic south (HAI LIZVIS!!!).

I'm sure that PC is probably used to 'how we do it in Texas' from his spouse (maybe not, but it seems a fair assumption). Yet even in Texas, as it is significantly larger than the UK, there is a diversity in thought and attitude depending on where you live (ok, mostly if you live in Austin, but still...).

Beyond that you could live in the north east or the north west, Colorado, or Minnesota. You would have different laws concerning Guns, different forms of state health care, and, indeed, different laws on the death penalty.

To blindly blather about how the south(largely) prefers to do things is simply hilarious. And a mighty fine job in trolling, whether you realize you are trolling or not.

"but not part of any Western culture"

I have literally no idea how you can claim this, unless you mean only current Western culture. And even there, ask the man who's wife was just raped and murdered what he thinks should happen to the perpetrator... (asked before, but it goes to your claim of 'part of western culture')

Maybe you don't think that's a fair question, maybe you think that person is not capable of thinking clearly about the situation, maybe you think the government/legal system always knows best. To many this is more a philosophical point than it is an actual legal one, and when you don't account for that difference in how it is interpreted it will be very difficult to have a reasonable discussion about the topic.
Posted by The_Murker on 2014-03-29 15:14:59
.."recognize the size and diversity of the country.."

This. 320 million people. 50 nearly independent state governments. Thousands of miles between it's east and west coast citizens.

You can try and stereotype 100's of millions of people, but it's a pretty ignorant thing to do, isn't it?

The smartest and most thoughtful Americans are smarter and more thoughtful people than any other group another Nation could assemble. The dumbest and most ignorant Americans could surely take first prize as well. It's about numbers, and Americans have numbers.

As a country, it's a bastion of hope and possibility with tremendous global influence. But it is also rife with corporate corruption, greed, wastage, and ignorance.

The most outstanding individuals I have ever worked with have been Americans. The stupidest person I have ever met was American. There is no stereotype that fits.

U.K. television has been just as disappointing and alarming as (almost) any U.S. show I've come across.

As a counter point..

‘American’ based corporations pillage the planet. By comparison.. 37 Billion dollars in aid? That's peanuts. You give peanuts to monkeys so that you can threaten to take the peanuts away if the monkeys don't do as you want. If you can get the monkey's dependant on your peanuts you can make pretty good slaves of them. All foreign aid isn't benevolent. Some? Most? Ideally, but I doubt it.
Posted by PurpleChest on 2014-03-29 15:20:20
My wife is from Texas, with a lot of family in Florida. She also spent 5 years in NEw York before moving to the UK. HEr folks lived in Alexandria (Maryland?) and have now retired to Washington State. Her brother is in Montana and a hunting guide. My Uncle lived there for 30 years, mostly in NEw York and San francisco, though also worked in Dallas and Charleston S.C. Also the town my wife was born in, and a place we both love.

There are many great places and people in The US. And yes my view is somewhat jaded by the gun toting, extreme right wing funadamentalist Christians that populate my wifes family.

But the death penalty is absurd and barbaric. As is the idea of justice decided by the whim of the wronged. I say again, you are advocating vengance, not justice. there is a reason we don't allow people affected by the crime on the Jury. It is to stop such barbarism. The death penalty also does not work as a deterrent .

And of course i mean western countries 'today'. We had the death penalty, and then we progressed. I invite the US to do the same.

And mayeb i need to go check out somewhere like Portland Oregon. My father in law says its full of gay hippy communists pot heads. Which sounds fun. If not to him.
Posted by PurpleChest on 2014-03-29 15:22:41
surely if we just take the numbers, the smartest person on the planet is likely to be chinese? or indian?
Posted by Beerox on 2014-03-29 15:47:31
A worthy cause: SAVE THE MURDERERS


Posted by The_Murker on 2014-03-29 16:23:51
If you just take the numbers. My point is, it wouldn't be a group of 50 elite British minds to take the prize and represent the planet, however voilent, and rural the American south might be. American, Indian, of Chinese, maybe. I'd choose Americans myself.
Posted by Chainsaw on 2014-03-29 18:20:32
> I love how people are against the death penalty, until
> their loved ones are raped & killed. Yay euro-logic.

See, this line of thinking is what separates Europeans from Americans. We believe that the justice system is imperfect, possible to corruption, and thus sometimes wrongly imprisons people. Therefore we believe the death penalty uncivilized because you always end up executing innocent people.

American's just don't give a flying f.... Black? Probably guilty. Death penalty.
Posted by licker on 2014-03-29 18:30:36
That's much more fair I think PC.

