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DIBBL Big Star Cauldron
The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg has just completed its first major tournament.

This was also the first tournament that I've run and it was a lot of fun. DIBBL is the new FUMBBL league for New Zealand based TT players at NZBBN. The BIG Star Cauldron was a straight knockout competition (full rules below) where all 16 teams had their own Big Star (St>5). We managed to recruit 3 new players to FUMBBL, plus some existing kiwis on FUMBBL (one who I found by stalking the Coach Locator), and made up the numbers with some friends across the ditch on SWL.

It was surprising just how squishy these Big Guy stars were. I think in over half the games a Big Star ended up in casualty - my own Morg was badly hurt in the first action of the game by Big Bertha.

"Who is the worst Big Star?" was a question asked before the tournament began. One answer was "Icepelt Hammerblow!".... funny then that Icepelt won the whole thing. Well done Dunenzed!

It was a big gimmicky, inducements needed to be manually calculated before each game to include the mandatory Big Star. But mostly it ran smoothly, and I think was a successful tournament. All the games were played in good spirit, with a good amount of friendly chatter throughout.

Here are the rules. BIG Star II will be in about 6 months time.

The BIG Star Cauldron

Teams start at 1,100k value. They must have 11 starting players plus room for a mandatory Big Guy Star inducement. E.g. You could build an Orc team of 830k and take Ripper.
Admins will ensure there’s enough money in your kitty to induce your chosen Big Star every game. No dipping into this for other purchases. Also, if you make it past Round 1, you may only spend your winnings on team purchases (no touching the unspent start up money).

A Big Guy Star is any star St5+. There are 14 of these Big Guy Stars
Add in the two Ball&Chains (St7) which are a bit too cheap to affect the budget. So, money needs to be spent on bribes to keep them on the field Fungus (+3 bribes) and Fezglitch (+2 bribes). Their bribes may only be used to keep them in the game - unless they get injured, after which can be used on the rest of the team.
And Big Guy Star #17 is Puggy.

No team may have more than one Big Guy Star.

It's a Straight Knock Out competition. We'll get between 8 and 16 teams (aiming for the full 16 of course). You're not committing yourself to too many games here (maybe only 1). A great chance to try out FUMBBL with people you know.

Because of the no identical opposing star CRP rule (which I haven't found a way around), there will be a draft in place. As a goal is to tempt TTers and Cyanites to the Dark Side that is FUMBBL, newcomers will get first choice on a first come first served basis.

Draft order:
1) Newcomers (and long time absentees). Declare your chosen star by Friday 13th
2) NZ-based FUMBBL regulars. Declare your chosen star on 14th or 15th
3) Then I'll go searching for Aussie fillers to make up the numbers to 8 or more.

Then make your team in League. Let me know the name, and I'll invite you to this fantastic event.

Go the Big Guy!


First Draft
- declare your Big Guy Star by Friday 13/3 (newcomers and long time absentees)
Mighty Zug - Shteve0 (Human)
Ripper - heretek (Goblin)
Puggy Baconbreath - Toffer (Halfling)

Second Draft - declare your Big Guy Star on the weekend (existing NZ FUMBBLers)
Morg 'n' Thorg - ramchop (Norse)
Ramtut III - mushoomy (Undead)
Icepelt Hammerblow - Dunenzed (Norse)
Brick Farth & Grotty - Taketheskull (Chaos)
Headsplitter - coombz (Skaven)
King Boombastic - BigBullies (Simyin)

Third Draft - declare your Bug Guy Star on Monday 16/3 (Aussie SWL invaders)
Hthark the Unstoppable - DrPoods (Chaos Dwarf)
Count Luthor Von Drakenborg - suttbutt (Vampire)
Grashnak Blackhoof - Toonie (Chaos Dwarf)
Bertha Bigfist - polemarch (Amazon)
Deeproot Strongbranch - Luohghcra (Halfling)
Lord Borak - cdwat (Nurgle)
Fezglitch (+ 2 bribes) - Karnov (Skaven)

On the side-lines in a drug induced haze:
Fungus the Loon (+ 3 bribes)
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Posted by Luohghcra on 2015-04-25 06:51:22
This was great fun! Thanks 'chop for running it - I think it was a great success. I'd love a crack at next season, if there's room for 'SWL invaders' again ;)
Posted by happygrue on 2015-04-25 16:58:14
Looks like a fun event and a fun idea!
Posted by Dunenzed on 2015-04-25 17:32:25
It sure was. Having the big guys was great fun and made for interesting contests when they came together on the pitch.
Posted by DrPoods on 2015-04-25 19:55:00
I guess AG next...
Posted by bigbullies on 2015-04-25 23:50:48
Im in regardles of whats next mate
And hopefully it wont be vs taketheskull in the first round of another knockout tournament ;)