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2017-07-31 10:18:10
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2017-07-31 10:18:10
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DLE - Bucs down and out?
Downward spiral - are the Bucs about to break or will they rise from the ashes?

Brionne is deeply worried about it's beloved Buccaneers. The team lost 3 players worth 290k TV in the last 2 games, among them iconic team captain Eric Ebron. Overall SPP gains were measly, not a single player has improved his skills since season start. The coach made several dubious if not outright bad playcalls. The players spirits are low. The apos feeble tries to help the team backfired badly and resulted in 3 deaths (the night after the apo had killed the 2nd player in a row he was found dead in some dark side street in Brionne). Last but not least Nuffle deserted the Buccaneers. Not for one game, not for two, but for 5 games in a row.

The desastrous combination of adverse factors has led to a start into the season that's worse beyond imagination: Bucs are last in their division (trailing 3rd ranking team by 3 points!) and could well end up in the dead last 32nd spot after round 4 will have been completed. Some in Bretonnia are talking about a curse and already comparing Bucs downfall with the long downturn of their Bretonnian competitors, the Sharks, in seasons 2 and 3.

Against this backdrop the future of the Bucs is most uncertain. Rumours are running wild. Behind the scenes observers are shaking their heads about franchise owner and GM Mean Andugl, who has not at all been able to get the Bucs out of the storm and into calmer waters. Quite the contrary, Andugl is adding oil to the rampaging fire. One day he whines about Bucs bad luck and curses Nuffle (most unwise as we all know, but good luck telling that Mean Andugl himself), next day he threatens to fire half of the team and the coach too (ridiculous, guess who is Bucs coach?), another day he contemplates to shut down the franchise, demolish Hell's Pit and use the area for residential building instead. The latest twist: defiance. Against all advice from the wise masters Andugl summoned the whole team, Buccaneers staff plus some local reporters to the middle of the pitch in Hell's Pit, and with fists clenched and a furious look in the eyes declared (well, shouted fits better) the following:

"We will not meekly wait until this hailstorm of shit is over. We will not give up and not surrender. There will be no more excuses and no more whining, no backing down, let alone any incentive to fail. To those of you who think there is some good in losing since we will have great picks next draft: Forget it! We will offer our 1st round pick for sale, to make sure you don't rely any longer on help from others. You have done that too often recently. I won't have it anymore! How often did captain Ebron have to bail you out after you blundered? Too often! But Ebron is dead, and so are Cherilus and now Sankey too. Honour their memories and get your act together, Buccaneers! Fight!

And to that bloody bastard above or below, who cares: If you want to get us down you have to shoot us from the skies, each and everyone, again and again and again, cause we will rise again each time. Bring it on Nuffle!
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Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-07-31 10:30:54
Haha, awesome, that's the spirit Andugl!

And a 1st round pick for sale, huh? Hmmm, now that's interesting...
Posted by The_Demon on 2017-07-31 10:54:12
After that rousing speech, what are the odds the Bucs are in the playoffs...?
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-07-31 11:22:24
meanandugl looks to have found his totem-animal. Back in the fight! Love it! You just watchout, whoever meets Bucs next game.
Posted by bghandras on 2017-07-31 11:32:44
Party is over, fight remains! That is the spirit!
Posted by bigf on 2017-07-31 11:53:36
WOOOO!!!! The buccs are back!!
Posted by grunth on 2017-07-31 12:34:46
yeah... fear the Bucs revenge...
Posted by kummo on 2017-08-01 01:47:41
Sharks are next.. that.. that game might be interesting.