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Last seen 1 year ago
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Bash Town Norse 60k 87/53/93 2020k    
  Generals of Chaos III Chaos Chosen 20k 22/13/14 2120k    
  Germanys Next Topmodel Chaos Dwarf 150k 114/42/94 2570k    
  Guardians the World Skaven 10k 84/38/54 1640k    
  Hoppers AFC Slann 60k 9/4/12 1430k ±640  
  I never play Elfs Elven Union 40k 70/33/47 2110k    
  Lets tour a bit Amazon 80k 58/21/47 1690k    
  Other Ones Wood Elf 60k 26/4/16 2130k    
  Woodies at Trieout Wood Elf 20k 165/48/109 2020k    
Scheduled against TheGrogs's Riders of the Sun (Seen 14w ago).
Stunty Leeg
  Beat ´em up Snotling 110k 0/1/7 1420k    
  come hit me Snotling 140k 0/0/1 1005k    
  Cute Vamps Strigoyan 30k 0/0/1 935k    
  Dutch Reptiles Skink 55k 19/4/6 2115k    
  Fling Connection Chaos Halfling 335k 16/8/22 1925k    
  Small Dutchmen Dwarf 0 39/31/39 2110k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Black Monolith Worshippers Chaos Pact (CIBBL) 300k 18/12/18 2230k    
  Hellbound Firebats Elemental - Fire (CIBBL) 150k 5/2/8 1440k    
League teams for D-A-CH
  [D-A-CH]s-Unternehmen Chaos Dwarf 130k 21/19/23 2370k    
  Dark Side of High Elfs High Elf 70k 15/5/12 2280k    
  Erikos Teacher Human 10k 1/0/0 1120k    
  [B]and of Brothers Orc 20k 21/17/23 1580k    
  [B]ash Town Norse 80k 3/8/13 1260k    
  Care Bears for the Fluff Skaven 220k 284/176/304 1620k    
Transfer division
  Dead Reptiles Undead 130k 18/4/10 1780k    
Transfer division 2
  Chaotisches Altersheim Chaos 40k 19/10/18 2400k    
  Chemistry is Nobel Necromantic 120k 5/9/6 1230k    
  Dutch Hitters Undead 160k 22/11/19 2210k    
  Dutch Rats Skaven 60k 13/1/6 2150k    
  Nice but Uneffective Dark Elf 65k 33/10/20 1800k    
  Russian Bash Strigoyan 30k 3/2/1 1320k    
  Spinnen die Goetter Chaos 70k 1/2/3 1230k    
  They live like Roaches Skaven 10k 32/15/48 2180k    
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