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* * * Did you know? The most deaths in a single match is 8.
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Group managers: WaffleIron, StrangeFeller


Season 1 in progress.
Round 2 / 7

League admins

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Welcome to WOBBL hbbn

Waffle's Open Blood Bowl League (WOBBL) is a global, bi-weekly scheduled league, with 2016 progression and Secret League rosters.


The aim of this league is to provide a place for coaches who enjoy playing in the 2020 ruleset overall, but prefer the old style of skill progression, where you roll dice with every level-up, and where secondary skills and stats are more common. It's also a place to play with FUMBBL's excellent Secret League roster of teams. Apart from that, WOBBL is a straightforward no-frills league: no racial caps, no redraft, no special rules or requirements. Simply pick your preferred team and have fun!

If this sounds like something for you, why not sign up? We're always looking for new applicants. Come hang out on the Discord server - that's where the magic happens.


The most important rule of WOBBL is DBAD. Don't be a dick!

All other rules should be considered subject to change at all times, based on the whims of admin-in-chief WaffleIron.

Available teams:

All official teams, as seen HERE.
All Secret League teams, as seen HERE.
All additional NAF teams, as seen HERE.

All new teams start with a budget of 1100 TV. All new teams must be fresh!

League participation:

All coaches are required to complete the season they've signed up for. If you repeatedly fail to show up for your games, or fail to make reasonable attempts to schedule your games, you may be kicked out and potentially banned for multiple seasons. If you need to forfeit a round or drop out of the league, please let an admin know.

Coaches are expected to start scheduling early and give reasonable options for game times. If in doubt, follow the principles of common sense and common courtesy.

We encourage the scheduling to happen on the Discord server, but this is not required, and FUMBBL PMs are valid in any situation where a match might have to be adminned. However, coaches should try to stick to one or the other during any single round whenever possible.

Timeouts are not allowed. If an opponent is taking an unreasonably long time and is unresponsive about it, take it up with an admin instead.

Conceding is not allowed, unless it is a legal concede. A coach can legally concede when their team doesn't have the three players required to set up a line of scrimmage.

TV caps:

TV caps may be introduced to keep the league from becoming too unbalanced. TBD as it becomes relevant.

Between seasons:

Between seasons, any niggles on the team have a chance to be healed. A d6 roll is made for each niggled player, and on a 4+ the niggle is removed (3+ if the team has an apothecary).


Standard 2020 rules on the pitch.

2016 rules for skill progression. This means that when a player reaches the SPP threshold for gaining a level, a roll of 2d6 is made to decide what skills or stats that player is eligible to pick.

SPP thresholds:
Level 1: 6 SPP
Level 2: 16 SPP
Level 3: 32 SPP
Level 4: 51 SPP
Level 5: 76 SPP
Level 6: 176 SPP
Level 7: 256 SPP

In addition to primary skills, the player may select skills/stats on the following rolls (TV costs in brackets):
12: +ST (60 TV)
11: +AG (40 TV), +PA (20 TV)
10: +MA (20 TV), +AV (10 TV)
Doubles (1+1, 2+2, etc.): Any secondary skill (30 TV)

After a game, the coach nominates 6 players, and a roll is made to select one of these as MVP.

Inducements and star players:
No mega-stars, everything else as per the rulebook. Star player availability for individual teams can be found on the team pages.

The complete ruleset may be viewed HERE.

Current season

Season 1 is under way!

Rounds are two weeks long and end every other Wednesday at 23:59 server time.

Round 1: 03.07
Round 2: 17.07
Round 3: 31.07
Round 4: 14.08
Round 5: 28.08
Round 6: 11.09
Round 7: 25.09

At the end of the season there will be a KO tournament, where the top two teams from each division compete to claim the league title!

Late submissions:
Currently, submissions will be added to a wait-list to cover for dropouts.

Hall of Fame

The hall of fame is currently empty. Do YOU have what it takes to enter the hall of fame?


When does the next season start?
Season 1 has just started, so it will be a few months until the next one.

How do I sign up?
The best way to get involved with WOBBL is to join our Discord. If you prefer to keep it strictly FUMBBL, reach out to one of our admins via PM.

What are the requirements for signing up?
You need to be able to schedule and play one game of Blood Bowl once every two weeks. That's it! Be aware that this is a global league, so you will be expected to schedule with people from around the world. You will also be expected to finish any season you sign up for. Blood Bowl is a frustrating game, but when you drop out, everyone's affected.

How long do I have to get my game played?
WOBBL is a bi-weekly league, with rollover being Mondays at midnight server time (CEST). Deadlines for the current season can be found under the Season tab.

Some SL teams come with special rules that require manual admin. Are those teams available?
SL teams with special rules are considered on a case-by-case basis. Ask an admin!

Help! My opponent isn't responding/my opponent and I can't find a time that suits both of us.
If it's looking like your game won't get played, reach out to an admin, ideally well before the deadline. We will consider how to resolve the game based on the communication between the two coaches.