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[L] Prancing Unicorns
Luke Skywalker#6 
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker Prancing Unicorns Team Captain

*** First Legend of the Prancing Unicorns ***

Luke achieved Legend Status on his 58th Game against Balle2000's Wonga Wonga Whalekillers in the second round of the Bob Borc Cup II; scoring the only TD for the Unicorns in the match and causing a casualty in the dying moments of the game; the 5 SPP were just enough to garner him 176 SPP and have his name forever etched on the coveted SWL Legend's List.

Known Aliases: SkyOrcer (or) SkyOrKer & Freak

MA7 ST 5 AG 3[was 4] Block Sure Hands Stand Firm
Currently: 194 SPP [End of SWL Conference Season LXX]

Luke Skywalker was fouled and suffered a broken neck (-AG) when playing the Wonga Wonga Whalekillers in Conference Season LXX. He made a strong recovery though and played well for the remaining games.

Feared, hated and hunted by the SWL coaches for his extraordinary physical prowess on the Blood Bowl Field, a secret consortium of coaches have pooled funds and offered a bounty on young Luke Skywalker's head (alias Luke SkyOrKer).

SWLPearls in the SWL Forum: Oct 18, 2015
"That orc" said the tall one in the navy mask "Is like nothing we have seen before. He is young, and still in regionals. Yet he has the potential to be better than the Duke. Let's act now while we have the chance."

There was a murmur of agreement across the group. And so, Luke Skywalker's name was etched onto the Black Pearl list. But would it be enough?"

Advertised on the SWL's Black Pearl Bounty List

Young Luke Skywalker also known as Luke SkyOrKer - the fearsome Jedi Blitzer with a Black Pearl Bounty on his head and the last hope of the Empire-Alliance.

Near misses:
Blitzed by buuface's Grumnir in game 49
(Blue Mountain Dragons Conference LXVI) and KILLED.
Apothecary restored to Badly Hurt *PHEW*
Blitzed in Premier Game vs Large Head On Colliders after failing to pickup the ball in 3 consecutive turns (snake eyes each time). Ended up standing in the team's endzone trying to pick up the ball and was crowd-surfed (apothecary already used), Seriously Injured (MNG - Cracked Ribs). *Phew Again* in a bloody game against the Chorfs.
Struck by numerous Wizard lightning bolts and fireballs.
Only two Serious Injuries and 2 games missed in his career since team inception (to date).

Notable Moments:
Too many to list; Luke is the ace tucked up the sleeve in many situations and has either scored crucial the touch down, saved a touch down (see the Season LXVI game against RedMaul's Asha'maniacs, where Luke dodges into two tackle zones and blitzes the ball carrier winning the game in the dying moments of the match)... Luke is also a play-maker and has helped many a team mate score a touchdown for the Unicorns.

SWL Season LXI - Rising-Stars

Trial of Blood History

Game 1: Orcs vs Slann "Axahuitl Travellers".
An interesting game, with very little luck (read 1 reroll).
Both teams faced up on the battlefield. The Orcs held strong, but lost one of their own (Chewbacca Black Orc) and another two were badly wounded. Despite this, the Orcs rallied causing a badly hurt and seriously injured to even the numbers. The final score was 2 - 1 with victory to the Orcs.
Luke made some blocks and played a supportive role in the game. He was still learning the ways of the Force. But he was awarded the MVP and so began his first step to fame and glory.

Game 2: Orcs vs Humans "Trainspotters United"
Another victory to the Orcs 2 - 0. In this game, the young Jedi begins to sense the Force. The brutal Orcs Kill one of their ancestral foe and seriously wound another. Young Luke scores a vital TD and jumps up + ST at the end of the match.

Game 3: Orcs vs Skaven "Doddle"
A crushing defeat to the Orcs 1 - 3, this was an Orc game cursed by Nuffle. Every dice roll imagined went wrong and the Skaven did everything right. Two Blitz rolls by the Skaven Defense equated into 2 TDs with their pesky movement 9 Gutter runners leaving the Orcs blinking bewildering and wondering WTF just happened. Despite these set-backs, the valiant young Skywalker scored a tough TD to give the Orcs a measure of salve to their wounded pride and was awarded a much deserved MVP. This gave young Luke his second insight into the Force and + MA (6+4 roll) was gladly accepted.

