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General Overview
The CFFL is a friendly, yet competitive league, which values coach participation in building the background (fluff) and history of their teams and the league. Coaches are encouraged to also vote in the weekly Player of the Week (POW) competitions and build up rivalries with other coaches through light-hearted banter. The league does not tolerate any abuse towards other coaches or bad sportsmanship. The main goal is for everyone to have fun!

The league follows a 17 game regular season schedule, with teams playing in either the Western or Eastern divisions. The schedule is weighted so that teams play other teams of a similar level at the beginning of the season, allowing the weaker teams to build up before facing the toughest squads.

Playoffs are held at the end of the season for the top 3 teams in each division. The division champions each get a bye-round (a concession match) as a reward for winning the title. The bottom two teams in each division are entered into a tournament as well to play to avoid 'winning' the Wooden Maple Syrup Ladle.

Timing Out Players
In the CFFL we do not time out each other. All the coaches in the league tend to play reasonably quickly, but may on occasion surpass the four minute limit. If you feel that a coach is excessively slow, please report it to the league commissioner.

Points & Tie-breakers
Two points are awarded for a win, and one for a tie. There are no points for a loss.
In the event of a tie, or ties, in points, the following system will be used to break the tie:
1. Head-to-head record between the teams
2. Most wins
3. Most TDs
4. Most Casualties
5. Coin toss.

One player from the the winning Cup team each season, and one from the Wooden Ladle team, will be awarded the MVP of the game. The coach may then select any skill category available to this player and a random skill is rolled, which they may accept or decline.
Team History
Many teams have made it to the big leagues of the CFFL - some have persisted, some have folded, while others have been decimated and sent back to whence they came to contemplate life. What follows is a history of all the teams that have proudly stepped onto the pitch to vie for the Grey Cup.


BC Felions Season 1 - present (joined s1w4)

The glorious gals of BC have been a constant presence in the league since almost the beginning. These 'zons have had many great players take to the pitch, but none figure as prominently as the legendary Azar. She has carried the team to two division titles (season's 1 & 2) and hoisted the Grey Cup for the team in season 2.

Calgary Vanquishers Season 2 - present

A team that has arisen from the ashes and broken bones of the Calgary Slayers. Several of their players turned - others taken as pets, ...they planned and plotted for an entire season; and when the time was right - they struck. They are now ready to terrorize the rest of the CFFL - looking for more thralls to swell their ranks! The Vanquishers were the season 3 champions.

Hamilton Tomb Cats Season 4 - present

When the Tiger-Pact folded, many Hamiltonians feared they would not get another club, or worse yet, they would end up with Elves. Thankfully, a new owner with deep pockets was able to import an entire team from Khemri and the Hamilton Tomb Cats were born. While the team continues to adjust to the frigid temperatures of Canuckistan, the crowd still loves their bashing and fouling ways.

Hope Hop-A-Longs Season 4 - present (joined s4w9)

Hoppity Hop

North York Bears Season 4 - present

North York Bears

Quebec Black Carnival mid-Season 1 (joined s1w13) - season 4 (left mid-season)

With Winnipeg pushing the CFFL's debt column deep into the red, the league allowed it's first franchise relocation to Québec City. Rumours persist the move caused the craziest of Winnipeg's fans to go mad and turn into monstrous creatures. That being said, the Black Carnival amazed "La Belle Province" with playoff runs every year. They earned their first CFFL badges in season 3, with two prestigious awards: the Canadian Walk of Fame and Royal Canadian Air Force.Their number one enemy is, and will always be Montreal, and all local TV shows report on "La Série". Unlike typical Elves, the Black Carnival fools their enemies with fake plays and count on their brutal enforcer, Sandrine Malamut (S3 player of the year). But the path of glory is always risky and several Carnies are now below us, especially the franchise's first two captains, Noryhlik Madhand and Idaak Clawwarper. Since then, the team is known to be run without any "official" leaders.

Riverdale Greyskins Season 4 - present (joined s4w13)

Rumours have been circulating about the origins of the Riverdale Greyskins, and we might never know the whole truth. Fact is that they are - despite their only recent addition to the league - one of the oldest teams in the CFFL. It was during recent excavations at the mouth of the Don river, performed in the process of housing constructions, when workers uncovered an ancient Indian burial place. To the delight of the quickly summoned archaeologists, it turned out to be a graveyard of a kind they had never seen before. Highly decorated tombs were covered with ornaments displaying an hitherto unknown sport, vaguely resembling the ancient ball game played by the pre-Columbian peoples of Central America. The researchers soon realized that they must have stumbled over the remains of a participating team. Likely sacrificed as a reward for winning a tournament of any sort.

Rottawa Rough Risers Season 1 - present

The Rough Risers are one of the original teams in the CFFL, some even argue the league was built for them. This rumour has been fuelled by (baseless) claims that the team has special status with the league commissioner and receives kick-backs to support their lavish habits.

Rottawa have established themselves as the black-hatted villains of the league, possibly due to their penchant for fouling. One of their greatest foulers being Abe Alofmygutz, who was sadly killed by saw-for-hire Max Spleenripper. The necros are also alleged to have brought doping to the league with Russ Hackson and Gory Organ. Sadly, both have been forced into retirement.

