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New to FUMBBL/Bloodbowl? Join the 145!

On FUMBBL we have a place where new players to Blood Bowl, or just to FUMBBL, can get some help, advice and an environment of learning and positivity, while playing other similar newer coaches. Even if they just want to meet other coaches, chat and 'get comfy' on FUMBBL, the 145 is the place.

And we can help, we have experienced coaches, as well as other new coaches, there specifically to answer your questions, offer feedback and replay reviews, skill picks, you name it, there is no such thing as a bad question in the 145. (This isn't the place for experienced coaches to hunt rookies/easy games though. It's a space for newer folks to get comfortable with Blood Bowl and FUMBBL.)

Anyone can join our Discord and be part of it: https://discord.gg/Y9gfdMPs5n
We also run a 'season', a open round robin where each coach can play any of up to 39 other coaches once, at any time. For fun, for practice, and to learn. it takes place in 'L' division, and teams can be made using the link on our home page here: https://fumbbl.com/p/group&group=3180&op=view

And we started a new season/tournament a couple of days ago, which runs until 16th March

Please create new teams for the league!

This is the Et Tu, Grak? Play eight games with that roster during the season, and earn your 'Et Tu, Grak?' award/cuddle! (And really... that award and the opportunity to learn some stuff are the only awards we're handing out.)

"So, how do you get started," I hear you ask?
Up top right, the bit that says 'Create team for this league'

Sign them up here! (Select them from the drop down at the bottom of the page. This is an important step.

So why not join in, meet other newer coaches, have some fun, get some help, or at least a less win focused environment to play in.

And if you're too good for the 145? then come help us help others.

At the 145 Club we have a simple mission. to help people.
Help them learn to play Blood Bowl.
Help them learn to play on FUMBBL.
Help them gain confidence and launch into the wider site, game and hobby.

That means anything from answering questions like 'is block a good skill then?' to discussing the intricacies of one-turn touchdowns.

If you think you could be part of that, we can never have too many people ready to answer, help and sympathise.
So drop by the 145 and/or tell me 'I want to help' and everyone would love to see you.

(your reward will be solely in personal growth and smugness, no actual reward is offered)


"More questions?"

Check the 145 FAQ to see if they're answered there. Otherwise join us on the Discord (link above.)
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