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celedyr (16110)
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  [BBox]Spleenrippers 1.0 Black Orc 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Dodge Avengers BB1 Elven Union 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Naggaroth Kraken Black1 Dark Elf 5k 0/0/0 995k ±100  
  7 Seader Krupp Necromantic Horror 5k 1/3/1 1145k    
League teams for Eurobowl Training
  MegAwful WC 1.01 Underworld Denizens 345k 1/1/0 805k    
  MegAwful WC 1.02 Underworld Denizens 245k 0/0/1 905k    
  Relentless Maniaks Alicante Shambling Undead 0 0/0/0 1150k    
League teams for Grand Est Ligue
  [GEL4] Corvus Belli 1.0 Dark Elf 0 3/1/5 1150k    
  [GEL5] Smash Hit Combo Orc 0 4/1/2 1155k    
  [Train] Smash Hit Combo 1.0 Orc 345k 0/0/0 1155k    
  Alea Jacta Est Test Euro22 Orc 55k 0/0/0 1145k    
  Kraken's Sons TestWC4 Dark Elf 50k 0/0/0 1150k    
  Mandal Motors LBBL Testx Dwarf 150k 0/0/0 1030k    
  Seader Krupp ZlatanTest1 Necromantic Horror 55k 0/0/0 1145k    
League teams for MEGA Training
  [Training] Rabbit Junk 1.1 Underworld Denizens 985k 0/1/0 1015k    
  [Training] Rabbit Junk 1.2 Underworld Denizens 285k 0/0/1 865k    
  Naggaroth Kraken WC4.1 Dark Elf 850k 0/0/1 1150k    
  Naggaroth Kraken WC4.2 Dark Elf 850k 0/0/0 1150k    
  Relentless Maniaks BDN Shambling Undead 70k 0/0/0 1120k    
  Relentless Maniaks WC4.1 Shambling Undead 840k 0/1/1 1150k    
  Saeder Krupp WC4.1 Necromantic Horror 840k 1/0/1 1150k    
  Saeder Krupp WC4.2 Necromantic Horror 690k 0/0/0 1150k    
  Seader Krupp WC4.3 Necromantic Horror 945k 0/0/0 1045k    
Scheduled against Getyaya's [MEGATRAINING]Vipères (Seen 4d ago).
League teams for NAF Squad Tournaments
  [MEGA] EurAwful Underworld Denizens 575k 2/1/3 925k    
  [MegaTonga] Smash Hit Combo Orc 355k 2/1/2 1145k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [EU] Mayhem Seader Krupp Necromantic Horror 0 3/1/2 1150k    
  [MEGA PRIMARIS]Seader Krupp EM Necromantic Horror 5k 3/0/2 1145k    
  [MEGA] Reckless Maniaks Tilean Shambling Undead 0 2/0/4 1150k    
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Member SinceMarch 27, 2011
Matches Played109
Match Record40/25/44