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2021-11-05 22:07:51
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Carbon Copy
BB16 is dying. Ranked, Blackbox both wastelands. People in League want to play BB20, but sentimental people in League may not want to start afresh. I believe the intention is that one day there will be a tool to convert league teams in BB16 ruleset rosters to league teams in BB20 rosters.

If you don't want to wait, you can do it manually. Here's a quick guide for league admins to bring their people over.

Step 1: Create a new ruleset under BB20 rules*

Step 2: A coach creates a new team under this ruleset. They name it similar to their BB16 team. Buy as many of their players as they can with the budget (make sure they are numbered correctly if you want a true carbon copy). Submit for approval.

Step 3: League admin steps in. Add funds to buy any extra players. Rerolls. Apothecary. Anything to match the old team

Step 4: Time to edit the players.

(A) Add injuries. Click on the injuries box and add all you need to

(B) Add SPP. Click on the XPP (Extra SPP) number and type in the bb16 spp (120 in the Fauru example)

(C) Add skills. Click "Edit Skills". Add all the skills you need to. Then type in the costs and update each one. The client will determine from this whether the skills were Chosen or Random (or Other if you get the number wrong).

(D) Remove SPP. Navigate back to the player page and type in the SPP spent in SS (Spent SPP). For the Fauru example it is 1st skill stat (18spp) + 2nd skill chosen primary (8spp) + 3rd skill chosen secondary (18spp) + 4th skill chosen primary (16spp) + 5th skill stat (32spp) = 92spp note: this is my method. the migration script treats unspent spp differently

Repeat for all of the players.

Step 5: Edit the Dedicated Fans. I'm not sure what this should be. I use the value that the migration script gives me:
Win rate: 43%
Dedicated Fans: 3

You now have a carbon copy of the original team in the BB20 ruleset. Play on!
Tanuki Original: https://www.fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=808160
Tanuki Carbon Copy: https://www.fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=1053673

Step 6: And this is the painful one. Coach clicks retire on his BB16 team. League admin adds "(BB16 Archive)" to the old team name, and changes the BB20 team name to the original.


* If you want to retain the old League group, you can do this, but all the teams in the group need to be purged from the group prior to switching the ruleset to BB20. Otherwise bad things could happen. SWL has successfully done this.


What about skills that no longer exist?
That's a call for the league admin. I'm going to give back the spp, they can spend how they wish

What about positions that no longer exist? (e.g. Wraiths)
That's a call for the league admin. I'm not going to convert Wights to Wraiths. Money will be credited, and purchased Wraiths start from scratch.

What about my team and player's history. The TDs scored, the matches, the total Cas count?
Place a link on the team/player bio to the old retired team.

What if a player has spent more spp than they've earned?
Then they'll have negative spp, and have some catching up to do. e.g.Kuikku Sunappu
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Posted by mekutata on 2021-11-06 09:53:00
Bb16 is dying but not their players.
So small warning for people using thus template, fumbbl doesn't (yet) allow admin editing injuries. They will look alright on the page but not recognized ingame by the client.
Posted by CroixFer on 2021-11-08 13:18:29
and not all players want to play bb20. I do not.
Posted by KidCrestHill on 2021-11-08 15:13:17
I came back to the sever to play the 2020 rule set, can't wait for Backbox to go 2020 then I'm back in
Posted by Azur on 2021-11-16 13:57:38