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  Team Coach TV/TW Race Score  
1. P [L] Blipdoolpoop's Bizzaro (43m) Nelphine 1770k/1770k Nelphine's Team 47  
2. Roster [L] NuFfLe All--Stars (928d) GAZZATROT 1550k/1690k GAZZATROT's Team 40  
3. P [L] Nuffle's Demon Spawn (10h) The_Demon 2000k/2000k The Demon's Team 38  
4. Roster [L] Wandering Wabos (595d) KingKurt 1840k/1840k KingKurt's Team 37  
5. P [L] Beautiful Garbage Fire (930d) Yaersulf 1450k/1660k Yaersulf's Team 35  
6. Retired [L] Madd Confuzinators (9h) Lorebass 1630k/1770k Lorebass' Team 31  
7. P [L] Havoc Harvesters (5h) proff70 1700k/1990k Proff70's Team 22  
8. Retired [L] Nuffle Squad (7h) TrashMouse 1920k/1920k Foremole's Team 19  
9. P [L] Nuffle goes crazy (1015d) josecobol 1780k/1780k Josecobol's Team 17  
10. Roster [L] Abhorrent Punching Unit (10h) RogerDeath 1890k/1980k RogerDeath's Team 10  
11. P [L] Nuffle's Wandering Stars (844d) Arthas85 1170k/1430k Arthas85's Team 5  
12. P [L] Nature's Mistake (5h) Halfabrain 1600k/1600k Halfabrain's Team 0  
13. Retired [L] Nuffle Pot Luck Hijinks (3h) burnsy87 1580k/1580k Burnsy's Roster 0  
14. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 4 (7h) TrashMouse 310k/310k Filler 0  
15. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 3 (7h) TrashMouse 410k/410k Filler 0  
16. Retired [L] Barbecue Buddies BB Body (95d) XpherAndTheAxes 1220k/1610k XpherAndTheAxes' Team 0  
17. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 2 (7h) TrashMouse 940k/940k Filler 0  
18. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 1 (7h) TrashMouse 970k/970k Filler 0  
19. Retired [L] Violence Cocktail (15d) Brionnebiletappers 1590k/1590k Brionnebiletapper's Team 0  
20. Retired [L] Pets of Nuffle (6h) DrClaes 1500k/1600k DrClaes' Team 0  
21. Retired [L] Nuffle's Ultimate Warriors (1h) wintergreen13 2120k/2120k Wintergreen13's Team 0  
22. Retired [L] Nuffle's Lounge (16h) Ardonite 1690k/1950k ardonite's Team 0  
23. Roster [L] A Bag Of Pick'n'Mix (1d) DailyArmadillo 1570k/2000k DailyArmadillo's Team 0  
24. Retired [L] Grrrr!! (6h) grrrreindeer 1890k/1890k grrrreindeer's Team 0  
25. Retired [L] Mishmash Potatos (4h) rodvil 1720k/1720k Rodvil's Team 0  
26. P [L] Misfits from the Multiverse (642d) BlockBadger 2110k/2110k BlockBadger's Team 0  
27. P [L] Funky Ignazes (5h) Ignaz 1590k/1800k Ignaz' Team 0  
28. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 7 (7h) TrashMouse 360k/360k Filler 0  
29. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 6 (7h) TrashMouse 440k/440k Filler 0  
30. P [L] Nuffle World's Hip (12d) marcocaccia 1820k/1820k MarcoCaccia's Team 0  
31. P [L] Nuffle Punks (930d) turtlecreature 1490k/1700k Turtlecreature's Team 0  
32. Retired [L] Filler Nuffle 5 (7h) TrashMouse 440k/440k Filler 0  
33. Roster [L] [NL] Agents of N.U.F.F.L.E (28d) Rainsford 1840k/1840k Rainford's Team 0  
34. Roster [L] Chaotic Cookie Cutters (10d) loopyloo 1400k/1400k LoopyLoo's Roster 0