The death penalty debate is one that rages in the US as much it rages outside the US against the US. As I pointed out, it's not a federal policy mandated for each state (though there is a federal death penalty). Each state decides their own policy, so while you are right to bemoan the fact that it is allowed under federal law, it's not correct to simply claim that every state or individual in the US is for it.

For the record I have no problems with it philosophically, but I'm also highly pro-abortion :)

As to how it is handled in various jurisdictions... well yes, there are issues to be sure. The larger issues in the US judicial system relate to how drug related offenses are handled, and this is ultimately what stupidly swells our prison population. Fortunately we can see that this is starting to change, and in the next 20 years I would guess that in most sane states (read as 'not the south') marijuana will be decriminalized as it already is in Colorado and Washington (and de facto in a few other states). Eventually this will bleed over into other drug legislation, but it will be a slow process as the inbred christards will continue to prattle on about whatever stupidity they believe.
Posted by pythrr on 2014-03-29 19:20:39
dem 'merikans are teh dumbs.

mmm, popcorn.
Posted by keggiemckill on 2014-03-29 21:09:21
Kill and be killed. The death Penalty did detour people at one time. Is the Death Penalty morally a proper thing? It is not up to you to decide from your wholesome sitcom like home. I had a friend that was murdered from a random jumping. These Skin heads jumped a group of timid 15 year olds and caught one. Beat him so badly he died. They went as far as to drop a shopping cart on his head. Laughing the fricken whole time. The only guy caught got sentence for a minor amount of years. Now let me ask you something PC, Chainsaw, and whoever. If your good hearted innocent child got murdered, what would you be wishing for that murderer? In the US he would have eventually been put down like a rabid dog. Instead that Mother F'er enjoys his 8/8 cell while the other 4 guys walk free. All because he won't talk or selfishly won't admit to his actions. He would have squawked to not get lethally injected in the US. Look the kid up. Jesse Cadman was his name. If you went through that then I wonder of you would think there is room in this world for that kind of injustice. The death penalty isn't for revenge, it is for the safety of society. We don't have it in Canada. "Anyone can make a mistake," "They all should have a chance to be rehabilitated." Bull Shit. Some people are not meant for this world. Some evil people need to be extinguished. Ironically enough Chuck Cadman ran for office and changed the young offenders act. Unfortunately it was after his son was murdered. Fortunately for that skin head, he murdered an innocent in Canada and not in Texas.

This whole blog is typical from people watching from afar. Snooty high and mighty social preppies. I haven't met many English people that I have liked, because they all think that everyone else that doesn't act and think like them are idiots. It infuriates me because you read some stats and you think you need to invoke your moral high ground on others and then complain in a similar way that your own family members do to you. The only difference is that you sit on the opposite sides of the floor, all the time arguing over who has the right coloured cross. Is your opinion better? I don't care. It doesn't effect you. It probably will never effect you. You don't brutally murder other people. There is nothing for any of you to worry about. Raise your kids to act the same and to protect themselves from the brutality of this world. Live in a place that you agree with and find safety there. If you want changes, go and make the changes. Don't criticize from your Penthouse Apartment about how dirty the street look 20 stories below you. You are cozy up there, so you should stay up there.
Posted by Anzelak on 2014-03-29 21:27:12
How ugly you all look with your wild generalisations.

"As with most stereotypes about the US, europeans utterly fail to..."

Fighting the old fire with a little petrol are you...?

You then bang on about "diversity in thought" when you just generalised about 740 million people.

What a massive waste of my time :P.
Posted by licker on 2014-03-29 22:08:57
Perhaps, the generalization made was 'those europeans making those stereotypical claims', however, I left that to be inferred. My fault there.

As to the waste of your time, oh well. Go fly a kite, why did you even bother replying if this was such a waste of your time?
Posted by DeZigma on 2014-03-29 22:14:32
Well it's always strange to read something about races? I thought we are one race ...
Posted by Dalfort on 2014-03-30 03:04:29
... and my place of escape becomes real; bitterness and bile at the evils of the world are being tightly bound up and hurled at each other as though the pain they inflict will be bring relief from those injustices.

When I was 16 I had to attend a government training course (YTS for those of you in the UK that remember them!) I had a place in a pharmaceutical company and was dealing daily with bulk quantises of medical substances, whilst on my corresponding academic day release course had to deal with thousandths of a gramme; my young brain, (granted disillusioned with education) could not cope with the extreme disparity.

