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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Cloverfield Corpsemunchers Shambling Undead 55k 1/0/0 950k ±100  
  Can we eat you please Nurgle 190k 1/1/3 1210k ±180  
  Chaotic Tides Chaos Renegade 120k 25/21/56 1880k    
  Cloverfield Corpse Carriers Shambling Undead 70k 171/211/559 2000k    
  Cloverfield Rejects Shambling Undead 200k 14/2/15 1890k    
  Creeping Fiends Necromantic Horror 110k 2/1/0 870k ±130  
  Eaty Fiends Underworld Denizens 260k 4/5/13 1510k ±590  
  Northland Nightmares Norse 50k 14/11/39 1840k    
  Paw of Death Skaven 50k 2/2/1 1310k ±200  
  Phantom Pains Chaos Renegade 270k 1/8/7 1560k ±420  
  Rating Quest Wood Elf 10k 1/0/0 1060k ±110  
  Skeleton Smack Shambling Undead 140k 1/1/1 1020k ±150  
  Tatooine tormentors Goblin 60k 0/0/2 1060k ±110  
  Unrestful Dead Shambling Undead 370k 6/4/3 1540k ±320  
  Varls Terror Legion Necromantic Horror 60k 7/5/9 2030k ±750  
  Clawbomb decay Shambling Undead 430k 6/5/4 1570k    
  Clawpact Chaos Renegade 420k 6/3/12 1460k    
  legends of the Corpsecarriers Shambling Undead 600k 16/19/40 1890k    
  Regen Revenge Nurgle 250k 5/12/29 1630k    
  Werecity Devils Necromantic Horror 70k 4/7/15 2150k    
Stunty Leeg
  Pint sized insanity Chaos Halfling 510k 31/22/30 1680k    
  Warp Rat Fury Skryre Slaves 20k 2/0/2 935k    
Transfer division
  Die Pretty Elf 10k 1/0/0 1110k    
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LocationUnited Kingdom
Matches Played1700
Match Record361/378/961
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