Game 4: Orcs vs High Elves "[SWL] Jeagers"
Nuffle turns his benevolent gaze back onto the Orcs and even this coach is forced to admit that never before have so many things gone right for a team and so many things wrong for the opposition.
Highlights: The Orcs managed a successful Throw team-mate on a defensive drive where there was a Blitz roll at kick-off. This put the Goblin near the kicked ball. A successful blitz put pressure on the High Elves and a failed dodge and failed RR dodge gave the Goblin the opportunity to scamper into a tacklezone affected ball, scoop it up and leg it out across the TD line.
The extra movement and strength of the Jedi Luke converted into 2 TDs and a CAS awarding his highest earned SPP in a match (8 SPP).

Game 5: Orcs vs Orcs "Eleven Orcs One Cup"
What could have been a bloody match and costly to the Orcs, turned out to be surprisingly bloodless (for the Prancing Unicorns), but 2 BH and 2 SI and a number of KOs gave our Orc team a clear advantage with a comfortable 2 - 1 victory.
Luke's great strength and movement came in handy with an easy TD and bringing him very close to learning a 3rd mystery of the Force...

Game 6: Orcs vs High Elves "Shameless Elf Promotion"
Another loss 2 - 4.
The Orcs needed one last game in their Trial of Blood before they could confidently say that they were worthy of recognition. A new opponent, one of little team experience agreed to face against the Orcs and due to the high gap in TV induced a Star Player of great renown onto the field. Nuffle also turned her back upon the Orcs with dice rolls of (on a 3 Dice block):
The Orcs struggled to roll POWS and couldn't pick up the ball or catch it if handed to them. This greatly affected the ability of the Mighty Orcs to gain any advantage on the field. Blitzes by the High Elves on two Kickoffs allowed for an invasion of Elves into the back field on 2 occasions resulting in 2 opportunistic TDs.
But the Orcs refused to give up without a fight! Luke rallied his team and with great personal courage and ability carried 2 TDs for the team to give some hope to the beleaguered Orcs. Alas it was in vain for victory, but was enough to gain Luke enough experience to develop his third insight into the Jedi ways.
Skill advance roll [6 + 5] + AG.
Sure Hands
Stand Firm
Match performances
2015-05-25Axahuitl Travellers000015
2015-05-27Trainspotters United010003
2015-05-29[SWL] Jeagers020108
2015-05-29Eleven Orcs, One Cup010003
2015-05-31Shameless Elf Promotion020006
2015-06-15Hostile Kiddies IV010003
2015-06-27Easy Mode Maniacs000015
2015-06-30Soylent Greenstars010003
2015-07-12Boxing Shadows010003
2015-07-29Blackwater Glee Club000102
2015-08-23Mad Midgardians010003
2015-09-03Prisoners of Pain120109
2015-09-22Hostile Kiddies IV020006
2015-09-24Steel Fists of Dorugan110004
2015-09-26High Elvis110004
2015-10-02Mexican Standoff110106
2015-10-26New World Winers and Diners110004
2015-11-22Steel Fists of Dorugan110019
2015-11-26Nemesis Demons010018
2015-11-30Bribery and Corruption000102
2016-02-03Griffon Gate Sentinels100001
2016-02-10Freezy Trees100001
2016-02-21Mexican Standoff010003
2016-04-12Colour of Money010003
2016-04-18Southern Warpstone Scavengers000015
2016-04-20Black as Death010003
2016-04-29❄︎❆❅White Fluffy Stuff❅❆❄︎000015
2016-06-19Port Macquarie Snowleopards010105
2016-06-26Sphinxes from Mars000015
2016-06-27Eau de Toilet010003
2016-07-06Freezy Trees010003
2016-07-18Psych Lab020006
2016-07-26New World Winers and Diners010105
2016-09-26Banner of the Black Stag010003
2016-10-06Bribery and Corruption200002
2016-10-30Wildcard Nats020006
2016-11-10Eau de Toilet010105
2017-06-15Wonga Wonga Whalekillers010105
2017-08-06More Than Ballgowns010003
2017-08-21Port Macquarie Snowleopards010003
2017-09-02Error 404 afterlife not found000102
2017-09-05Wonga Wonga Whalekillers100001
2017-10-11Paradise Slavers010003
2017-10-22Macabre Morticians010003
2017-11-13Compare the Meerkat010003
2018-02-01Slumbering Skink000102
2018-03-21Billabong Bunyips000102