Now, (disillusioned with life in general) I find that TV "talk" shows thrive on Specific/Generalisation disparity as the hosts carefully dance on the fence in the guise of Devils Advocate (thinly veiling their concern over being legally challenged!). PLEASE do not let FUMBBL blogs descend to these depths. I believe; we have a group of highly intelligent people here, surely we can be accepting of people's differing views? That we can express ourselves without resorting to devaluing another POV or worse, openly insulting them.
Posted by f_alk on 2014-03-30 10:03:40
" It is not up to you to decide from your wholesome sitcom like home." - It's not up to you eiter.

" I had a friend that was murdered ... Beat him so badly he died. ... The only guy caught got sentence for a minor amount of years." - Well, the prosectutor plans to give his final speech monday in a week, after more than a year of trial.

" Now let me ask you something PC, Chainsaw, and whoever. If your good hearted innocent child got murdered, what would you be wishing for that murderer?" - That depends. THe first impetus would be revenge, but then I start to think.

" If you went through that then I wonder of you would think there is room in this world for that kind of injustice. The death penalty isn't for revenge, it is for the safety of society." - There is room for that injustice, as you have seen yourself. I fear I may see this injustice as well after the performances of the defenders (who morally seem to be much worse than the accused ones).
And: read what you wrote, everything you've written screams for revenge - your own very personal revenge (you even give names!), and not for safety of sciety (that's just a cheap straw man). I understand that, I've been there (the revenge thing) as well, but the death penalty is not about safety of society.

""Anyone can make a mistake," "They all should have a chance to be rehabilitated." Bull Shit. Some people are not meant for this world. Some evil people need to be extinguished." - You are right that *a very few* - and as such much less than *some* - are really evil, dangerous, whatever you want to call it. They need to be isolated from society, locked up for the rest of their lifes. There is no need to kill them.
Using the word "extinguish" again shows your understandable emotions, but - you should be aware that this term was used in conjunction with "unworthy life" by one political ideology that you really don't want to follow (I hope).
Posted by BillBrasky on 2014-03-30 12:21:55
Just a side observation: "Gun Control" is an issue?

In 18 years of law enforcement, and more than 50 homicides, I have not seen any people killed by legally owned guns (not counting suicides... sure there have been hundreds of those).

On the other hand, guns possessed by felons, seem to be a big killer. "Gun Control Laws" tend to neuter the law-abiding folks, and not deter criminals.

In an academic world, maybe laws stop things. But not in real life. The US has a rich culture of firearms, which isn't going anywhere hopefully. Those that break laws are not bothered by them.

As far as vengeance goes, I have no such desire. However; rather than lock someone up for 70 years. If a person has killed multiple individuals, I think the death penalty is appropriate. That should (in theory) save money.

If a person could be rehabilitated, I'd be all for it. But, I also am skeptical about how many people are capable of reformation. Certainly, under reasonable circumstances, I'd be all for it.

Posted by DeZigma on 2014-03-30 12:47:22
Bill: It is not only a question of gun controll.
We in Europe have also legal weapons. Maybe it is hard to belive for you, but we have sportman and hunters too!

And hey we have real football! Means we kick a ball and we dont thorow a pill!

Coming back to the guns, it is not that easy to buy one in Europe.
There are gouvermental restrictions, registry at police (central, not local), etcpp. Means a lot of things you have to do, before going to buy a real gun. You are not able to purchase shells in a mall or supermarket andsoonandsoon.....
It seems that it is very simple to purchase a gun in the States. The legal one and especially illegal ones.

That's for Europe a bit different.
Posted by Gromrilram on 2014-03-30 12:59:56
I would be much happier if people who make smart arguments would get rid of that stupid category of 'race'. It is absolute nonsense, and especially when the point is to make a scientific statement, it makes you look stupid.
Posted by uzkulak on 2014-03-30 19:59:24
Depressing that this topic gets so much attention on a games website. We are a very diverse bunch of people who play bloodbowl - we should focus on what we have in common not what keeps us apart.
Posted by PurpleChest on 2014-03-30 20:43:39
thats what saddens me uzkulak. i would have thought anyone with internet access to be anti death penalty. I can't understand why it isnt a universal uniting us all.

It is just so massively and obviously wrong.
Posted by DeZigma on 2014-03-30 21:39:21
Well PC, why should internet unify us? The internet is for porn!
Posted by uuni on 2014-03-30 22:07:19
I for one also oppose death penalty. And I feel this blog entry is better than Painstate's, which this apparently responded to.
Posted by licker on 2014-03-31 03:49:43
I don't understand why people get so worked up if others want to discuss something other than the usual FUMBBL topics? If it doesn't interest you, you know where the door is right?

