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Gitz n Shigglez
Roster [R] Goblin
Feed the trolls...
One day, troll Gobmuncha was bemoaning the lack of decent food, and his friend da Splattara was sad because there was no-one to fight. A sudden burst of inspiration hit them... a bloodbowl team. Gobmuncha would have all the goblins he could ever want to eat, and da Splattara would have plenty of people to fight. Gitz n Shigglez were born that very day, recruiting from a particularly dim local gobbo tribe.

Within days, a whole set of tasty goblins had foolishly signed up, a grumpy old orc named Shigglez was drafted in as coach, and the team was ready to hit the tournament trail. The coach dreamt of cup glory, da Splattara dreamt of fights galore, and Gobmuncha simply dreamt of a happily full stomach. The goblin boys, led by tribe chief Cajun and his trusty supporters Tikka and Fajita, were none the wiser, even when a couple of their number disappeared in strange circumstances one night. But everyone got on with things, knowing full well that the little green guys are completely replaceable...
Team History
Match 1
Lost 0-2
Hired Morg and Ripper. Skink and 2 goblins MNG'd. Goblins had no chance really though and lost 2-0
Match 2
Warpstone Open IX Qualifier VIII
Lost 1-4
Hired Nobbla, Morg, and 3 merc goblins... managed to get to 1-1 at HT but 2nd half was a rout
Match 3
Lost 0-2
Hired Fungus. Was 2-0 down after a rubbish first half.

Match 4

Lost 0-2

Match 5

Lost 0-2
da Gitz had The Count, opponents had Kalimar. A journey-rat was given a broken jaw on turn 1, but things went downhill all the way from there
Match 6

Lost 0-3
Gobbos lost players and ended up with just the two trolls on the pitch. Pogoer Bouncer was killed late in the game just before the underworld scored their 3rd.

Match 7

GLT X: Stunty Special Qualifier
Lost 0-2
Hired Fungus and Ripper. Ripper showed his class - and set the tone for the game - by triple-skulling early in the game. Opponent's looney killed himself.

Match 8

Drew 1-1
Both sides pretty much failed everything during the first half, but the lizards were 1-0 up at halftime. A skink died after failed dodge midway through the second half, and the Gitz equalised just before the final whistle

Match 9

Lost 1-2
Badly hurt both high elf blitzers early in the second half, but was already 1-0 down, and that soon became 2-0. Final turn TTM attempt for equaliser resulted in an almost-eaten goblin...
Match 10

Lost 1-2
Fighting a blizzard, and stupid trolls, the Gitz scored turn 6 as they couldn't stall any longer. Garlic was given a damaged back by the crowd just before halftime, but the Gitz held out until halftime. The goblins tried a blitz for the start of the second half but the troll went stupid instead of throwing a goblin downfield after the ball, and the humans scored early. BBQ was killed midway through the half and Cajun was given a smashed ankle by a foul, as the Gitz offence (and team) crumbled. The humans scored just before the final whistle. Again, the Gitz tried for a TTM equaliser but the troll was too hungry (though his goblin snack managed to escape before he was eaten)

Match 11

Lost 0-2
Bash killed a vampire early but it was healed by the apo, and the vampires scored early. Gobmuncha killed a thrall midway through the first half and Lemon Pepper broke the ribs of another... but the first half which descended into a rain of bombs and not much else. In the 2nd half, Beenz was badly hurt by a thrown rock before the kick. da Gitz spent most of the half with just Lemon Pepper and the 2 trolls, watching vampires stall out the game

Match 12

Lost 0-3
Blizzard before game but ok during match itself. The goblins were removed fairly quickly so only 6 Gitz were left fit by halftime as the ogres scored. Asparagus was killed early in the second half, after being crowd-surfed by a snotling. The ogres scored midway through the half, then blitzed against the 3 remaining Gitz and scored again just before final whistle.

