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Yah, and I'm in the FLCA. (post)
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Yah, and I just submitted a team. (post)
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Yah, but piss off, Yank!
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Nah, but I'm in the FLCA.
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Nah, but I did just submit a team.
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Nah, and I'm not an FLCA candidate.
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American Pie.
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Post   Posted: Jan 19, 2019 - 21:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Hey, all and sundry, but especially Americans (from Daneborg to Prudhoe to Tierra del Fuego, everywhere in between, and all the associated islands and territories) or members of America-time leagues:

The FUMBBL League Community of the Americas is a metagroup for all Americas-time league FUMBBL coaches, and all coaches beyond who are members or fans of Americas-time FUMBBL leagues.

We are seeking gurus to help bolster our community. A lot of work goes into a well-run FUMBBL league, and we're blessed with a large community of people who have experience doing all the little parts of it. One of my objectives with the FLCA is to make sure that all the little odds and ends and bits of fluff are taken care of.

To this effect, I'm putting together a directory of coaches who have the skills and inclination to help push Americas-time league FUMBBL along. You don't have to be FLCA eligible: in fact, qualified applicants from the rest of the world will be granted honorary FLCA membership, even if they don't belong to an Americas-time league. You also don't have to be a grand master, just pretty familiar with the basic ins and outs (BBCode gurus need to be a lot better than me: even simple blocks and tables often drive me nuts).

This list of guru types is not exhaustive, it's just what I could come up with given a few minutes of thought. I may edit it over time. Feel free to make suggestions. I'm not gonna keep it to one guru per subject: I think it's important to distribute the load, so at least three or four for most subjects would be wonderful.

We will need:
* commissioner gurus
* strategy and tactics gurus
* fluff and canon gurus
* logo and player pic design gurus
* BBCode gurus
* statistics and scripts gurus
* drafting and trading gurus
* probably others

If qualified, post. If interested, post. If curious, post. If you think you qualify for the FLCA, apply here with literally any team the system will let you apply with (we don't play games, but you need a team approval to get PMs). The more qualified members we have, the better our metagroup becomes.

I'll throw my hat in the ring for commissioner, strategy/tactics, fluff/canon, drafting/trading, and maybe statistics. Here, for the sake of example, are my qualifications on each front, in descending order.

1) Drafting/Trading I've been in the NBFL since the second season of the draft, before the "modern" era of 32 coaches and two draft boards. I'm the current NBFL draft commissioner, was the official DLE trade advisor for two seasons, and as General Manager for the Flashfurt Universe, I built Wreckage's champion season 3 DLE squad.
2) Fluff/Canon: My WH world experience dates back to 1986 and the release of WFRP1; for BB, I only go back to 3e, but I know it all pretty well from that point on. I have a 4-year degree in philosophy, with a sea of don't-call-them-minors (anthro, geography, history) bult around turning myself into the perfect DM.
3) Strategy/Tactics: Yah. It's no secret that I've got an oddball, almost contrarian, perspective, nor that it actually works fairly well. I hover right around the legend line, and win about 65% of my competitive games (as in, playing to win, not just R/B).
4) Commissioner: I've never been a FUMBBL head commish, but I've done it on TT a bunch of times, and I've been in on the nuts and bolts of some major FUMBBL leagues (NBFL, NCBB, DLE) over the last few years. I'm also fairly familiar with commish permissions, because of NBFL.
5) Statistics/Scripts: I'm nothing to write home about with scripts, but I've got a good head for moneyball and am a good person to include in those conversations.

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.
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