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Group managers: TrashMouse, RogerDeath
Hello and welcome to the Nuffle League, where every team is randomized! This creates a fun environment to play and each team will be different, you will never know what to expect! This will be a round robin style league so you play against lots of different teams.

After a succuessful season, with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, we open up to Season 4.

For new players joining us this season, here is the information below.

1. You will roll 11d653 for your starting team. Regardless of TV, this is your starting team for a season. All players are available, from the regular teams, stunty teams, secret league teams, and CIBBL and BIBBL modified players.

2. Player contracts are for life. No Firing players, injuries are permanent, this player is yours, once a player dies, they are gone from your team, you cannot re-hire the same player once they perish on the field.

3. When you are ready to hire a new player, you will roll 3d653 and you HAVE to choose an option if you can afford it. If you cannot afford a player, you cannot hire a new player until after your next game.

4. If you need a Mercenary, you will be given a Thrall for a single game. You cannot hire them as they get no skills on levels.

5. Mercenaries that get SPP will keep that SPP. However if they steal the MVP, it will be allocated to one of your actual players. This league is for fun afterall, nothing like cursing out a mercenary after they leave the league.

6. Rerolls are 60k at team creation, 120k after. Apoths are 50k.

7. We are using the secret weapons weapons rules for each individual player. This means that stunty teams have the 6+/7+/8+/10+ rules. Some modifications have been made. The goblin stikka doesn't have a secret weapon, the knife is easily hidden.

8. Your team will have 7 Star Players join you for the season. To determine what star players you have available for a season, you will roll 7d127. These are your star players set for a season.

9. Blood Lust is a pain in the neck as there are not many thralls to go around. Anything with 1 ST or 5 ST and over cannot be used for Bloodlust. Anything undead or has no blood (Dryads, Elementals, Ghouls, Skeletons) cannot be used either. Anything too Chaotic cannot be used either (Anything with Mutation access). Everything else is fair game. Players that can be used as a Thrall will be notated with an Asterix (*). Such as Human Blitzer*.

10. Games will be played on a bi-weekly basis. Weeks will roll over on Sunday evenings (or earlier if everyone plays their games early). Rollovers will occur at 06:00 Server time Monday// (10pm UTC-7 Sunday).

11. Each game will net a 10k extra to your winnings, win or lose. This is a fun league, have fun.

12. Main Communication is going to be on Discord. Please communicate on Discord as not everyone in this league checks Fumbbl Daily. We want our matches to be played, and Discord allows for more direct communication that can be verified between all parties. We don't want any forfiets, we love to watch the chaos.