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Season LXXI running

Join us here

Welcome to the WIL
The White Isle League, fondly known as WIL, is a long standing league with history that goes way back with over 70+ seasons of blood and glory.

The WIL is an eternal league with teams cutting their teeth in the regional divisions, climbing through the conference divisions to finally battle it out in the Premiership to join the past champions in eternal glory.

We are always on the lookout for new teams so if you are ready to take on the WIL get in touch with an admin or join us on discord.

Season LXXI in progress. Always recruiting for next season, so go ahead and make a team for Season LXXII

Season Deadlines
112 May
221 May
330 May
48 Jun
517 Jun
626 Jun
75 Jul
Past Champions
LXIXUndead WIL Fol82fol82
LXVIIITeotiqua Bladesgeggster
LXVIIPower of HatsWotfudboy
LXVIUmeå NightcrawlersSideshowBob
LXVUmeå NightcrawlersSideshowBob
LXIV[WIL] Purple DelversPurpleChest
LXIII[WIL] Purple DelversPurpleChest
LXII[WIL] Purple DelversPurpleChest


------------------------------------- WIL LXVII: ----------------------------------------

White Isle has a new champion as Wotfudboy managed to beat rodvil's Tomb Kings by the smallest of margins.The Prem generally was an ultra-close affair, with the winner having won only 3 of his 7 games.

WIL Lion Conference Division saw DaCoach take Amazons to the Prem for the first time in bb2020 history, closely followed by puccios' Khorne, returning Khorne to Prem after just one season in the Conferences.

In WIL Unicorn Conference Division coach Dreamland ignited the hopes of a prem winner from Elven Union, as he took them to Prem with a positive TD and Cas record. Runner up was dolce, bringing his rising star humans to Prem just in 2 seasons.

WIL Albany Regional Division was a sorry affair, plagued by unreliable coaches. In the end there was no denying that the winner was greatcrusade08, as he won all this (two) games with orcs, bringing these to the conferences. Runner-up is WIL vet Medon with High Elves.

WIL Great Albion Regional Division was a lively affair, where the two ratty teams of Wynters_Dad and ThomasW outpaced and outscored Nurgle and Khorne.

------------------------------------- WIL LXVI: ----------------------------------------

Coach SideshowBob defended his position, despite losing the first game of the season to Purplegoo. But six straight wins after that was enough to be champion. Runner-up was Wotfudboy with Chaos Dwarves Power of Hats.

WIL Lion Conference Division saw coach rodvil take Khemri to the Premier.
Runner-up was Rags with Elven Union.

In WIL Unicorn Conference Division no teams were a match for geggster as his Lizardmen came first on TDs scored and Cas inflicted. Runner-up was Chaos [WIL] Terrible Thundergoats, coaches by YuriSloerie.

WIL Albany Regional Division was a lively affair, but coach dolce's humans Orkfield BBC overtook all opposition to go 7/0/0 and win their division.
Undead LooNEY ToMBS, coaches by bowzer were almost equally impressive, going 6/0/1 as runner-ups.

WIL Great Albion Regional Division was plagued by many unplayed games.
Winner was Fiskey7's rats.

------------------------------------- WIL LXV: ----------------------------------------

New Champion SideshowBob un-throned PurpleChest after being runner-up some seasons. Purplegoo was runner-up, due to best H2H vs PurpleChest.

WIL Lion Conference Division saw coach uzkulak just sneak his humans past Wotfudboy's Chaos Dwarves with the smallest of margins - Net TD + Cas.

WIL Unicorn Conference Division was another close affair, where coach Edwin25301 squeezed past WIL veteran Bill-BJJ th his High Elves due to H2H.

WIL Albany Regional Division was also close, and only decided in the last game of the season. That, however, was a onesided affair, and coach SergeiBautin won with his skaven, DaCoach and amazons runner-up.

WIL Great Albion Regional Division saw coach MisterA return Khorne to the Conferences, as they tore through the division. This in turn resulted in a rule change to limit the treasury teams brings with them between seasons. Runner-ups were Underword, coached by badger4.

------------------------------------- WIL LXIV: ----------------------------------------

PurpleChest did a triple as he coached his dwarves to champions for the third time a in row. Once again SideshowBob's Necros were runner-ups.

WIL Lion Conference Division saw coach Thoriin bring his Dark Elves back to prem after one season away, followed by new Prem team Pickle Bulls, coached by BardoHBD.