Here's the thing, people around here form friendships, or at least some kind of relationship, and once you have that, you also have an interest in the opinions these friends may have. At least I do.

I'd rather discuss the death penalty with FUMBBLers than on some random politico blog/site. I know who the trolls are, and I know who the people who are interested in actually having a discussion are. I recognize the intelligence levels of those around here, and it's better to hear something thought out by PC or Painstate as I have a better understanding of their positions on other topics and their general ability/interest in other FUMBBL related discussions.

Again, this isn't clogging up the forums, this hasn't devolved into a bunch of 'YOU ARE!' 'NO YOU!!!' nonsense. If/when it does the mods step in, though usually even before that it dies it's own death.

So if you don't care what my opinion is, don't read it. When I don't care what your opinion is, believe me, I don't tell you, because I'm not even looking at it :)
Posted by BillBrasky on 2014-03-31 05:12:35
I don't see how internet access would deny a vote for the death penalty.

I'm a utilitarian. My thoughts are simple. If you kill 30 pre-schoolers on a shooting spree because you forgot to take your meds, I don't see the value to society for paying for you to sit in a prison for the next 50 years. I'm fine with you being executed.

I don't advocate the death sentence for jay-walking, or even for rape.

But if you have a habit of killing folks, I think we should cut our losses.
Posted by PainState on 2014-03-31 16:35:16
Just for the record: If this is in response to my blog about our Brazillan hooligan goal keeper.

I had posted last year about the ref that was drawn and quartered last year. I posted about that zany event with ronaldo 2 years ago.

Everybody took it for what it was. A zany/crazy event that had at is core soccer/football.

Yet this time I posted a interesting sports story of a player gettting out of jail to keep playing on work release and some of you obvisously took it as some deep poilitical message I was sending out.


Hundreds of convicts are released every day around the world...they dont make news or the FUMBBL blogs because they do not play soccer and nobody knows who they are. Heck if our hooligan goalie got work release to work at the basket weaving factory we would not know it. The only reason this is news is he is on work release to play soccer professionally and signed a contract. Which most people around the world think that is whack.
Posted by PainState on 2014-03-31 17:03:43
"It boggles the mind that many of the supporters of capital punishment over here are staunchly "pro-life" at the same time." --happygrue

I was rereading this insanity and the first post actually caught my eye.

It boggles my mind that the pro abortion crowd also houses the majority of the anti death penalty advocates.

So they do not have any issue aborting (killing) a baby but putting a 50 year old man who killed 7 people is beyond the pale of barbarity.

Pro Lifers would if you are given a choice would rather see a 50 year old murder executed rather than see thousands of inoccent children executed before birth.

If you do not see the diffrence I can not help you man.
Posted by Frankenstein on 2014-03-31 23:53:05
"I want my kids to have a decent education, that seems far more likely in the UK."
You can afford Summerhill? Yay you then. Or do you prefer Sudberry?
Posted by the.tok on 2014-04-01 18:44:41
Quote : We pay your defense bill...We protect you when war shows up...

I shouldn't have read this, this is really disgusting for me to hear that...

Seriously? what do you mean by that?
US is always the one starting the wars, I wouldn't call it protecting anyone.

Who was protected in Afghanistan? I don't call manipulating countries and killing millions of people for oil "protecting" sorry.

Ok Putin doesn't seem friendly, but US doesn't either, and have attacked things much bigger than Crimea in the past 15 years... because they have an army Putin can only dream of.

US are not the good guys. Things aren't that simple, they are just the biggest bully to me

I think US has wonderful and bad people just like every country in the world (including all the ones US invaded FTR), but claiming the US state is like a generous white knight saving everyone... seriously. Just read and learn
Posted by licker on 2014-04-01 21:33:02

That's not what he meant (and don't assume I agree with him otherwise please).

Because the US carries such a large military it allows for other nations otherwise allied with the US to not have to carry as large a military as they would if they were not members of NATO or the UN or whatever treaty organization is pertinent.

The US even bases large portions of its military in Europe and Asia. Why? Well if you think it's to invade countries you're further off the path than Bill ever was. However, the presence of US military in allies countries allows for those allies to be a bit more flexible in their military spending.

At least that's the argument which is rational. Agree or disagree if it's a good or bad thing, that's an entirely different conversation. I'd be happier if the US pulled out of all it's foreign military commitments myself.