Match 13

Lost 0-5
Gobmuncha smashed the collarbone of a line-elf turn 1, but then da Splattara was given a smashed hip by an elf foul (the foul was spotted, but the ref had been got and the new ref was too intimidated to do anything). He did send off Bash after the elves scored midway through the half. Gobmuncha broke ribs of a catcher but then Artichoke was killed. The elves scored again just before halftime. Lots of failure from the Gitz in the second half as the elves ran riot

Match 14

Won 2-1
Bash badly hurt himself with a failed GFI on turn 1, and Fajita smashed his hip midway through the first half after a failed dodge. But the goblins scored late in the half, blitzed, and 2 failed chaos pickups in a row let them score again. Chaos drove downfield in the second half to score midway through it, but the Gitz held out for their first win, and Beenz fractured skull of a beastman near the end of the game
Match 15

Lost 1-2
Hired Nobbla. Bash badly hurt himself midway through the first half with failed a GFI. The dark elves scored just before halftime after a solid Gitz defence (it needed spawny elf play from the emos). Beenz made a leap and 2 GFIs for the equaliser midway through 2nd half, but a blitzer sidestepped into the endzone for the winner late in the game
Match 16

Drew 2-2
Looney Ginger caught the kick and ran downfield, scoring his first ever touchdown midway through the first half, but the humans replied just before halftime. Bash smashed the knee of the human's ogre early in the 2nd half, forcing him to retire after the game, then badly hurt a lineman soon after. Chimichanga used diving tackle to bring down a blitzer with the ball, then got up, grabbed the ball, and sprinted in for another Gitz TD midway through the 2nd half. But an errant kick inot the crowd let the humans equalise again before the final whistle

Match 17

Won 2-1
Bash killed a linewoman early in the game, and Beenz scored late in 1st half. Balti had his knee smashed early in the amazon drive, but then Chimichanga fought off a catcher and gave her a damaged back. Tikka gouged the eye of another linewoman as the Gitz stole the ball and scored again midway through the second half. The amazons scored a consolation near the end

Match 18

Lost 0-4
The underworld stormed forwards, badly hurting 3 Gitz before sprinting in a touchdown on turn 2. Another 3 Gitz were off before halftime, as the underworld scored again. Lots more damage taken was taken during the second half... the warpstone troll was handed the ball, he was sacked by a dodging blitz from Gobmuncha and then given a serious concussion by Anchovie's foul, but the apothecary fixed him up. Korma got a smashed knee midway through the second half, just before Sludge n Sewer scored their third. The underworld got a 4th just before the final whistle, as only 2 trolls were left to line up for the Gitz offence...

Match 19

Lost 0-2
Hired Nobbla, who badly hurt a wardancer early... but the woodies still scored easily on turn 3. Gobmuncha broke the jaw of a line-elf midway through the half. Ginger smashed the collarbone of the other wardancer just before halftime... the elf apothecary fixed his collarbone but broke his jaw in the process. Gobmuncha fractured leg of thrower soon after halftime and badly hurt another lineman late in the game, but the wood elves scored again moments before the whistle
Match XX
Lost 0-2
Match 20

Lost 0-2
Lots of failure from both teams during the first half but the slann scored late. Just before the halftime whistle, Gobmuncha smashed the collar bone of the opposing krox; the frog apothecary fixed his collar bone but fractured his leg. The frogs scored again midway though 2nd half. da Splattara gave a linefrog serious concussion late in the game, and Pineapple broke the jaw of a linefrog with an angry foul just before the final whistle
The Gitz n Shigglez Graveyard

The resting place for former Gitz players.

Killed by an orc blitzer.
Did nothing of interest in his 3-game career.
Has not really been missed... even his Mum hasn't noticed.
Career Stats: 3 games.


Scored the team's first ever touchdown.
Gained an MVP and learnt the art of the diving tackle.
But then died before he could put it to good use.
Career Stats: 4 games, 1 touchdown, 1 MVP, 2 fouls.


The team's first ever pogoer, played 6 games and carried the ball for 45 yards, without ever gaining a single SPP.
Was immediately replaced, and the team has fared better since his departure.
Career Stats: 6 games.


BBQ scored a touchdown early in the team's 10th game, giving the team a lead they could hold onto until halftime. Unfortunately, a human lineman took offence to the score and fouled BBQ midway through the second half. The referee was unsighted by a blizzard, and it was only when the apothecary got onto the pitch people realised how bad it was: the poor goblin's throat had been crushed by a spiky human boot.
Career Stats: 9 games, 1 touchdown, 1 MVP, 2 fouls.


