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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Buffalorc BWILs Orc 3070k 56/33/47 2710k    
  Lessta Citeh Effsea Orc 370k 29/16/17 1940k    
League teams for HUBBA
  Menami Dolphins 2020 Human 80k 1/1/2 960k    
League teams for HUBBA Legacy
  Menami Dolphins Human 240k 19/10/11 2020k    
League teams for Rabidass Super League
  (RSL) Gouged Eye Orc 390k 10/0/4 2150k    
League teams for The Nuffle League
  NuFfLe All--Stars GAZZATROT's Team 170k 20/9/12 1550k    
  Buffalork Bills Orc 10k 21/7/29 2160k    
  Chaos Bay Pacters Chaos Renegade 150k 18/6/11 2130k    
  Dwarfoit Lions Dwarf 170k 24/3/5 2020k    
  Jacksonorse Jaguars Norse 80k 29/12/9 1620k    
  Minnesota Vampkings Vampire 10k 24/9/12 2210k    
  Moon-Shadow 69ers Dark Elf 50k 22/6/9 2120k    
  Necronati Bengals Necromantic Horror 70k 20/9/9 1840k    
  Nurgle York Jets Nurgle 30k 16/7/15 2040k    
  Oggland Raiders Ogre 80k 11/2/13 1880k ±950  
  San Diego Dwarvers Chaos Dwarf 90k 22/5/13 2060k    
  Squeeakston Oilers Skaven 0 20/9/12 2030k    
  Woodington Redskins Wood Elf 70k 18/4/4 1880k ±880  
  Chaos Citadel Chiefs Chaos Chosen 170k 9/7/13 1610k    
  Dwarfner Broncos Dwarf 100k 19/8/7 1620k    
  Houstundead Texans Shambling Undead 70k 13/8/14 1700k    
  Nu Yorc Giants Orc 40k 18/6/16 2310k    
  Tennorsee Titans Norse 50k 6/6/7 1640k    
Stunty Leeg
  Squig Louis Rams Squig Herders 245k 31/9/7 2070k    
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Quick Stats
Member SinceMarch 22, 2007
LocationSouth Africa
Matches Played1312
Match Record635/255/422
Tournament Wins
Poor Man's Hubba Div 1
OBBA Championship, Season 34
Nuffle - Snake-Eyes Group
WIL Premiership Division - Season LVI
Nuffle - The Diced Group
FCC I: Qualifier IV
OWCC Bretonnia Conference III
International League: Preseason Round Robin 04
OWCC Inter-Conference Shield I-B
League 1, Season 16
OBBA Supporters League, Season XV
WIL Albany Regional Division XXV
145 Rookie Cup LXXXIV