WIL Unicorn Conference Division was a onesided affair as coach HeirOphant went 7/0/0 with his Underworld - don't underestimate the star players in bb2020!. He is joined by Prez, bringing back Undead to the Prem.

WIL Albany Regional Division was, like Great Albion, plagued by unreliable coaches and saw too many forfeits. Still Elven Union Kourali Comets, coached by Rags went undefeated, and earned their promotion to conferences. Fellow elves, De Nachtwacht, joins them.

WIL Great Albion Regional Division fared a little better and was closely contended, to the poit of 2 coaches going 6/1/0. Some the deciders had been made, it was clear necros For Science!! came first, as winners in H2H. They are joined by Elven Union Dynamo Canaries.

------------------------------------- WIL LXIII: ----------------------------------------

PurpleChest once again coached his dwarves to champions second time around. This time, however, competition was close, and the title was only secured in the last round, as SideshowBob's necros buckled under pressure vs geggster's lizardmen, another close contender.

The new prem season promises to be a blast - not only are the past top contenders still around, but they are joined by no less than 3 races yet to be WIL champions - Nobles, Khemri and Khorne. Can they make the miracle and unforlorn a new race?

WIL Lion Conference Division saw coach Kinks continue his impressive run with chaos dwarves, securing promotion and first place in 2 seasons back to back. Rodvil and Khemri were runners up. With Kinks taking a break, Khemri are joined by awamba's dorfs.

WIL Unicorn Conference Division was a onesided affair as coach Wotfudboy smashed his way to victory with chaos dwarves. He is joined by no less than Khorne, coached by puccios.

WIL Albany Regional Division saw coach YuriSloerie take Chaos to the title. They are followed by MisterA and Khorne to the conferences.

In WIL Great Albion Regional Division coach BlackNWhiteDog took the title with Lizradmen. He is joined by coach BardoHBD, taking Chaos Dwarves to promotion in their first season.

------------------------------------- WIL LXII: ----------------------------------------

Congratulations to PurpleChest for being first champion.

WIL Lion Conference Division was heavily contested, and after a little paperwork, it was clear that SideshowBob with runner-up uzkulak were ready to take on Prem with Necro and Humans, repectively.

In WIL Unicorn Conference Division it was a close run, with coaches Prez and Purplegoo coming evenly out on top, with Prez' Undead winning the H2H with a better net TD+Cas score. They take on Prem with Undead and Nobles, repectively.

WIL Albany Regional Division saw two team go undeafeated and Kinks and greateagle took Chaos and High Elves to the conferences.

WIL Great Albion Regional Division was no match for the 2020 edition of legendary WIL team Rickson By Armbar, as they smashed their way back to Conferences.
They are joined by no other than Khorne, as coach puccios coached them to 2nd place, in a close call with Chaos and Dark elves.

Team Registration
The league generally recruits between seasons but do get in contact with a WIL admin or drop by the discord as there may be an opening in-season.

Entry requirements
Broadly speaking we are an English speaking, UK time zone league so coaches wanting to join should be within +/- two time zones of GMT. We are a friendly bunch and have been known to bend these rules ... quite frequently.

Please note a season is usually 6-7 rounds with games played every 9-days. To keep the league moving we do set deadlines. Having team drop outs is not great for the rest of the coaches so please make sure you can commit a game every 9 days.

Selecting a race
In order to avoid flooding the league with teams of the same race we do try to limit the number of teams per race. This means that there might not be a completely even mix of teams but this is quite fitting to the Blood Bowl fluff. We ask new coaches to check the Teams page of this group to find races that are under represented. If in doubt ask!

Races allowed
Starting from Season LXX, WIL races are NAF-BB2020. So, Competitive including Slann.

Create a team
Once you have selected a race create a new TV 1,100k team using this link or click the “Create team for this league” at the top right of this page. Once finished submit your team to the WIL - go to the Teams page and under the table of teams you will find the “Apply for membership” button.

Once your team has been approved you will get added to the group messaging to be kept up to date.

During a season each division will have an admin and a private messaging group. Games a generally scheduled over messaging or on Discord.

May Nuffle bless your team!

League Rules
White Isle League uses the BB2020 ruleset as implemented on Fumbbl. If really interested, the ruleset used can be found here. The official one used by bb2020 is this.