The eldest of 3 brothers to join the team, he was also the first to die.
Career Stats: 2 games, 1 foul.


Career Stats: x games, x touchdown, x MVP, x fouls.


The youngest of three brothers to sign up for the Gitz at the same time, he died the game after his eldest brother Asparagus.
Managed an impressive -1 rushing yards over his career.
Career Stats: 3 games.

Gitz n Shigglez Trophy Hut

The fabled Gitz n Shigglez trophy hut. Currently closed for refurbishment, re-opening... at some point. If needed.

Dusty cupboard. Scrolling (sideways) tabs, all empty :-)
Could have a pic of NAFC Stunty Cup

da Swamp Tours

Stadium tours, conducted by former Gitz player Cajun.

Li'l Cajun
Dis 'ere is Li'l Cajun. 'E is my best frend in all da Swamp. Any time I needs sum advise, I arsk 'im, an' 'e never gets me on da rong path.

da Tree
Dis is my fave tree in da hole swamp. Its got branches n leevez n all sorts. I see'd a skwirrel in it wuns as well.

Dere's a puddel dere... watch were yoo steps. I wuns stood inna puddel dat wuz deeper dan a troll's gut... gud job I can swims else I'd a been a gonna, ratha than 'ere givin yoo guys a toor of da Swamp!

da Ball
Dis 'ere is an aktshull ball, dat wus used in a game I played in. I almost got me 'ands on it as well!
da Lokka Room


Players and teams who have faced the Gitz, and not survived
More Mean Machine

Game 7: killed himself with his own chainsaw, failing to control a kickback

Game 8: failed a dodge and died
Lester Raine

Game 11: killed by Gobmuncha; learnt the hard way: don't come between a hungry troll and his snacks

Game 16: had his knee smashed by fanatic Bash, and retired after the game

Game 17: killed by fanatic Bash


Game 17: given a damaged back by Chimichanga; retired after the game, no longer quite so awesome
Did You Know?
Gitz n Shigglez won the NAFC Stunty Cup in 2014.
Gitz n Shigglez have played in a Cyanide league, a tabletop league, tabletop tournaments, and on FUMBBL
Gitz n Shigglez logo designed by zombie-loving FUMBBLer of the Year 2015, akaRenton
da Gitz' Opponents




Total 2-2-16
da Shopp

Gitz n Shigglez merchandise... coming soon.

Have a panel with scrolls, as on match history.
Each tab can be a different item for sale.
* scarf
* novelty gloves
* squigburger
* commemorative items (e.g. something relating to first win)
... and more

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 GobmunchaTroll4529Mighty Blow, Always Hungry, Loner, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate, Block, +AG 2000015030110k (110+70k) 
2 da SplattaraTroll3519Mighty Blow, Always Hungry, Loner, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Grab-ma190005220110k (110+40k) 
3 BashFanatic3737Ball & Chain, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stunty, Mighty Blow, Block 20000822670k (70+50k) 
4 BeenzPogoer7237Dodge, Leap, Very Long Legs, Stunty, Sneaky Git 14030101170k (70+20k) 
5 RocketBomma6237Dodge, Bombardier, Secret Weapon, Stunty 2000001540k (40+0k) 
6 GingerLooney6237Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, Stunty 2001000340k (40+0k) 
7 TikkaGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tackle, Side Step 20000231940k (40+40k) 
8 Lemon PepperGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Block, Side Step 18010321940k (40+50k) 
9 FajitaGoblin5237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tackle-ma, m16000121240k (0k) 
10 ChimichangaGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tackle, Side Step 20030111640k (40+40k) 
12 PineappleGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 200000040k (40+0k) 
13 AnchovieGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Block, Side Step 10010031840k (40+50k) 
14 PikkleGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tackle 18000021040k (40+20k) 
16 MadrasGoblin6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 300000040k (40+0k) 
13 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach:jamesfarrell129 Re-Rolls (120k):3  
Race:Goblin Fan Factor:3  
Team Value:1360k (±480) Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:350000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1420k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:20 (2/2/16) |TD Diff:-35 (11 - 46) |Cas Diff:-18 (24/17/2 - 47/9/5)
Last Opponent: Licking