Toronto WAARGHonauts Season 4 - present

Once again green returns to Toronto. This time however they are gathering under the banner of a new War chief. When readying the team to take the pitch Chief Wraan "Blitz" was heard to be coaching his players oh how to best maim each race they could expect to see in the upcoming season.

The WAAARGHonauts followers keep amassing and are expected to number in the tens of thousands by the start of season four. A few weeks into their practice schedule, one particularly ambitious fan brought a ball for the green-skins to practice with. The WAAARGHonauts quickly added the ball to their game plan. Grunts about its potential to improve armour penetration when used like a club on a prone opponent were most frequent.

Vulcan Face-Eaters Season 5 - present

Vulcan bio

Winnipeg Claw Bombers Season 2 - present

Enraged at the sale of Winnipeg's Season 1 team Azure Airstrike to Quebec City and the indignity of their renaming to the Quebecois Goth Mime Clowns (or some such nonsense), a secretive Ownership cabal resolved to bring the CFFL back to the coldest city on earth. They sent emissaries to the viscous Choas Warriors of the North End and Beastmen of the Transcona Wilderness offering blood and spoils in return for learning to play.

The Claw Bombers are two time winners of the CFFL's 'The Wall' Award. They have proved they could hit...and hit...and well - hit. Moving the odd shaped ball type thing over the painted white line thing waaay down the field has proven more difficult. Lesser teams have attempted to implicate Buck Pierce, Milt Stegal and Steve 'Iron Man' Morely in the CFFL doping scandal, but all allegations have proved baseless.

Yellowknife Perpetrators mid-Season 3 - present (joined s3w7)

Yellowknife bio


Azure Airstrike Season 1 (12 games)

Azure Airstrike

Bunibonibee Cree Leaping Lions Season 1 (3 games)

Bunibonibee Cree Leaping Lions

Brandon Cheat Kings Season 3 - 4

Brandon bad boys' info.

Calgary Slayers Season 1

Calgary Slayers bio

Drumheller Dry Bones Season 3 (6 games)

The Drumheller Dry Bones are undoubtedly the worst team to ever stagger onto the pitch in the CFFL. They struggled through six games at the beginning of season 3 and lost all of them, managing an anemic four touchdowns. The city of Drumheller quickly realized it had been duped, and catching wind the ruse was up, the head coach and owner fled with taxpayer money used to fund the team. The players who had been raised to form the team were put out of their misery a second time and buried so deep that even the archaeologists in the area wouldn't discover their whereabouts.

Dumpsville Inuit mid-Season 1 - Season 2 (joined s1w11)

Inuit bio

Dumpsville Goal Miners Season 3 - Season 4

The blue-collar Dwarfs of Dumpsville were always formidable on the pitch, and even won the West Divisional title in season 4, but could never put all the pieces together in the playoffs. They were replaced by a team of professional Elfballers for season 5.

Edmonsrock EskiRos Season 1 (10 games)

Edmonsrock EskiRos

Halifax Hrungnirs FC Season 1 (6 games)

Halifax Hrungnirs FC

Halifax Hrungnirs FC II mid-Season 1 - 2 (joined s1w7)

Halifax Hrungnirs FC II

Halifax Hrungnirs FC III Season 3 (9 games)

Halifax Hrungnirs FC III

Hamilton TigerPact Season 1 - mid-Season 3

Hamilton TigerPact

Mississauga Misfits Season 3

The Misfits were a skilled team of Elves who could score touch downs almost at will, except when they had no one left to score them. They endured a painful season in the CFFL accumulating all manner of injuries and many fatalities. In the end the mounting hospital bills and inability to secure insurance coverage for season four lead them to fold the franchise.

Mo`real Als Season 1 - 3 (missed first 7 games of s3), Season 5 (3 games)

The high flying Mo'real Als bring an all-out aerial passing game to the CFFL. Lead by fan favourite Mike Pringle, they are always dangerous. After sitting out season 4, the demands of the fans were met with their return in season 5 to make another attempt at the championship that has seemed to always be just out of their reach.

Sasquishywan Gophers Season 1 - season 4 (left mid-season)

Gophers' bio

Toratno Rapscallions Season 3

Toratno Rapscallions' bio

Toronto Orconaughts Season 1 - Season 2

Orconaughts' bio

Waterloo Bulls Season 2 (played 1 game of s3)

Waterloo Bulls

Player of the Year - Season 6
PlayerTeamBy the numbers
Player of the Month - Season 6
PlayerTeamBy the numbers
Player of the Week - Season 6
PlayerTeamBy the numbers
1Gary "Garrote" BrownYellowknife Perpetrators1 TD - Gary does it again! The most famous Goblin in the CFFL helped YK win, including a pressure pick-up and a key warrior knockdown.
2Conor McGlynnKongston Silverbacks1 CMP, 1 TD - The ST 4 Orangutan showed off his skills in this one, catching the TD in the first half, then handling the ball in the second half with his buddy badly hurt.
3Brendon LaBatteCalgary Vanquishers2 TDs, 1 CAS - Yet another Calgary vampire displayed impressive talent in a 3-1 victory over Yellowknife. (Co-winner)
3Jaizen Poundinger Toronto WAARGHonauts3 CAS - Helped Toronto draw even 1-1 with Ottawa by beating up and killing some key players, much to the delight of other teams.(Co-winner)