Seasons and re-drafting
The WIL is all about team rivalries built over many seasons. So while trying to stay as close to BB2020 rules as possible there are a few twists to allow for teams and players to grow big and experienced, respectively.

- At end of Season when you decide to continue into next season, the WIL Commissioner will place your team into whichever division they qualify for. This is able to be seen on the WIL Teams page, where the 'score' denotes the Tier limit of whichever Division your team has qualified.

- Rest between Seasons allows for players to recover.
During the post-season, a roll is made for each Niggling Injury a player has: on a 4+ it is cured (add +1 to roll if apo on team). Rolls will be made by an admin on Discord.
Also any Players suffering 'MNG' in the last game of the season are patched up ready to play the opening game of next season, again an admin will remove the MNG from your relevant players.

- Trim teams to TV tiers (inc treasury)

Tiered TV trimming is made, based on the division you're about to play in. TV for tiers are as follows:
* Premiership - 1700k
* Conferences - 1500k
* Regionals - 1300k
* New Teams - 1100k

This includes the sum of a team's CTV and Treasury.
eg. If your team will be playing in the Conferences next season:
The 1500k limit for the start of season is CTV + Treasury < or = 1500k

ie The Total Sum of CTV + Treasury is less than or equal to 1500k

This can be done, by firing, hiring and spending Treasury however you like, but if you have any dificulty or questions please reach out to an Admin for support.

- Ready team

Your team should be readied at that correct Trim Limit before the first game of following season.
(As ever any difficulty with this, please contact an Admin in good time.)

Birthday Potions and Kickstarter Gifts
For the purposes of maintaining a level playing field, please do not use birthday healing potions or any other scrolls or potions from the FUMBBL Kickstarter in WIL.

Timing out opponent
WIL matches should be played in a competitive and friendly spirit. Timing out an opponent without prior warning is considered poor sportsmanship, and should be avoided.

Each round of matches will have a 9-day deadline, but coaches are very much encouraged to organise and complete matches as often as possible. The deadlines for all the rounds will be published on the group homepage and generally communicated during the season kick off. Please get in touch with your opponents early on and any issues with scheduling let your division admin know.

An extension of up to 2 days can be given if both players are sure to get the game played in that time. (N.B. Sometimes this extension will not be available if this will delay the start of another tournament but this will be indicated in group PM's).

If they can't guarantee that the game will be played the game will be forfeited on the deadline.

The rules used for forfeiting are based on the official FUMBBL tournament rules and are as follows:
* If no coach contacts the staff neither team will get the points. In a cup then it will be random unless one coach has obviously been absent.
* If only one coach contacts the staff that coach wins by forfeit
* If both coaches are judged to be equally responsible for the match failing to be played, neither team will get any points from the match.
* If both coaches contact the admin we will look at the circumstances. This might result in a random forfeit or a certain team forfeiting.

Scoring System
* 5 points are scored for a win (or win by forfeit)
* 2 points for a draw
* 1 point for a loss
* 0 points for a loss or draw by forfeit or concession

So: play your games! Just turning up and hanging on for the final whistle will get you a point!

Coaches who consistently forfeit or concede matches will be kicked from the league. Concessions are allowed but very strongly discouraged. The leagues and cups will be short so teams can easily be retired afterwards and a new team started.

Team Retirements
A team can be retired after a season or cup finishes and replaced with a brand new TW 1100 team in a regional division.

Tie Breakers
* Head-to-head
* Net TD+Cas
* Net TD
* Net Cas
* TD scored
* CAS scored
* Coin toss

Note WIL Admin group will put forward changes in the league to the community before bringing them in to get feedback and opinions from the players. They are also open to suggestions on changes from the community to make things better. However they will have the final say on any changes...

Champions of the bb2020 era

WIL Premiership

LXIXUndead WIL Fol82fol82
LXVIIITeotiqua Bladesgeggster
LXVIIPower of HatsWotfudboy
LXVIUmeå NightcrawlersSideshowBob
LXVUmeå NightcrawlersSideshowBob
LXIV[WIL] Purple DelversPurpleChest
LXIII[WIL] Purple DelversPurpleChest
LXII[WIL] Purple DelversPurpleChest

WIL Unicorn Conference

LXXKourali CometsRags
LXIX(WIL) Hybrid TheoryJuJuu
LXVIIIBlack Isle OrderPeteW
LXVIIDynamo CanariesDreamland
LXVITeotiqua Bladesgeggster
LXVDe NachtwachtEdwin
LXIVMutators at WILHeirOphant
LXIIIPower of HatsWotfudboy
LXIIWhite Isle PhantomsPrez

