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Last seen 8 weeks ago
Lelund (26361)
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  'Ead Buttaz Orc 10k 0/0/2 960k ±100  
  Badlands Waaagh!iors Black Orc 5k 0/0/0 945k ±100  
Scheduled against Nemesia62's Les pare-chocs jaunes (Seen 2y ago).
  Barons of the Free League Imperial Nobility 35k 0/1/2 1035k ±160  
  Bellowing Big 'Unz Ogre 25k 1/0/3 845k ±150  
  Blackrock Barons Black Orc 100k 6/1/4 1115k ±190  
  Blood God's Butchers Norse 35k 1/1/1 940k ±140  
  Blood Peak Brawlers Khorne 125k 3/0/4 1250k ±190  
  Carstein Crushers Shambling Undead 70k 1/1/0 1045k ±110  
  Greenskin'd Gitz Goblin 45k 0/3/3 925k ±140  
  Hashut's Highlanders Chaos Dwarf 30k 0/2/1 990k ±150  
  Lustrian Lightbearers Amazon 70k 0/0/1 820k ±80  
  Noble Griffons Human 60k 1/0/0 985k ±100  
  Northstar Nobles High Elf 70k 2/0/0 1110k ±110  
  Nuffle's Norscans Norse 140k 0/0/1 730k ±70  
  Old World Wardens Old World Alliance 55k 0/1/3 1135k ±170  
  Quick-Fast Slitters Skaven 165k 2/0/2 925k ±140  
  Shaqalaqua Stars Lizardmen 90k 2/1/3 1260k ±190  
  Slayn's Survivors Necromantic Horror 85k 2/0/1 1060k ±160  
  Snotpickerz Snotling 225k 1/0/0 630k ±70  
  Solo Flings Halfling 195k 0/0/0 755k ±80  
  Solo OWA Old World Alliance 5k 0/0/0 965k ±100  
  Tzeentchian Seers Chaos Chosen 5k 0/0/0 995k ±100  
  Von Carstein Vanquishers Vampire 65k 2/0/2 960k ±140  
League teams for 145 Leagues and Tournaments
  Reikland Hammerers Human 40k 4/1/4 1335k    
League teams for GHBBL FUMBBL League
  Blades of Sokth Tomb Kings 490k 1/3/6 1240k    
  Free League Marshalls Imperial Nobility 95k 4/1/5 1250k    
  Ironrock Irongutz Ogre 245k 3/3/1 815k    
Scheduled against HRNSUP's [GHBBL] Lil' Poo Shin Biters (Seen 3d ago).
League teams for GOBBL
  Volkin's Vagabonds Chaos Renegade 0 0/0/0 950k    
League teams for NAF Online Ruleset
  Solo Nobility 2 Imperial Nobility 1075k 0/0/0 925k    
  Solo Skaven Skaven 1075k 0/0/0 925k    
League teams for NAF Squad Tournaments
  [NA] 'Ead Buttaz Orc 345k 0/0/0 1155k    
  [NA] Essen Sentinels Imperial Nobility 315k 0/1/2 1175k    
League teams for NBBFL
  C-attle Bulls BIG BASH 20k 0/0/0 1830k    
League teams for Open League
  Solo Nobility Imperial Nobility 75k 0/0/0 925k    
League teams for Second Sons Blood Bowl League
  [Open] Fancy Dodgers United Elven Union 300k 0/1/2 1100k    
  [SSBBL] Essen Sentinels Imperial Nobility 35k 3/0/5 1145k    
  Lahmian Courtiers Vampire 135k 3/0/9 1200k    
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Member SinceSeptember 1, 2021
Matches Played180
Match Record51/33/96