WIL Lion Conference

LXX[WIL] Hot MutatoesStrangeFeller
LXVIIIKhorne Maize KrusherzMisterA
LXVII[WIL] Lustria PanthersDaCoach
LXVIDeadly Oasis (WIL20)rodvil
LXVBlunted Scissorsuzkulak
LXIVLes Bassines ExuberantesThoriin
LXIIIWhite Isle EarthquakesKinks
LXIIBeasts of the LakeSableheart

WIL Great Albion Regional

LXIXOrkfield Ressurecteddolce
LXVIIIGrimhelm SaxonsArnar_Holt
LXVIIBlodge City MischiefWynters_Dad
LXVIRatlanta Bravesveron
LXVKhorne Maize KrusherzMisterA
LXIVFor Science!!Wrinkles
LXIIIDoggys DanglesBlackNWhiteDog
LXIIRickson By Armbar IIBill-BJJ

WIL Albany Regional

LXX[WIL] Hotblack DesiatoDamology
LXIXBosna BoyzzzWynnie86
LXVIII(WIL) Hybrid TheoryJuJuu
LXVIISoylant greeengreatcrusade08
LXVIOrkfield BBCdolce
LXV(WIL) Skavenblight RugratsSergeiBautin
LXIVKourali CometsRags
LXIII[WIL] Terrible ThundergoatsYuri_the_Scourge
LXIIWhite Isle EarthquakesKinks

WIL Morien Regional

LXX[WIL] Uncivilisedthe_zarate_kid

Past Champions
WIL Champions of old resides here where the old rivalries continue.

Across the first 60 seasons, this how they performed:

Titles per Team and Titles per Coach

Dominus AstrumBritnoth5PeteW7
HarsH NorthStonetroll4Britnoth5
Rebel PrideKFoged4Stonetroll4
Salamonis Glorygeggster3KFoged4
White and Purple SmokePurpleChest3PurpleChest3
Seven PillarsAzure3Azure3
keep WIL and ClawPeteW3somertown3
Pine Valley Cosmonautssomertown3geggster3
Surfing the WhiteIslePeteW2Mateuszzzzzz3
Pleasure and Pain VIIIMateuszzzzzz2Prez2
Tackle gives us the WILliesBlueDevil4202BlueDevil4202
Irn Bru Re-animatorJockMcRowdy2JockMcRowdy2
Death Isle GhostsPrez2Rijssiej2
Legends of SoulPeteW2Gritter1
White Isle dogsMateuszzzzzz1Furious_George1
Something is RottingUnstoffe1GAZZATROT1
Guardian Dragons of Albionsableheart1Cyrus-Havoc1
Kung Pow!!Gritter1Christy1
Dark IsleRijssiej1Purplegoo1
Bear NecessitiesBorgen1DaCoach1
White Isle RetailCyrus-Havoc1erikekers1
Manchester's FinestPandaPower1Ulrik1
Buffalorc BWILsGAZZATROT1zombificus1
Marienburg AthleticFurious_George1Borgen1
Hugleik's WarriorsChristy1sableheart1
Night of the Walking DeadNightbreed1Unstoffe1
Karaz-a-Karak Warp Krawlerszombificus1Nightbreed 1
Doomed From the StartPurplegoo1PandaPower1
White Isle LizardsUlrik1Bill-BJJ1
Games R UsRijssiej1Nightbreed1
Woodies on Vacationerikekers1
Rickson By ArmbarBill-BJJ1
Asrai AssaultersNightbreed 1
Har Ganeth HeadrippersDaCoach1

The Urn
It is the longest, most passionate debate in the Old World...

Which Blood Bowl League Institution is the strongest?

Whenever this question is asked, inevitably, the conversation focuses on the two big leagues – the SWL and the WIL.

The Southerners always argue that they have been playing the game for the longest and that the Northerners are merely imitating the real deal.

Those from the White Isle argue that their “modern league” has refined the concept and attracts greater talent from a much larger pool.

Finally, the two institutions have had enough of the talk and have agreed to settle the debate with a tournament. These two old rivals clash for coveted rights to lift the ancient Blood Bowl relic - The URN

The five best teams from each league will battle it out to decide which league gets to take home the URN. But really, it’s about much more than that…

History of the URN